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My newphew…we kinda like him a lot. | Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer

While in town for our good friends Hannah and Stephen’s wedding Josh and I got to spend some time with his sisters and our sweet nephew who is almost 1!!!! Oh my goodness, how time goes by!
All the times I’ve been able to hang out with Andi (my sister in law) I never took pictures of Jude! I think the last good photo I took of him with my real camera was when he was just born. You’d think having a photographer in the family would automatically entitle Andi and Brandon (Andi’s husband) to lots of photos…but ya…not the case. I do have to admit though it because I’m not very good at taking pictures and being present. I get pretty in the “zone” when I am behind the lens and well Andi and Brandon don’t live here so I just like to hang with them when I do get to see them.

Anyway, Jude (my nephew) is getting so big and walking already!! He’s such a strong boy. And well the most adorable kid I know…ok, that may be way biased but you’re supposed to be as an aunt…right? 😉

This one is my fav. Love those big eyes!…and those little teeth!


Andi thinks he can say “hi”…I think so too. 😉


Real life with a baby…lots of DROOL! haha


He is such a happy boy!



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