How being a mom has made me a better wedding photographer


I could tell you a million reasons why being a mom has made owning a business 10 times harder, but that is rather obvious and pretty self explanatory. On the other hand, something that actually came as a huge surprise was how being a mother has made me a better wedding photographer.

I used to be awful at multi-tasking, seriously. I was the person who would get annoyed because I was focusing on my homework and someone was trying to talk to me. I always made one thing for dinner because balancing the act of keeping track of a main dish, sides and dessert was way to much for me to handle at one time. But since becoming a mom I HAD to learn to multi-task; it was either figure out how to make food and calm a crying baby or go hungry for 9 hours a day until my husband came home.

It was SUCH a hard lesson to learn and I felt like I was going to drown every single day, but that is pretty much the first few months of becoming a mother. At some point you get past the dreamy phase of “Yay, I’m a mom, I love my baby!” to “Sh*t I cannot do this alone! Can someone please make this thing stop crying?!” Well, that was my experience at least.

Anyway, I am so thankful that I learned to multi-task because it has helped me to better balance the skills a photographer–specifically a good wedding photographer–needs to have. Let me explain:

colorado baby photographer, denver baby photographer, baby and mom, 10 month old baby photosMany people might think a photographer just shows up with a camera and presses a button at the right time, but that is really only about 1% of all that is going on. When I am shooting weddings, I am thinking about staying on schedule, keeping in mind the lighting and how it will change throughout the day, always checking my exposure to make sure it is what I want, posing people in a way that feels right, being ridiculous with them so that they sincerely laugh, trying to focus my camera on a moving subject, trying to think of creative angles and ways I can capture a certain moment, keeping an eye out for sweet candid moments, trying not to run into anything or anybody, remember to take my lens cap off before I take another shot (it’s a tradition for me to do that at least once, haha), be aware of what is in the background of my frame, make sure stray hairs are put back in place, make sure clothing isn’t funky or wrinkled, make sure no one is wearing sunglasses, think about how my flash settings need to be, and to stay calm so that no one else gets anxious. And I am probably missing a million other things, but that is just an idea of all that most photographers have to mentally run through for taking just one photo. So, needless to say, I am so thankful I have become a better multi-tasker and make it seem like I’m just pressing a button at the right time. 😉


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