A weekend unplugged {Want to try?}

Let’s be honest, I am so guilty of being on my phone WAY too much, so I decided to do a weekend of being “unplugged.” And…I have to admit I saw this on instagram and it made me laugh but seriously ya…I could so be that person too. ha.The Friday, before I decided to do this I was seriously neglecting time with my daughter because I was so consumed with things happening on my phone and while my husband was gone in the evening I totally binge watching too much TV and ate half a pint of ice cream. Needless to say, I needed to unplug. While, I totally get the amazing things our phones have brought us, I do feel so often like it is a huge idol in my life, and I wanted to kinda get a break to see how much I unnecessarily “crave” it to get things in my life in order. 

Saturday I had my phone out, and even though it was off I still picked it up and took into a few different rooms with me, without realizing it. EK! I also wanted soo badly in the evening to just tune my mind out and watch TV after our daughter went to bed, but instead I read a book and went to bed early! *Gasp*

Though here are some things that I observed while being unplugged for a few days. Some are great and things I want to change but others I am thankful we have technology for.

+ In times that I wanted to take a quick iphone photo of a gorgeous sunset or a moment with my family, I was instead force to just enjoy it. (Granted I think you can do this actually taking a photo, but it helped me see instead of fussing to find my phone and open my camera app I was fully there.)

– In a time I wanted to share something silly that happened I just had to sit and laugh with my family about it. This was hard for me because lets be honest, if I don’t write something down there is no way I’m going to remember, hence why I cannot even recall what was funny that happen.

+ I actually read my library book. I love reading and actually have a book I’m sincerely interested in, but I never read it because TV is way easier to get into, plus being a mom reading makes me sleepy, really fast.

+ I took more naps. I am not a sleep though TV shows person so while I skimmed some pages reading I easily fell asleep for an obviously much needed nap. Not sleeping for a year will do that to yeah. 😉 #motherhood

+ I was more present in conversations. I am so guilty of multi-tasking in conversations with people, half way talking to them because I am on my phone. Honestly, this is a big thing I want to get better at because really when we do this we are saying to the person we are talking too that they are not important enough for your full undivided attention- ouch.

– I needed to talk to some friends because I had a fight with my husband and needed advice and support, so I did break my unplugged to text them to pray for me, and they so graciously offered great advice. I love this about our phones, instant community when we so desperately need it.

+ I prayed more, more prayers of thanksgiving, something I am so guilty of not doing enough and I know leaves my heart constantly ungrateful and discontent.

+ I noticed more, usually I am too busy trying to do a million things at once that I was able to for lack of a better phrase “stop and smell the roses”

– Cooking, I am planner to the core and seriously survive off pinterest recipes and my wunderlist app to cook and meal plan.

Anyway, I could go on but those are some of the major things, but I want to challenge you to go unplugged and just see what things you may be missing. You might be throughly surprised. 😉 Then for the sake of communicating tag me on instagram, twitter (@searchingphoto) or facebook using #unplugged if you do. I’d love to hear of something you learned from your experience. (Links below to my social sites.)

And if your wondering what my “rules” where here they are, but feel free to modify for your lifestyle.

  • Two days of no TV, computer, ipad or phone.
  • Exceptions for watching my baby on her monitor (requiring my ipad or phone) & driving alone I turned my phone on just incase but didn’t use it for anything else.
  • Turning off all devices for the two days so no flash light, notification could tempt me to picking it up.
  • I found too keep my phone out of site helped me not be tempted to pick it up.

I did also let my family know I was doing this so they wouldn’t freak out when they couldn’t get a hold of me. My husband also did have is phone turned on so I wasn’t completely “unreachable” if an emergency arose.

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