Scripture Verses Photos

Sometimes it takes reorienting to get yourself to do something, and that’s what getting sick has done for me now re-opening my businesses two years later. I had always wanted to create scripture artwork from the photos I’ve taken but never did. So now I am finally putting the Word of God on something that moved me or can move others too.

In a world surrounded by so many photos and pictures and images I love how powerful having a photo of scripture on your screen savor or desktop can be, to remind you to slow down and soak up these powerful word from God. 

In my newsletter I send out a free screen savor you can download, print or save for whichever device or fridge or place you choose. They are completely free and just a part of listening to my spiel about what I am doing now days in my photography business. 

I realized the other day that I wanted to share with more people all of the ones I’ve created so far, so regularly I’d like to put them all up here on my blog. 

Now, these cannot be printed, but they can be saved to your phones or devices and used as a screen savor or just saved to your favorite album or Pinterest board for reference. 

If you do want to print them join my newsletter below!

Feel free to save or share these photos! I’d so appreciate a tag on instgram @searchingphoto or snag the square version of these below! Or just credit my website! 

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