Welcome to your Wild Wedding

Colorado ELOPEMENT Photographers

you’ve decided to elope 

Because you wanted a wedding day that was:

– Stress free

– Intentional

– Excites you

We love that type of badass energy

you’re looking for Colorado elopement photographers that


Make planning your Colorado Elopement exciting and completely stress free


Document your day as it unfolds with chill vibes + good times


Have the dirt on all the best locations that check all your boxes

then you’re in the right place

colorado elopement photographers


They provided so much support before and on the day of that wouldn’t have been possible without them there.

Your Elopement day bffs


Sam and Kyle cuddle while Kyle smiles as Sam kisses his neck with an ocean cliff behind them

We chase a good time

Dirt road driving, mountain view chasing, adventurers through and through. We spend our time exploring  around the western side of the US  and wherever else the wheels of our RV take us.

We’re here to help you craft an elopement day  that feels like you.  We firmly believe that beautiful photos are a product of an incredible experience and we’re here to help you co-create one helluva day. 

Having ditched the big overwhelming wedding ourselves, we opted instead for a stress-free adventure.

do you feel the same way?

Sam and Kyle were amazing adventure elopement photographers and guides for my husband and I’s elopement. Not only did they help us find the perfect secluded spot they went above and beyond in so many ways.

They both went way past the expectations and helped me through all the details.  Not to mention they helped us pull it off in two weeks.

My husband and I had the most perfect elopement experience because of their expertise, calm and laid back demeanors and enthusiasm that encouraged us to have the perfect wedding that was a “just us” experience following our own timeline and embracing truly being in the moment together.

I love that they call themselves your elopement bffs and I wouldn’t use any other words to describe them.

– our mission –

celebrate all love and all folks

We’re dedicated to creating a safe space for all couples. We firmly believe that love is love and it should be documented with love and respect. 

Let us be super clear: We celebrate all love and all folks ’round here.

share the spaces we love

Living in an RV has made it easy for us to explore the public lands and we love to share epic spots with our couples, along with resources to help preserve them. 

As avid adventurers, these public lands have become our backyard and we’d love to show you around. 

prioritize your experience

After years of doing this, here’s what we know: beautiful photos are a product of an incredible experience. 

Working with us is about so much more than the services we provide on your elopement day, it’s about the relationship we build throughout the entire process, and making sure you have a killer day.


empower our couples

There’s a lot of freedom in eloping. You can get married basically anywhere, and you can do basically anything. That kind of freedom is amazing, but it can also be a little intimidating. Unless you have us!

We’ll give you

– Plenty of resources + recommendations to help you plan

– Tailored guides including local adventures

–  Unlimited support from your biggest cheerleaders (us)

Our photos were absolutely stunning that seep the creative eye they both uniquely bring as a husband and wife team.

Colorado elopement photographers stacked with resources

We’ve worked with so many couples that wanted a wedding day that was “just them”


– Focusing on –

– All the joy

– All the excitement

– All the ease. 

Just seeing photos from our sneak peek shows what an amazing team these two are 

every Adventure needs a map

– Here are the ones we give you –

choose your own adventure guide

This guide takes you through a series of questions to help you

  • Build a vision 


  • Clarify the big picture 


  • Set intentions for your elopement day 


our elopement planning guide

This bad boy is meant to help you through planning your elopement 

  • 60+ pages of years worth of expertise and experience.


  • Walks you through planning your elopement. 


  • This doesn’t replace us by any means, but it is an incredible resource you can refer to as you plan 

Curated Location Guide 

Every couple is different, and that is why we offer a curated location guide based on 

  • Scenery that excites you


  • Adventure  preferences


  • Specific local knowledge you need to have an incredible experience


  • Timeline concepts 


  • Local adventures to enhance your day


So Sam and Kyle are hands down just amazing. Their energy is awesome! So sweet! So kind! I adore them! They really go above and beyond to find the best times for lighting and staying in contact with you all the days leading up to your day! My now husband and I have NEVER done professional photos together so we were a little nervous leading up just because we weren’t really sure what to do but they made us feel so comfortable! They let you just be who you are and what is true to you. I couldn’t be more happy with my photos. They’re EXACTLY what we were looking for. I’m beyond in love with them! Definitely recommend them to anyone! Especially us outdoorsy people!

A colorado elopement

that values

intention over Tradition

It’s Not  About…

  • The traditions that come with a big wedding.
  • The impersonal venue that you can’t come back to.
  • The stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding day

It’s all About…

  • The moments that you create together.
  • The feeling of being in an epic landscape that inspires you.
  • The memories you create on the most incredible day.

your wedding day should feel like You

You really made us feel so comfortable and the photos are AMAZING!!


Sam and Kyle were seriously the BEST!!! From the first message, I could immediately tell that we would get along really well. They were super flexible, knowledgeable, and helpful! They went above and beyond our expectations! We were overwhelmed with planning (it was a short engagement), and Sam and Kyle made everything so easy. The pictures were absolutely amazing!! Better than what we dreamed of! They made the whole process a breeze and we felt so comfortable. They scouted out the most beautiful location. Seriously I can’t say enough about how amazing they are!! If I could give them a 1000 stars, I would!” 

What if wedding planning felt more like a Choose Your Own Adventure?

We know that planning  a day that doesn’t follow the standard wedding playbook can lead to decision fatigue,  and hat’s where we come in. 


With the right team, planning your wedding day can actually be an enjoyable, and easy experience. 

As your Colorado elopement photographers, We’re stacked with experience from co-creating incredible days with our couples.

you keep it wild & we’ll make it Simple



We’ll craft a list of location suggestions based on the views you want and how you want to get there. 

Intentional Timelines

We’ll build the perfect timeline for your day. Forever prioritizing ease, we’ll make sure your timeline is relaxed. 

Local Vendors

Need to add to your elopement dream team? We can connect you with vendors that you’ll love and will see your vision. 

Local Experiences

We’re here to help you curate your entire experience. We love sharing local gems and businesses to help you have a blast beyond your elopement day.

Sustainable Planning

We’re Leave No Trace certified and work with our couples to help them craft a day that has a low impact on the lands we love. We want you to be able to visit these locations on you 100th anniversary. 

Beautiful Photos

We firmly believe that beautiful images are a result of an incredible experience. Our work is focused on capturing moments as they happen and giving our couples the space to experience their day and live in each moment. 

Stacked with experience from helping couples plan their Colorado elopements


I can’t say enough good things about Kyle and Sam. My wife, who is trans, and I really wanted to find someone who would be sensitive and respectful of our unique relationship and our unique wedding. We hit the jackpot! They firmly believe that love is love and they just want to capture our happiness and our day for us. They made my wife feel comfortable which is saying a lot since she had just come out as trans a couple months ago and she absolutely hated photos. They make a great team. They were great at dealing with last minute snafu’s and helping me navigate everything. Their photos are absolutely brilliant and we could not be more happy with them. They absolutely are worth every single penny. Their professionalism, their personalities, and their work simply can’t be matched. 

Choose your own Adventure

Not entirely sure where to start? Check out this free mini version of our “Build Your Own Adventure” Guide

Kyle and Sam are very down to earth people. They are incredibly easy to communicate with. They were with us from start to finish through planning our elopement and on our wedding day. They will help with planning locations, timelines, everything. They are your best friends that want you to have a magical day. I love every single picture they took. I am so glad we used them for our elopement. I highly recommend them!”


yellow quotes left

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Local Experiences

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– For couples craving a different kind of of wedding day –

colorado elopement photographers