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An Epic Experience

Weddings for the fun-loving Couples - all over Hawaii

We’re here to congratulate you on choosing to be bold, choosing to be brave to have the wedding you want instead of the wedding you’re told you should have. We know it takes a large amount of boldness, bravery and intentionally to choose to invest in your relationship in a grand and beautiful way to truly create a wedding day centered around your story. 

So, are you ready to experience the time of your lives, soaking in all the goodness of your favorite things, places and people? Let’s do this!

Your fairy Peoples

We're not just photographers - we make dreams come true

We like to joke around that she’s your fairy people, taking all your dreams and making them come to life. If you have gotten to hop on the phone with Lumalia (Emmy) you’ll know this is what she lives for, helping couples just like you plan the best day of their lives together doing the things they love in an explosive experience that jettisons their lives to be set up for epicness.

Beyond planning you’ll find Sam and Kyle (pictured to the right) as your photographers they’ll capture your real life dream day all while guiding you through your adventure, cheering you on, being your hair and dress fluffers, and helping you stay centered in the moment to soak it all up.

We’re not just here to take great photos, which we definitely want to do, but we’re here to make sure your wedding day is unforgettable.

Two Oregon elopement photographers snuggled up in the door of their RV

With our 10+ years of experience as photographers, being travelers and explorers, we know how to make sure you have everything covered on your wedding day. From finding your dream location, understanding all the rules, and making you feel amazing in front the camera. We’ve got you covered.

Your relationship is worth it


“Lumalia (Emmy)  with Celebrate Again, has such a gift of intentionality and thoughtfulness that I really appreciate. It sets them apart from every other photographer we have worked with and it makes me want to exclusively work with her! Her team captured us so well and made us feel comfortable to just be ourselves. Thank you, Lumalia (Emmy)!!” – Alyssa

“Celebrate Again was amazing to work with from beginning to end. They provided research about places to stay, eat, play, have the ceremony, etc., and was open to suggestions from us as well. Everything about the day was absolutely delightful! Emmy was so easy to work with. She made our wedding day so special by allowing us to just do what we did. Our photographers captured us in such beautiful and candid ways that we barely even noticed she was there. Also, when we needed their advice about poses and placement, they knew exactly what we needed to make everything fit perfectly. I could go on…we hope to use Celebrate Again in the future for special anniversaries and other adventures! Thank you so much, Celebrate Again! We loved every minute of our time with you.” – Rudy

“After deciding on the location we started looking for a photographer and fell in love with Celebrate Again’s warm, earthy, candid style. Coming from a different part of the country, we were hoping for someone to make the experience simple and stress free. Lumalia (Emmy) absolutely exceeded our expectations with her artistic talent, as well as being a wonderful guide. The photos turned out amazing and very much “alive” as if they tell a story. It’s really hard to pick a few favorites, they are ALL gorgeous.” – Sasha

5+ Easy Steps

  1. Let’s chat about your ideal wedding day celebration!

  2. Reserve your date.

  3. Let’s create your unique wedding day.

  4. Have one of the best days of your life!

  5. Enjoy the beautiful memories through your photos.

  6. Giving Back: Because of your purchase we get to do this again with another couple in need!


*Help you craft an ideal day together that reflects your love story and the journey life has taken you through. It’s a story that needs to be told.

*Give you all the best location ideas, logistics, and activity recommendations that help you have fun, intimacy and connection.

*Guiding you to you soak in the journey of your relationship, reminiscing on the good, the bad, the hard, and the sweet moments that make your story beautifully yours worth telling.

*We’ll document your day of celebration so you can share your story of your love with your future selves, family and friends.

*Giving back by helping another couple in need to celebrate again too.

photo of mount hood from a window, couple snuggling on a beach and text "anywhere in oregon or souther WA"

All packages include

Your dreams come to life plus ideas on what you can do.  With us you’ll dream about all the amazing things you can do for your wedding experience. She’ll then do all the boring researching using her experience as a traveler, adventurer and photographer to help you put it together. 

Valued at $3000

Up To Two Days celebrating and documenting your relationship with our wedding day experience method that includes up to 8 hours of photography with our 10 years of photography experiences. 

Valued at $6400

Your Wedding Day Could look like this:

*Morning adventure together: think sunrise beach walk, waterfall chasing, helicopter tour, paddle boarding, sailing, OHV riding

*Time to exchange your vows at the location of your choice

*Time to celebrate (decided by you could include a curated picnic scene, setting up a table some place outdoors, at a patio restaurant, at a restaurant, catered in your hotel room, etc.)

*Portrait photography time at the location of your choice this could also include another adventure! (Think helicopter ride some place amazing, ATV tour, hiking to a trailhead, walking to an overlook at sunset, paddle boarding,etc.)

Optional 2 hour engagement sessions a day before your wedding day – could include a calm adventure!

Your Custom “Build your own Wedding Day” Kit:

* “Getting to Know you” Questionnaire

*Personalized location and activity list

*Vendor recommendations

*Tips, tricks, logistics and planning aids

*A curated timeline to an unforgettable wedding day experience and candid style images

Full resolution digital files with printing rights

Valued at $1000

Online Gallery to view, download, print and share your images worldwide

Valued at $200

Optional Video to view your photos, have your audio recorded, having a deeper way to relieve your wedding day. Downloadable video and shareable worldwide. See samples here.

Optional legacy photo album

Our Travel is covered No matter where you end up celebrating your wedding in the State of Hawaii that’s accessible by standard  2WD car, there’s no extra fees – We’ll manage our own travel expenses. (It just might be more if you want to take a  helicopter or private carter to a remote location. 😉 

Valued at $1500+

Total Value of Package


What You Actually Pay

Additional Add ONs

Add on A Video

*3-5 minute video

*Audio recording of your time together

*A capture of a 4 sense experiences (sadly we cannot add smell 😉 



A regular wedding may include a church with lots of people you haven’t seen in years but feel some pressure to include because they are your mom’s best friend at church. You picture extravagant flowers that look beautiful but you barely notice them. Heading to your imaginary reception you picture a hall that is dark, dreary and maybe has a good DJ with hopes of drinking and dancing the night away and some good food. 

But what if this didn’t have to be YOUR wedding? What if your wedding could be about your passions and your relationship. You love to explore together, you love embracing new cultures, and you love nature’s design. What if your wedding was on a mountain top or in a valley surrounded by wildflowers, the mountain wind buzzing in your ears, birds tweeting off in the distance, and water bubbling in a river nearby. Next to you were your closest family and friends, your partner and nothing else. Your reception was under the stars set up with a picnic for the two of you or at a restaurant you adore on their patio under twinkle lights. You begin your day with adventure and end it with what suits you, maybe dancing outside under the moonlight. 

What if your wedding day was about your loves, your traditions, and your story?

THIS is why we’re here, we want to come alongside you, help you find those epic locations, take the stress out of trailblazing these new wedding traditions and setting the scene for your most beautiful day to start forever together – on your terms, your traditions and your decisions.

wedding dance party, couple snuggling at sunset in trees

This experience can be yours.

Welcome to Celebrate Again, where we believe that you can have an adventurous elopement AND a big wedding party. Where we believe that life is what you make it and we only get one, so let’s make it amazing. Together we can craft the wedding of your dreams – all of them.

As elopement photographers and guides we help couples just like you make this experience come to life. We help you curate and document an unforgettable elopement experience.

yellow quotes left
couple in forest kissing looking away

Why Celebrate Again?

We believe that your wedding day should project your future together to be about you and the relationships that are healthy for you and urging you on towards mutual growth and healthy pursuit of your passions and best additions to this world.

Together with your vision and desires we want to help you create a day about you.

“Memories fade but the experience we felt leaves us a changed people. Photographers are the eyes, and the unspoken words to your memories.

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Why A Full Day Wedding Experience?

Working with us isn’t just standing in front of a camera getting your picture taken for your school yearbook or your grandma’s yearly headshot of you for her stairway hall. No, this is photography to document your love story. We believe that your wedding day experience is more important than making sure we get the right shot or sacrificing anything including how you’re feeling to get a “pretty” photo. We want to make sure  your wedding day is full of experiences that fit you two, that capture your passion and set the tone for your future together. 

So why not just have the ceremony documented. Many times when people choose a wedding day without the obligations this is just what they do, but what if your favorite hike was documented, what if your wedding day was told more like a movie than just the time you said “I do.” What if that epic experience you feel adventuring could come to life on your wedding day, be documented and forever remembered through your memory and these photographs? 

This is why we love full day wedding experiences. They encapsulate an experience that can only be relieved in our memories, similar sensations and photographs. We’re beyond honored that we get to help you epitomize your beautiful memories and life. 


Schedule A Call and we can chat about your needs.

Please note pricing doesn’t include your lodging, activities, or permit fees.

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