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Emmy C-HYI

Hey, I’m Emmy a C-HYI (aka Register Holy Yoga Instructor). I’m so glad you’ve landed here looking for more information about  Yoga classes in Portland, Oregon area or free classes online!

I specialize in classes that are chronic illness friendly because I’m a chronic illness warrior myself! Being one myself means I don’t teach regular classes but do a lot of pop up classes and online videos for those of us who get out of the house is a challenge.

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I do also have a calendar below with classes I do have planned. Feel free to browse that and save the classes you wish to attend in your calendar! I hope to see you soon.

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A yoga experience
crafted for you

Embodiment, is the word you find here a lot at Celebrate Again. Why? Because it is my (Emmy) mission to help us all stay in the Divine flow of love in our bodies, whether or not we name it as such.

Practicing yoga is one way in which we can tap into connecting our entire being into one. It is here in yoga that we get to experience our hearts, our minds and our Spirit. It is here that we get to Celebrate life, breath and cherish just being.

Whether we’re connecting online in the comfort of your home, outdoors in the beautiful majesty of the earth, or inside a studio my mission is to always craft an embodied experience of connection and love for your heart — to teach you how to Celebrate Again, every moment of every day.


Let’s Celebrate Being Alive

Let’s start living the life we’re meant to live and shedding that which is not serving us anymore. Looking forward to guiding you, friend.

“The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see, but teaches us how to see what we behold.” Just This: Richard Rhor


We currently have no classes scheduled but have a great series for purchase and many free short videos on youtube.

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Holy Self Love Series

Holy Self Love: Join me in a three week Holy Yoga class that will explore what it means to love ourselves as God loves us. Come recenter your heart, mind, body and spirit in the reigniting our lives to live out the truth of the gospel with holy self love.

Classes are each an hour long long to be practiced in the comfort of your home. The three week series can be practiced over the period of three weeks or back to back. Series includes three weeks of 10 minute daily guided meditations that coincide with each class.


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