30 Day Self-Care Challenge

That Makes You Wet

A 30 day self-care challenge that fills you of pleasure and joy

Returning Late Summer 2024

You’re invited on a 30 Day Self-Care Challenge that will make explosions in the sky with your self care routine.

What if nothing was really as it seems? What if you are not the only thing you thought you were? What if the depths of hatred you felt we’re not your own? What if you didn’t have to live subject to history? What if you could heal completely? What if you could feel ridiculously alive? What if you really are beyond adored? What if you were really enough, right here, right now in this breath? What if you were not all the things you’ve been told? What if you really are not quiet? What if you really are free?

Ready to have a self-care routine that makes you loaded full of pleasure and joy? 🤩

A 30-Day Self-Care Challenge, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

You’re going to have more fun than you ever thought possible.

30 Day Self-Care Challenge Includes

Lumalia sitting near mountain doing yoga and meditation as a part of the 30-day self-care challenge

Guided Yoga & Meditation

Daily guided 5 to 60-minute beginner-friendly yoga and meditation classes are hand-picked for you every day.

Value $150

journal for a 30 day self care challenge with a flower in the middle and pen laying on grass

30 Day Self-Care Journal Writing Prompts

Questions to open you up to explore your own inner world that will also improve your mental health.

Value $25

walking down a path

30 Day Self-Care Experiences

Each day includes an experience that invites you into engaging with life it's self. The experiences are created to evoke play and curiousity into your 30 day self care challenge.

These experiences are truly what makes this self care chalelnge completely unique and from my own beautiful life.

Value $50

hand reaching out holding a sun inviting you into 30 days of self care experiences

Daily Checkins & Weekly Live Class Replays

If you chose, you'll get daily emails from me encouraging you to jump into the challenge of the day. You'll also get replays from the past live classes that include meditation/yoga class and past community check ins.

Value $100

Total value $325
available soon for $22


Certified Facilitator

As Seen On


“I’m so thankful there are people in the world like Lumalia that are creative have such a deep awareness of self and body. Thank you.” – Theresa, Teacher

It felt like a full body gratitude, not just in the brain.” – Jack, Engineer, after just taking the live classes

“I’ve seen a lot of self paced self care things but the way Lumalia was involved made it very special, it added that magic that cannot be captured otherwise. The structure didn’t give me any choice fatigue. Even if I did one thing, it gave me a sense of accomplishment. The entire offering is built so well there is no place for shame. Because even if you took one small step you had something to celebrate.” – Emm, Writer

“This was better than VR.” – Scott, Enginner after joining the live classes only

What to Expect

It’s not surprise that when you begin a 30 day self-care challenge you will be increading your mental health. 

Every single piece of this challenge will address mental health issues by including somatic healing work, journaling prompts, nervous system regulation, and experiences that will invite you into play which is proven to relieve so many mental health issues.

Let me tell you a secert, self care is self love, darlin, so you bet that every single day in all of these challenges you’ll be diving deep into beautiful self love that will guide you to a more confident loving you!

Are you ready for this 30 day self care challenge to also give you 30 days of self improvement? 

At the heart of all self improvement is having a deep value of your sense of self worth and what better way than to dive into explorations of your inner landscape through the journal prompts, transformative yoga practices and creative exereices that will challenge you into a deeper self improvement!

While this 30 day self care challenge is not a weight loss challenge it does include a lot of expereiences that invite movement and regular yoga which can help anyone release weight. 

Here at Celebrate Again our focus isn’t ever on how our body looks but how it feels.

“As a working mom I don’t make myself a priority as often as I should. The daily meditations have been so soothing right before bed.  The Self Love acceptance flow was really powerful for me, I was able to work through some things I’ve been holding on to. Lumalia shares a yoga for everyone approach, so no matter your ability level, there are modifications along the way. If you’re struggling with yourself, love yoga, or are just looking for a positive community, I highly recommend Celebrate Again.” – Jessica, photographer


“Lumalia combines yoga and meditation for a truly holistic experience that calls your mental, physical, and emotional troubles to the forefront – not so they can be assertively confronted, but so that they can be approached with grace and acceptance. The soothing blend of physical movement and emotional release urges you to treat yourself with the same love and care that you share with the others in your life. No matter what you’re holding onto – whether it’s from the last year or the last decade – this will help you move one step towards letting go.” – Morgan, Creative Entrupenuer


The full challenge is $22 – less than your daily coffee run!

Honey, this will be way sexier than your coffee☕️…but you deserve both, so get your cappuccino then ✌️come join me and let the fun begin!

Not ready to dive in, check a sample of the challenge below.

Need assistance to cover the cost? We have a few sliding scale and scholarship spots open, send us an email with what support you need!

Once the book is released in Janurary 2024 you’ll get access whenever you’re ready!

The book will include everything you need along with links to online classes.

Wanna sneak peak? Check out a summary of the first 7 days here

Think of it as the game Truth or Dare. The daily prompts are more like Truth and the daily experiences are like a Dare, execpt instead of asking you to prank a classmate it will be a beautiful exploration for you to go on that will spark your sense of wonder and play.

Really, think of it as me inviting you to come play on the playground when you’ve been sitting watching everyone else play for so long.  

Come take my hand darlin, I promise lots of fun! 😉

Go at your own pace! You’ll have lifetime access to the 30 day challenge so you can have some wiggle room, but the impact is the best in 30 days.

You’re in great company! I teach all my yoga classes and meditation classes for beginners and season practioners alike. 

If it hurts, don’t do it. If it is stretching you embrace it because that is beautiful growth. 

I cannot wait for you to begin!

Your life is too precious not to do this. But I’m not here to convience you that this is your one precious life. 

If you do all three (yoga/meditation class, journaling, and experiences) you can plan for 90 minutes a day. 

HOWEVER, you can pick and choose what you need that day and come back to it later in your day if that feels fun! 

So as little as 5 minutes to 90 minutes. 

30 Day Self-Care Challenge Sample

DAY 1: Building Excitement

  • A replay from a live class with me, Lumalia, that includes an introduction to intuitive movement meditation (especially if you’ve struggled to meditate, this method will help you drop in in minutes!)
  • Play with an idea of who you would be if you cared for yourself daily.
  • Find your drive to keep you going throughout the 30-day self-care challenge.

Day 2: foundations are the beginning of magic: safe & open

  • Remembering when you felt safe.
  • Discovering the power of “great” people is their ability to hold safety and stay open
  • 10 Minute beginner-friendly yoga class

Day 3: napping is the new party

  • Making sleep sacred
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra with 50 minute guided meditation by Lumalia

Day 4: enter your lover era

  • Dive into a self acceptance 60-minute yoga flow guided by Lumalia
  • Making your life your own Rom Com with music

day 5: lover era part 2

  • Feeding yourself like a lover
  • 10 minute guided meditation
  • Meal Planning with recipe inspiration

day 6: friendship with plants

  • Getting back to nature
  • 20 minute yoga flow outside with Lumalia

day 7: rest is the new lingerie💋

  • 20 minute restorative yoga flow with Lumalia
  • Create rhythms of rest that are nourishing
  • Be a sun whore

day 30: Endings & Invitations

  • Releasing and celebrating our journey
  • 10 minute yoga flow
Lumalia with her hand in her hair leans to the side smiling

Hello Darlin,

I’ve been in your shoes more times than I knew what to do with myself, which is honestly why I made this challenge. 

Being a chronic illness and trauma survivor, decade-long creative businesswoman, and certified yoga and meditation teacher I know how important self-care is and how easy it is to neglect it in daily life. Especially when your body is addicted to living in chaos to meet your daily needs. 

Except, I wanted to make a 30-day self-care challenge that excited me. Someone who literally teaches people for a living how to take care of themselves, listen to their bodies, and dive in to rewrite the subconscious layers programmed into us. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga, meditation, and writing, but sometimes they can get monotonous. Even though they can deeply transform your life too, which is why inside this 30-day self-care challenge are writing prompts, yoga flows, meditations, AND daily experiences that are a little bit fun, a little wild, and spicy enough to help you step into a new layer of yourself in the ways that feel good to you. 

Most of us crave deep change to heal, which is why psychedelic plant medicine has such a big draw along with travel. We deeply crave dramatic experiences to change us, but what if you could give yourself bit-size experiences to help you grow without the bill of travel, the hoops that can come with psychedelics, or the stress of a lot of chaos in your life? 

You see, we as humans need small changes to grow out of the deep-seated programs that are hindering us, which is why I do everything I do as a teacher, writer, and guide. I want to shake up all the lies inside of us and help us all come back home to the beautiful truths our bodies hold. We are wiser than most of us were ever allowed to discover truly, which is why I believe I’m here to create doorways that are accessible to as many people who want to learn how to live in their own created magic.

I cannot wait for you to begin this journey; see you on this inside, my dear!

Coming Soon!

Woo hoo! I cannot wait to share with you this beautiful experience.  💋