It's time we become creators

Feel stuck? What if you could be free?

Each day, each moment we all exist in an opportunity to leave the cycle of repeating the past and begin a new cycle of the future.
What if nothing was really as it seems? What if you are not the only thing you thought you were? What if the depths of hatred you felt we’re not your own? What if you didn’t have to live subject to history? What if you could heal completely? What if you could feel ridiculously alive? What if you really are beyond adored? What if you were really enough, right here, right now in this breath? What if you were not all the things you’ve been told? What if you really are not quiet? What if you really are free?
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You are invited to join on a grand adventure. One to explore the beauty of yourself.

For too long, we’ve been defined by others, told who we are and who we should be. But now, in this age of intellect giving way to creativity, we have the power to be the creators of our own lives. History may repeat itself, but as humans, we possess the innate ability to choose our own path. No matter our past or what we’ve inherited, we have the freedom to shape who we become.

Greetings, Freedom Explorer,  I’m Lumalia, a connection architect, here to guide you towards creating your own dwelling. Our environment, childhood, and inherited trauma shape much of our existence. However, humans have the extraordinary ability to respond to these experiences. I am here to light the way, empowering you to shed old stories and embrace the ones that resonate with who you want to be each day.

We are all bound by our narratives, the stories we tell ourselves. I envision these narratives as our clothing, influencing how we perceive ourselves as royalty, slaves, or wild fairies dancing in gardens. But what if we become the masters of our own clothing, choosing who we are at our core?

For three decades, I was enslaved by the trauma of my past, destined to be aggressive, manipulative, and destructive. But facing death and realizing my true purpose, I refuse to give up. I am here to remember and embody my creative ability, inspiring you to do the same.

Whatever you have experienced, I acknowledge the pain and horror it brings. Whatever you have inherited, I feel the anger and injustice. And no matter what others have said about you, I hold you close and affirm, “You are enough, you are good, you are worthy.”

Our cells, bodies, hearts, and minds have long repeated history. It’s time to set aside the ways we’ve been told to be and build the homes we are meant to dwell in, embracing gentle grief and righteous anger that causes no harm.

Together, we will create the most sacred dwelling: our bodies. Welcome to Celebrate Again, Freedom Explorer. 

You are invited to become the architect of your sacred soul's home.

Coming back home for me was with a lot of piecemealing. I was exhausted healing and also trying to find someone who taught me everything, did body work, and had a community. So I made it, for you and for me.

Your journey begins with a quiz I created. It will lead you to a road map made just for you. I wish I had this at the beginning of my journey, and so I’m so excited to share it with you, completely for free

Inside each roadmap is a particular journey you’ll go on. Each journey has free content and members-only content that will help you go deeper.

With my greatest joy, I send you to discover where you can begin your journey back home. 


“That felt fun.” – Marissa, Vet Tech

“It felt good and very playful.” – Peter, Creative Entrepreneur

“It felt like a full body gratitude, not just in the brain.” – Jack, Engineer


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