Couples Connection

The couple’s connection you’ve always dreamed of is closer than you think.

What if the wild romance that swept you off your feet could be yours in as little as 30 minutes?

Connection made easy
couple holding each other close
couple almost touching fingers

Do you remember the game of building your own telephone with a string and two tin cans? How the voices vibrate across the line? If the line gets loose the magic slips away.

Relationships are a little bit like this: the line is dropped and we find ourselves just existing with someone we once passionately connected with.

Who I Am: Couples Connection Architect

Hi my dear friend, I’m Lumalia, a connection architect. Together with my:

  • Training as a movement-based Kindred meditation facilitator 
  • 200hr yoga certification
  • Working with couples for over 13 years 


I guide couples to cultivate connections that rebuild their game of telephone: finding fun and wonder again.

Savoring it all together water and grapes meshed with tenderness and beauty of the age we’ve so wrongly accused | Oh my beloved, how I long to sip more of your crimson nectar.

“How are you so dreamy?” | “I’ll keep wondering the same of you as I begin to behold where dreams and reality merge.”

Tell me of your pains, beloved, for I want to hold them close, warm your aching bones. I will not heal you but I will hold you until you too see the power within to transform the pain from suffering to the stories of your voice to stretch through darkness and find it is there you’ll know the light. Hang tight and trust in the abundance of any way always being divisible by two

I’m sitting out here as the sun paints it’s orange and golden melodies across my yard and think is this my life? What a magical world it is if you look just right, not too tight but just soft enough to let the subtle roll in.| It will astound you if you just lean nearby | Come let’s touch the sky | And paint our worlds with its fragmented delight | I’m here ready for flight | Come my dear let’s hang tight | For I fear if I let go | You’ll disappear | Yet abundance calls me on | To rest in her arms of faith | Knowing receiving is mainly in the letting go

Lumalia sitting on the edge of a Oregon coast cliff with sea rocks in the background at sunset

My Couples Connection Certifications

Certified Facilitator

As Seen On

couples connection experience holding hands walking barefoot in the ocean with cliffs in the background

“Lumalia took great care to make us feel comfortable but more importantly encouraged ways to make us feel connected to each other and at times, she almost disappeared from our awareness (in the best way!) so that we were then simply hanging out together, laughing and having fun. Perhaps this is the experience and catalyst we need to inspire more romance!” – Lesley

The Journey We’ll Take

I’m here exploring with you, holding bravery and safety so we can all dive into the unknown, looking for the connections of who we want to become, who we are and who we’ve been. 

Imagine your life together as magical, wild, and fun.

The intimacy you’ve always dreamt of is one yes away.

couples connection experience couple hugging in front of a waterfall


couples connection experience couple kissing in front of a sea rock with the sun peaking through the rocks

What You'll Really Do

I'll guide you to have

  • 1:1 curated playful experiences
  • Curated meditative practices
  • Conversation-based exercises

It’s gonna be as easy as licking the icing off the top of a cupcake.

How It Works

couple smiling at each other while one partner plays an instrument in the forest during a couples connection experience
  • 1. Schedule A Free 30 Minute Call
  • 2. Discover Which Offering Fits You
  • 3. Dive Into Your Couples Connection Experiences


couple sitting on a tree during their couples connection experience at the beach with Lumalia

Couples Connection Offerings:

  • 1:1 Work on Zoom or In Person
  • Group Classes & Experiences
  • Couples Getaway Experiences that include couples photography
  • Couples Retreats

See my full couples connection offerings here.

After your free couples connection experience, we’ll go over the different offerings. 

Offerings range from*:

  • $35 for a group class
  • $222-$555/mo for:
    • three-month 1:1 on Zoom or in Person
  • Getaways begin at $1,777/mo for
    • three months 1:1 work plus an in-person getaway couples connection and photography experience.

*Scholarships available for couples in need. 


male kissing female's shoulder standing near a vintage car during a couples connection expereince

Why Couples Connection Is Important

Our whole world benefits when we feel fully loved and accepted. We become freed up to do our most powerful work. Everyone deserves to be in this level of intimacy.

Let's create a garden of growth
couples connection experience with male kissing female's shoulder in a hot spring

It's Going To Be Epic

We’re cultivating a garden of growth:  a wild place inside of you two that is full of the most delicious fruits. Soon you’ll find your hands sticky, your mouths watering, and your bellies so full and satisfied in yourselves and each other.

I cannot wait for you to experience this. 

With all my heart,