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An Couples Photography Experience

Telling the story of your love

What if one day could be amazing? What if one day could give joy and play to your relationship?

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Couples Photographed



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Having so much fun together that you cannot stop laughing and smiling.

Enjoying time to relax, calming your heart, mind, body and soul to be refreshed for the amazing life you’re building.

A trip away from the busyness of life without the responsibilities of your day to day obligations. 

Reminiscing about the beautiful life you’ve built together in a breathtaking location letting go of distractions building deep bonds.

Soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors –together. Embracing your experiential connections.

Your investment in your relationship radiating to help other couples with less resources celebrate their love too. Learn more about what we’re giving back

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“All I can say is, WOW. We’ve worked with Lumalia many times before – engagement and wedding photos and a previous anniversary session…I love how easy she makes us feel in front of the camera. None of the photos ever look posed or forced. Instead, they capture true emotions in real time. She has a gift for both photography and for connecting with her clients. ” – Jennifer, Colorado

“She was able to draw out our personalities and help us celebrate our love for each other in fun ways. Once she sent us our gallery I was blown away. I have loved the photos and so have our friends and family!” – Perez, Colorado

“Lumalia captured us in such beautiful and candid ways that we barely even noticed she was there. Also, when we needed her advice about poses and placement, she knew exactly what we needed to make everything fit perfectly.” – Rudy, Oregon

Let's Celebrate Again

Perhaps this is the experience

the catalyst that we all need to inspire more romance!

“My husband and I are not particularly romantic and often allow anniversaries to slide past without much celebration. Emmy took great care to make us feel comfortable but more importantly encouraged ways to make us feel connected to each other and at times, she almost disappeared from our awareness (in the best way!) so that we were then simply hanging out together, laughing and having fun, and doing things we would not have done without Emmy. Perhaps this is the experience and catalyst we need to inspire more romance! For a special celebration or simply as a reminder of how much you appreciate each other, a photo shoot experience with Celebrate Again is an easy choice.” – Lesley

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view of beach with water reflecting, female on a mountain top looking away at sunset


I  believe you deserve an experience like this in your marriage, one without distractions, one carefully crafted to fit your relationship, and one that helps your hearts feel connected, rekindling your beautiful love.

As a couples photography experience maker, together I help couples just like you  curate and document an unforgettable connection experience.

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What To Do For Your Anniversary

Together we’ll craft an unforgettable anniversary weekend or day. I’ll guide you through finding the perfect location, deciding on what activities to do and topping it all off with a reconnection photography session with me or one of my amazing photography team members. We’ll use my anniversary celebration formula below to include all the amazing aspects I believe every celebration must include.


Finally you’ll have the whole crafted experience documented so you won’t forget a moment. I want to make sure the difference between not celebrating your anniversary and celebrating it is as simple as a few clicks away. I’m so excited to help you celebrate your anniversary again.


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The Process

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Let’s fill our relationships with experiences; stories to tell, not things to show. I believe your love story is worth being told. Together we’ll find a fun activity for you and your beloved to enjoy on your anniversary celebration day.

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Through my processes we’ll talk about your favorite food experiences and try our best to make that happen on your anniversary celebration! Because all the best conversations revolve around the delights of food. And who doesn’t love eating?!



I believe that in the midst of life’s busyness we must take time to slow down and find the moments of stillness that fuel us for our best lives and best marriages. Together we’ll make sure your anniversary celebration includes relaxation, whether that’s doing yoga lead by me or laying on a beach or making time in your day to do nothing.

Celebrate-Again-What-To-Do-For-Your-Anniversary-diverse couple laying on a towel at the edge of an alpine lake in their swim suits snuggled up holding each other as they watch the sky fade to darkness



You striving for connection, but it seems celebrating that connection often gets put by the wayside. I’m here to help you celebrate your connection while digging deeper into it. Part of your anniversary celebration will include a time of reconnection lead by me or one of our awesome photography team members. It will include fun and intimate conversation starters and directions to draw deeper into each others affections.

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