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Anniversary Ideas for the fun-loving Couples - all over the U.S.

Anniversaries are truly just a date that marks a recurring past event, your wedding day. In the busyness of life they can continue to be just that. Family life, work, schedules, not feeling connected enough to spend a whole day with your beloved can feel overwhelming as each year passes by.

You hop to the internet and scour for anniversary ideas, all seem overwhelming or not exactly “you.”

Friends, that’s where we’re here to help! We get how busy life can get, we get caught up in habits of life that can make taking time for your beloved a challenge—but we know the work you put into pursuing each other despite life’s hardships. We want to help you create a time away from it all that reconnects your hearts, celebrates your story and rekindles your love.

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Sometimes we think of anniversary celebration as a vow renewal, and most of our culture thinks vow renewal (whispering to themselves “who broke the vows?” “who cheated on who”) 

Other-times an anniversary ends up being an obligatory celebration because we got married or started dating so many years ago. You go out for a nice dinner or maybe plan something slightly different from your usual time together. But after the day is over, it really just felt like a nicer date night.

Celebrate Again is much more than an anniversary celebration. It’s not a vow renewal, though it certainly could be.

Rather, it’s a time to soak up the beauty of your relationship — a hand crafted day to fit your unique love story that propels your hearts into a deeper affection.

An affection that radiates past the day of your celebration and into your daily lives. It is a celebration that leaves the ordinary behind and lifts your hearts to an experience that we hope will change the course of your relationship for the better.


Your relationship is worth it

Why you should Celebrate Again


“Emmy was such a calming and joyful presence. When the rain started to come down and emotions started to intensify, she was able to pull us all together, come-up with a creative alternative to our photos and capture some really special moments. I am very grateful for her amazing ability to be patient and confident in these trying moments. I sensed this calming presence about her when we first met her, and it really rang true watching her work. Thank you, Emmy, also for your kind words on your blog – your perspective about the rain during our time together is very touching and helped me to see the joy and deeper meaning in those moments. Thank you!”

– Alea

She will capture the essence of your life…

This incredible woman made all our dreams come true by photoing us. She is such an incredible photographer. If you want someone who will capture the essence of your life and make you feel comfortable and at ease while doing it, she’s your gal. And the photos are breath-taking! I cannot say enough good things about Emmy Gaines. Wow. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

– Riana



“Emmy with Celebrate Again left us speechless capturing our photos. Oh my goodness. We are still obsessing over the photos. I cannot put into words how incredibly gifted she is! Emmy captured pure joy and it’s SO clear this is what God intends for her to do. He has given her a gift of being able to capture the joy, the light, and the love that comes from Him in a photo. These are BY FAR our favorite pictures we’ve ever had done!!!!! As long as we live in Denver, Colorado Emmy will be our go to photographer!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Wow!!!! Seriously I can’t stop looking at them. She’s amazing! ”

– Carrie


More Than A Photographer

We are more than just a photographer. We know how overwhelming daily life is and celebration while beautiful is sometimes not accessible in our minds because of the planning it requires. That’s where we step in. We’ll help you find the perfect place to go, fun activities to do, food experiences and guide you through a time of relaxation through meditation or yoga or offer ideas to help you relax.

We want your celebration to transform you, to carry you into each other’s arms, encourage you out of the muck and remember the affection you have for each other.

We’ll act as your guide, positive relationship supporter, fun encourager, and serve as a calm presence to document your celebration. We value your experience together more than documenting it.

It’s your love story we value. Cheering you on in the midst of life’s hardships is the greatest thing we can ever do for you.

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Let’s fill our relationships with experiences; stories to tell, not things to show. I believe your love story is worth being told. Together we’ll find a fun activity for you and your beloved to enjoy on your anniversary celebration day.

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Through my processes we’ll talk about your favorite food experiences and try our best to make that happen on your anniversary celebration! Because all the best conversations revolve around the delights of food. And who doesn’t love eating?!



I believe that in the midst of life’s busyness we must take time to slow down and find the moments of stillness that fuel us for our best lives and best marriages. Together we’ll make sure your anniversary celebration includes relaxation, whether that’s doing yoga lead by me or laying on a beach or making time in your day to do nothing.

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You striving for connection, but it seems celebrating that connection often gets put by the wayside. I’m here to help you celebrate your connection while digging deeper into it. Part of your anniversary celebration will include a time of reconnection lead by me or one of our awesome photography team members. It will include fun and intimate conversation starters and directions to draw deeper into each others affections.

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Ways we can help you
that you might not expect

*Help you craft an ideal day together that reflects your love story and the journey life has taken you through. It’s a story that needs to be told.

*Give you all the best location ideas, logistics, and activity recommendations that help you have fun, intimacy and connection.

*Guiding you to you soak in the journey of your marriage, reminiscing on the good, the bad, the hard, and the sweet moments that make your story beautifully yours worth telling.

*We’ll document your day of celebration so you can share your story of your love with your future selves, family and friends.

*Sparking your hearts with a joy for your relationship again. A joy that leads you to a deeper connection every day

*Giving back by helping another couple in need to celebrate again too.

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Why Celebrate Again?

We believe that life is so busy that you deserve and need someone to help you create an unforgettable experience.

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With our 10+ years of experience as photographers in an industry revolving around couples. We’ve spent a decade understanding how to help couples cultivate a true connection in front of the camera. Having been married ourselves for 10 years now, we know and understand the challenges of an enduring life long relationship, its ups and downs, its threats and obstacles, but most importantly its joys. Emmy has also been teaching yoga now for over two years and enjoys the study of energy, mindfulness and breath work to transform our lives.

We want to be an advocate for your marriage to thrive and joyfully celebrate in an unforgettable way.

Celebrate Again is more than an anniversary planner and photographer. We are your guides and storyteller of marriages that radiates joy and love to an infectious degree.

All Anniversary Packages Include

With our 10+ years of experience we’ll guide you through: 

  • Location scouting
  • Activity suggestions
  • Timeline suggestions
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Tips, tricks and planning aids.
  • Reconnection couple photography session at sunrise or sunset.
    • You’ll be lead through a time of connection that matches your story.
  • Documentation of your hand crafted activities or adventures.
  • Documentation of your hand selected food experiences.
  • Documentation of your down time:
    • Think cuddling up in a bed, or having a pillow fight
    • Option to include a live or virtual yoga class made by Emmy
  • Full resolution digital files with printing rights.
  • Web sized digital files to save on your devices and upload to social media


Digital slideshow you can view online, download and share with family and friends! (Maybe host a watch party?!)

Online Gallery to view, download, print and share your images worldwide

Photographer travel fees included anywhere thats within the continental USA, Alaska or Hawaii that’s accessible by 2WD cars or commercial airlines. 

  • Custom made yoga class to start your wedding day lead via zoom, prerecorded video or in person by Emmy, C-YI. Check out our free yoga videos here!
  • 2 hour engagement sessions months before  2 hours from Portland or Denver or a day before your wedding day.
  • Custom design wedding album. See our album samples here!
  • Print Packages high quality prints to match your photography experience investment. 

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  • Our pricing does not include the cost of lodging, food, paid activities nor your personal travel fees and expenses.
  • Eloping, getting married? Visit our elopement page!

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