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True or false life is what you make it. More than a photographer, we are your connection experiential guides. With our combined 20 years of working as photographers and couples we believe that we know how to help couples experience genuine connection beyond just having their photo taken. This is what we are here for, we don’t want you to hire us as another photographer to just take your photos but as a guide to help you experience a day full of celebration and connection. Think of us more as your guide than as your photographer.
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“Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.”

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location
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Can I tell you a secret? I have this determined side of me that is bent on making everything better. I am a problem solver extraordinaire. If my parents had their way I would have been an engineer and while figuring out how things work has always been fascinating that wasn’t enough for me. 

I’ve been fascinated with the human connection since I was a little girl. Always people watching and learning by observation.

Running around with a cheesy smile plastered on my face at all times, it was a strange habit of mine to try to make strangers smile.

In the end all I ever want to do is help people feel good inside and out.

Celebrate Again has been a dream of mine for half a decade now. I love helping couples like you feel connected in front of my camera but more than that I love helping you experience time together that changes you. Time together that propels you into deeper connections with yourself, each other and the world around you.

While I wear the hat of the main guide and photographer I also love to teach yoga, and if you’re a fan too I love to incorporate a custom made class in your celebration day.

You may notice I don’t photograph anything past 4 hours, have an assistant with me and take less bookings than Brittany. Chronic illnesses became a part of my life story in 2016. I have some major limitations but this has only propelled me to reach more people. To give back to those struggling and share more of my story.

In my free time you’ll find me adventuring with my family, practicing yoga, having regular dance parties, reading spiritual books, snuggling my maltese dog, recipe creating for my crazy paleo/vegan diet and crafting to satisfy DIY addiction.

Take free yoga classes with Emmy or follow along with her in person classes as a Portland Yoga Teacher.

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Brittany with Celebrate Again in the Colorado mountains

Brittany is passionate about helping couples stay engaged with each other. She wants to make sure that you are truly yourselves in front of the camera. We all know our tendency to wear fake smiles when put on the spot, but Brittany makes it her job to help you feel comfortable and engaged even if it is at her own expense, she won’t spare acting like a fool to make you all laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Many previous clients have noted that she has a gift for helping people feel comfortable and like their natural self in front of the camera. She’ll be the first to say that things may get awkward, but promises things will be more playful, fun and intimate than anything else.

Having been a photographer for 10 years, you can rest assured that Brittany will capture your love story with joy.

When not photographing you’ll find Brittany living in her cabin in the foothills of Denver studying her bible seeking to reflect the story of Love. Hanging with her husband, two goofy kids and pup Kenya. Brittany loves craft coffee, homebrewing kombucha, dance parties and healthy eating.

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Envision putting together all the best experiences you’ve ever had into one day, top it off with connection to your beloved and we’d call that a perfect day. 

This is exactly why we’re here, to guide you into a day that breaks up the monotony of life, gives you a deep dive into connection while celebrating your relationship. 

Giving your permission to let go of traditions to live out your unique life story.

We don’t want it to end there, with your photos you get to look back and relive those moments WHILE we get to give back.

Let’s Celebrate Being Alive

Let’s celebrate connection.

Let’s celebrate your story.

Let’s celebrate again and again.

Life is too short not to celebrate every single day.

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Life is not the amount of breaths you take, its the moments that take your breath away.

1. Chat about your ideal celebration day:

We’ll get to know you, your relationship, and what celebrating your love story and anniversary or elopement means to you. Tell us your desires, ideas, some of your story together as a couple so we can help craft an unforgettable day together celebrating your wedding or anniversary but more importantly documenting your love.

2. Reserve your date:

All we need to know is when you’d like to celebrate your elopement or anniversary. We also need a general idea of where you’d like to go (Colorado, Oregon, California,  Hawaii, Alaska, Charleston, etc). Don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly where you’d like to go, we have a lot of resources and tools to help you decide!

3. Let’s create your unique elopement or anniversary experience:

Through our process we’ll get to know you and your story and how to help you curate your ideal celebration. We will help you narrow down where to go and the best time of day to be there. Then we will help narrow down a one or two day experience that has the perfect formula of celebration. We’ll create a list of customized locations, activities and possible vendor recommendations for your celebration. You just need to pick your favorite locations, activities, book your final travel arrangements and vendors, and pick out what clothes to wear!

4. Have one of the best days of your life while we document your day:

Let’s celebrate! We come alongside you on your celebration documenting your ceremony if you’re eloping, your fun adventures and wrapping up your ideal day soaking in a beautiful location while we lead you in a time of connection.

5. Enjoy the beautiful memories to leave as your legacy of love

The moment you get back to regular life you’ll receive sneak peaks to help take you back to your unforgettable day together. Then you’ll receive a slideshow to get a deeper dive sneak peek into your celebration. Finally you’ll receive your full gallery of images that tell the story of your love, to take you back to moments of reconnection that spark a deeper connection. Keep these photos forever as a way to reconnect and to share your legacy of love with your family.

6. We give back

We don’t just want these anniversary celebrations to be reserved for people with the financial means to enjoy such an extravagant beautiful commemorative day. We want all relationships especially those in the service of others with lower incomes, disabilities, or in serviced based careers without the means to have an opportunity to celebrate again too.

She made us us feel at ease…
“Emmy is a wonderful photographer! She did anniversary photos for us in a beautiful mountain park outside of Denver, Colorado. She did a great job of making us feel at ease and we had so much fun during the process! I loved the photos that we ended up with; they really captured the moment. They will be something we can look back at for many years to come.” – Daniel

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We want to create a culture that celebrates relationships every single day, and especially on our wedding days and anniversaries.


I want to create a space for couples who want to celebrate their love, but for whatever reason haven’t been able to have that grand celebration.


I want to create a day that is unforgettable.


I want to create a day that stirs you deeper into an affection that then projects you into a love so profound and beautiful it cannot help but radiate to the world around you.


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Brittany, with Celebrate Again did such an amazing job capturing our photos! My favorite part was how she captured the joy and love behind us as a couple and surrounding the whole day. She was great at capturing the perfect light to create beautiful photos. I’d highly recommend her to anyone. Emmy and Brittany were all a joy to work with, proactive in their communication, and took time to get to know us as a couple. A great photographer was number one on my list and Celebrate Again did not disappoint. We’ll be enjoying these photos for years to come!

Are you ready for your connection experience?

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“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.”  Ansel Adams