A memoir of healing from the incurable

Blooming Upsdie Down

by Lumalia Armstrong

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Portland, Oregon

Enter a world turned upside down by chronic illness, where Lumalia Armstrong’s unwavering resilience and miraculous transformation reveals the breathtaking power of the human spirit to bloom amidst life’s heaviest challenges.

In her striking debut memoir, Blooming Upside Down, Lumalia Armstrong unravels the intricate threads of her life turned upside down by sudden autoimmune diseases and Dysautonomia. Lumalia’s journey transcends tribulations, revealing an inspiring testament to resilience and self-discovery. 

As a new mother and a thriving career as a sought-after wedding photographer, Lumalia plummets into the abyss of complete disability. She grapples with a constellation of debilitating symptoms and a deluge of diagnoses, forging an intimate narrative that delves into the tangled web of toxic relationships, childhood traumas, and her profound journey toward hope, healing, and rebirth.

Lumalia’s odyssey mirrors the phoenix rising from the ashes, unveiling the intricate tapestry of trauma and vulnerability that weaves through her life. Her poetic prose becomes a lifeline, guiding readers through the labyrinthine corridors of pain, self-redemption, and triumphant emergence into a renewed and transformed self.

This memoir is a mosaiced metamorphosis, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience against seemingly insurmountable odds. Through the power of emotional intelligence, communal support, and a profound connection to her intuitive self, Lumalia carves her path to wholeness, finding solace in becoming a yoga and meditation guide, a healer, and an unwavering advocate for her own well-being after decades of self-sacrifice.

Lumalia’s poetic style transcends the confines of a conventional memoir, lulling you into believing that anything is possible for your own life. Slip into the petals between Blooming Upside Down and find yourself entirely devoured by a journey into the most stunning ability we have as a human species to love fiercely and alchemize our suffering to spread more beauty into the world.

Embark on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery and reclamation, where the darkest shadows birth the most radiant light. Lumalia’s memoir is an elixir that rekindles the belief that even amidst the harshest storms, the human spirit can bloom with unparalleled grace and resilience. Come remember your power and your gift to bloom.

Publisher: Celebrate Again Books

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