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Wondering what to do for your anniversary?

Welcome to Celebrate Again

So long are the days of agonizing over what to do for your anniversary and not having enough time or energy to make your anniversary special. Are you ready to have one of the best days of your marriage?

I want to help you put an end to the question of what to do for your anniversary and have an unforgettable day together. I believe with my celebration formula, together we can create a magical anniversary experience for you and your partner.

Hey beautiful soul, let’s make some magic.

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I believe in the power of story telling.
Your relationship deserves celebration.
An experience that goes deeper.

- Together as Couple's Photographers-

I Can Make This Your Couples Celebration

  • A trip away from all the “life noise” soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Having so much fun together that you cannot stop laughing and/or smiling.
  • Reminiscing about the beautiful life you’ve built together in a breath taking location allowing you to be present with your beloved.
  • Enjoying time to relax: to be refreshed for the amazing life you’re building.
  • Having your whole anniversary celebration experience researched and mapped out.
  • Having  a connection experience documented so you can remember and relive it for years to come. 
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I believe you deserve an experience like this in your marriage, one without distractions, one carefully crafted to fit your relationship, and one that helps your hearts feel connected, rekindling your beautiful love.

As an anniversary photographer and guide, together, we help couples just like you make this experience come to life. We help you curate and document an unforgettable anniversary experience.

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Oregon Based Anniversary Photographers -
Available Throughout the U.S.A -

More Than Anniversaries Photographers

Hey, I’m Lumalia (Emmy) your experience maker and connection photographers here at Celebrate Again! I believe your marriage and your story is worth celebrating and documenting. Life changes so quickly and time seems to move faster and faster with each year we grow older. I want to make sure you can look back and say you’ve had a well-lived life full of love and joy.

Photographs are our gateway back to an unforgettable memory. Photographs help us press “pause” on precious moments in time for us to cherish and relive them again and again.

Together I will help you create an anniversary or couples photography experience that will help you reconnect, relax, and have fun! Are you in?

How does it work?


Chat with Lumalia (Emmy): I create a vision for you based on your story and the things you love.


Reserve your Date


I guide you to crafting your unique Hawaii or Oregon couples photography experience with my deep knowledge of locations, couple’s experiences and fun ideas. 


Have one of the best day’s of your marriage or relationship!


Enjoy your memories through photographs, creating a legacy of your love to share with your family & friends

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Your Relationship Is Worth It

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Why Photography


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I believe in the power of storytelling...

…adding to the greatest story of Love we all partake in. Photography takes us back to the memories that have faded in our minds but memories our bodies hold on to. Reliving those memories through photographs ignites beautiful emotions that keep us going when the minutia of life sinks in. I’d be so honored to be a part of sharing your legacy of love.

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What To do For Your Anniversary Inspiration

Anniversary Inspiration

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