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The Pacific Northwest is known for its breathtaking waterfalls, we’re excited to bring you the details on waterfalls in Portland! It’s no wonder when you visit the Portland, Oregon area you’ll want to make sure you visit a few of these amazing waterfalls!

Here at Celebrate Again we love helping couples and adventurers like you enjoy the majesty of exploration! What better way to explore than visiting some waterfalls in Portland, Oregon! With us now expanding to be Oregon elopement photographers we cannot wait to keep updating this post with the best waterfalls. A note we want to you to know is that while there are waterfalls super close to Portland the best ones require about 1-2 hour drive, but friend they are SO worth it!

Kayla from Together Theory in Oregon with her Camera

In order to create a complete guide for you I teamed up with Kayla, a Portland local and experienced hiker in the Pacific Northwest! Kayla is a Portland elopement photographer with Together Theory. Aside from taking photos of eloping couples on their adventurous wedding days, she’s an avid mushroom hunter, explorer and hiker!

I’m so excited to have her as a guest blogger to help you know where to go, what to expect and how to best prepare for visiting waterfalls in Portland, Oregon!

Best Waterfall Hikes Near Portland, OR

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Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls from the hike in from the parking lot surrounded by greenery
Latourell Falls a must see waterfall in Portland, OR
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance 2 miles
  • Terrain: Loop
  • Traffic: Busy
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter Mid Week

Latourell Falls is one of my favorite must-see waterfalls near Portland. With only a short drive into the Columbia River Gorge, you can access the trailhead for these grand falls. The 2 mile loop trail will take you to both the upper falls and lower falls– the lower one being 250 feet tall! 

Latourell Falls is a fairly popular spot, although less popular than Multnomah Falls, which is lower on this list. My best suggestions are to plan for a weekday during the slower winter season! It might be a little more muddy than in the summer, but the waterfall will be at full force from all of the rain water, and you’ll be more likely to have the trail to yourself!

Don’t feel like hiking, but still want to see Latourell Falls? No problem. Take the trail on the right that leads downward from the parking lot. In just a short 5 minutes, you’ll arrive at the bottom of the lower falls!

More info.

Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park in Portland, OR
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance 7.6 miles
  • Terrain: Loop
  • Traffic: Busy
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter Mid Week

Silver Falls State Park is a bit longer of a drive from Portland, but the extra distance will prove to be worth it. There are over a dozen waterfalls in the park. You’re even able to walk behind a few of the falls. 

If you have the time, a MUST-DO at Silver Falls State Park is the Trail of Ten Falls. It’s a 7.6 mile trail that brings you past 10 waterfalls in the park! The trail is rated moderate with 1,194 feet of elevation gain. 

Some people call Silver Falls the “crown jewel” of Oregon State Parks. It’s the biggest one and nothing short of breathtaking!

More info.

Abiqua Falls 

close up photo of a waterfall water falling down, Abiqua Falls

Abiqua Falls is by far my personal favorite waterfall in Oregon… when you turn the corner and first see the falls, it feels like you’re entering another world. The hike down to the falls is nothing short of an adventure– so prepare properly. It involves climbing down a muddy cliffside with ropes and a washed out dirt road that not all cars might be able to make it down.

Although it’s listed online as about 5 miles, the hike to the falls is only about 2 miles if your car is able to make it to the trailhead! Otherwise, you’ll have to park along the side of the road and walk to the trailhead. The hike is rated hard, and the hike back to the parking lot is harder since that’s when you’ll be hiking up. Make sure you check AllTrails for the specific directions to get to the trailhead as it’s not very clear once you reach the end of the road.

All factors aside– if you choose to embark on this waterfall hike, know that it will be worth it! It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen and is incredibly unique. I’ve even seen otters there while photographing an elopement once!

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Multnomah Falls 

Multnomah Falls couple standing in front of waterfall with her hair wiping around his face

If you’re thinking about traveling to Portland, it’s likely that you’ve seen photos of Multnomah Falls before! It’s one of the most famous waterfalls in Oregon, and also one of the largest, at 627 feet. It has a gorgeous bridge that crosses in front of it and is very popularly photographed!

Although Multnomah Falls is a must-see if you’re coming to Oregon, I only recommend it as more of a photo stop. It tends to get extremely crowded and filled with people pretty easily– in the summer it’s usually a task to even find parking.

If you don’t mind the crowds, there’s a beautiful hike that you can do that will lead you to a viewpoint near the top of the falls! It’s 2 miles round trip and rated moderate. 

More Info.

Wahclella Falls

couple walking around near a waterfall holding hands

Wahclella Falls just recently opened back up since a series of fires that ran through the Columbia River Gorge, and has quickly become my favorite waterfall hike! It’s a 1.9 mile trail round trip that takes you on a ridge along a river, underneath a cave, and across several bridges to get to the falls. 

Make sure you bring proper shoes for this hike! One side of the trail that leads to the falls is a pretty steep drop off that could be dangerous if you fell.

Why is this a favorite? Once you reach the falls, it feels like you’ve entered another world. The waterfall area is an amphitheater type structure and has plenty of spots to sit, rest, and appreciate the falls. 

More info.

The Unnamed Waterfalls

water fall with the sun peaking out creating a warm color and sun flare

Kayla and I, Emmy, have left this unlisted because as guides we love to guide our couples to the lesser known and off the beaten path locations. We love guiding couples who hire us for their elopement or anniversary celebrations to these wild locations. Ready to have your anniversary trip documented at one of Portland’s best waterfalls? We’d love to help you plan your trip! And answer the question to what to do for your anniversary!

Bonus Waterfall!

Waterfalls in Portland by oregon elopement photographer

I Emmy, recently had a chance to visit a new waterfall out in the Portland, Oregon area and found this amazing hidden gem. While I don’t want to give away to much we’re so excited to now be expanding our Colorado Elopement photography to being Oregon elopement photographer too. I’m so excited to join Kayla among the amazing photographers out here in the Pacific Northwest!

Eloping? Check out our waterfall wedding venues guides for more inspiration!

Gear You'll Need To Hike Waterfalls In Portland

Excited yet?! Oregon has so many incredible waterfalls… but an adventure to them could only be complete with the right gear!

The gear I’d typically recommend varies a lot based on the season and what waterfall you’re headed to! 

Summers: Since the summers are drier, I’d likely only recommend a sturdy pair of hiking shoes/boots with good traction. Or if you plan on swimming beneath a waterfall… don’t forget your bathing suit, towel and sunscreen for Oregon’s strong summer sun!

Don’t forget your hydration pack to stay hydrated. We’re big fans of our Camelbak! Check out our Camelbak review here to help you decide!

Fall-Spring: The colder and wetter months are a completely different story! If you’re heading out for your adventure between November and March, here’s the gear that I’d definitely recommend:

  • Hiking boots that will give you traction and protection in the mud!
  • Some sort of water resistant coat. Even if it’s not raining, there’s always a possibility of getting wet! Oregon falls tend to be much more powerful in the winter. 
  • Trekking poles for slippery trail conditions. 
  • Yaktrax (crampons) for potentially icy trail conditions.
  • Clothes that will keep you warm and dry!
  • Don’t forget to include your very own sanitary Kula pee cloth to keep the sensitive environments of Oregon wonderful for everyone to enjoy.

Pro Tip Bathrooms can be hard to find on waterfall trails. So if you need to find a place to go make sure your 200 feet or 80 steps away from a water source. For us ladies we LOVE our Kula pee cloth to keep dry.

Want to find a more recluse waterfall for your photo session? Couples who work with us here at Celebrate Again get exclusive access to some of our best kept locations! Same is true for Kayla as an Oregon Elopement Photographer!

Planning For Your Hike

My best advice for departing on a waterfall adventure of your own– plan to get wet, laugh through the muddiness, and allow yourself to be blown away by Earth’s beauty! 

No matter how many times I go to the waterfalls near Portland, they continue to take my breath away. Whether you’re experiencing them for the first time or millionth with your love by your side, I know that you’ll be absolutely floored by their magnificence. 

Planning Your Portland Trip

Ready to start planning your Portland, OR trip to see all the breathtaking waterfalls? 

Here are some of our favorite recommendations! 

Where To Stay In Portland

Wondering if you should stay in a hotel or homestay like VRBO, or Airbnb. Check out our helpful graph!

Established 2008, recently has had a CEO change that as made poor decisions.Established in 1995. That’s right these guys have been around for awhile!
May have less options for popular dates or last minute bookings. Has more less known spots that may not be listed on Airbnb.
Good quality photos of homesPhoto quality varies
Good user experienceGood user experience
Stay Experience Usually High Quality if has good ratingsStay Experience Usually High Quality if has good ratings
Cleaning policies varies by propertyCleaning policies varies by property

Our check out our Airbnb wedding venues in Oregon which actually include a lot of stays perfect for just couples!

Pro Tip We highly recommend shopping around to find the best bang for your buck between 

Restaurants to Visit In Portland

Wanting to make sure to have your full trip covered, I asked Kayla for her favorite restaurants you need to visit. She’s a vegan so most of her recommendations fit that choice. I’ve also included one of my favorites from when I visited Portland too!

  • Farm Spirit: A super fancy restaurant with set dishes per night
  • Aviv: vegan Israeli food. Definitely on the nicer side. But being in Portland, standards for ‘fancy’ aren’t toooo high haha
  • Ichiza Kitchen: vegan pan Asian/tea room. Really good food, small place and an overall cool experience, especially if you get tea
  • Kati Thai: “nicer” restaurant that’s vegan and vegetarian
  • Homegrown Smoker: vegan barbecue food, not necessarily fancy but this restaurant went viral and is pretty famous
  • New Cascadia Traditional: A dedicated gluten free restaurant and bakery. When I, Emmy visited Portland I ate here every morning for the week we were in Portland. It was so amazing! I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • Food carts (what Portland is known for!):
    • Matt’s BBQ: VERY not vegan but really famous.
    • Shady Pines: 100% vegan food cart pod.
    • Safframen: Fancier vegan ramen food cart, I believe they do catering as well.

Looking for more ideas of the best anniversary trip ideas? Check Emmy’s blog post on the best places in the US for an anniversary trip!

Having an unforgettable anniversary experience

couple laughing at sunset

Celebrate your anniversary or your relationship with this trip? I, Emmy, would love to come alongside you to craft an unforgettable day for you and your beloved. I believe that relationships need to be celebrated often. Find out more about what we do as a couple’s photographer and guide here. Let’s plan out one of the best days of your relationship to date. Are you in? 

Want to have an epic experience together?

Hey! We’re Emmy and Brittany couples photographers but more importantly we’re couple experience makers. 

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

We believe that your wedding day or anniversary deserves a unique celebration, one that takes you away from the every day overwhelm and into a place that allows for deep connection. We’d love to help guide you in crafting an unforgetable experience that we hope will transform your relationship deeply. Learn more about hiring us as your Oregon elopement photographers,  Colorado elopement photographers or anniversary photographers!

Celebrating your anniversary soon? Learn more about what to do for your anniversary!

P.s. Looking for more travel inspiration? Check out our best anniversary trip ideas, romantic things to do in Charleston, SC or romantic things to do in Maui!

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waterfalls in Portland with a couple at the bottom of a waterfall

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