50 Fun Flirtatious Date Ideas to Inspire Your Playful Romance

Dinner and movie, hot date, right? Ok, maybe if it’s one of your first ones and you end up in a sexy make out session later, but after you’ve been married for a few years it seems that finding creative, fun, affordable or inexpensive date ideas can be a challenge.

Not to mention now with COVID and so many fun places are currently closed, creativity must come into play! Well friend, that’s why I’m here, to bring you a massive list of fun date ideas that you can do right now, no matter what the state of our world may be. Some of these ideas are great for getting out for a little adventure or just making the most of being at home. No matter where you find yourself, I hope these ideas are fun for you!

Hey, I’m Emmy, one of the elopement and couples photographers and guides behind Celebrate Again. Here we want to create a space for you to live your best lives together. We believe your relationships deserve celebration. Dates are such a simple yet effective way to celebrate! Not to mention, it’s so good for our hearts to enjoy connection. We hope you laugh a little along the way too! Drop a comment below if you do any of these dates or tag us on social media @celebrateagain ! We love to see couples enjoying life together–because that’s what we’re all about.

Now to the ultimate fun date ideas list!

We’ve created this list for helping couples know what things to do when they are bored or for married couples trying to freshen up their date nights! Many ideas can be done at home or are great while staying at home during self-quarantine!

Couple laughing snuggling on couch
Couple have a fun at home date playing sumo wrestling

Looking for fun date ideas that will help keep your romance alive? Check out our list of 50 date ideas that will spark your imagination and heat up your love. Included are date ideas that are safe in most quarantine situations! 

Table of Contents

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1. Build A Blanket Fort Date

  • Tap into your inner child, grab all your sheets, clothes pins (or chip clips), some heavy books, tall chairs and create your very own blanket fort. Plug in some christmas lights or twinkle lights to make it more romantic. Throw some pillows and extra cozy blankets inside, bring a flashlight and tell spooky stories. 
    • Real story: one time my  husband and I did this except we made it a junk food movie night. We stopped at our local grocery store and bought our childhood favorite snacks thinking it would be a snack heaven. While it was amazing, it killed our stomachs. Needless to say, we found out we weren’t teenagers anymore and weren’t able to eat so much junk without uncomfortable physical repercussions, ha!

2. Obstacle Course Date Idea

    • Use string or party streamers to create your own obstacle course!:
    • This is a great date idea if you have kids joining you! Find a hallway, use your kitchen or a bathroom to line with an obstacle course — think criss-crossing laser security beams like in Ocean’s Twelve or The Incredibles. Tie a knot in string and use thumbtacks to get it to stay into the wall or use tape. Make sure you put the thumbtacks in well so you cannot pop them out if you pull on the string. 
    • Set a time and see who can make it through the course the fastest without touching the string or streamers!
    • Level this game up by requiring a piece of clothing to come off if you touch the string or streamers (as long as the kids aren’t around for that one, ha!).

3. Have a relay race

4. DIY iron man adventure course

5. Art Project Date Idea

  • We love crafts and projects here in our household. We’ve written out some fun ideas for you too. You can check out our crafts and projects here!

6. Go on a local hike or snowshoeing or some place you’ve never been before.

Couple snowshoeing in the mountains
Couple on a fun date snowshoeing
  • Make sure to pack snacks and water if you head some place more remote. Checking the weather and bringing the right clothing is key to having a fun hike! 
  • If you’re thinking big and want to plan your next anniversary trip check out our guide to the best places to go for your anniversary
  • Or if you’re more of the adventurous type check out our adventure resources!
  • Don’t forget to dress appropriately. Nothing ruins a date like wearing the wrong shoes or being freezing cold. 

Pro Tip If you’re visiting Colorado check out Colorado Packing List to make sure you have all the right gear to have the most fun!

7. Get lost on purpose

  • Fill up your gas, pack enough water, food and toilet supplies to be safe and get lost on purpose. Turn off your phones and head any direction. Set a time limit then try to find your way back home. Turn your phone back on if you get lost and if things stop being fun.

8. Go for a drive and play songs from when you first started dating

Couple snuggling in the mountains laughing
  • Make sure to fill up on gas near home before you leave

9. Fill up water balloons with paint to a large canvas and throw darts at them.

  • I know I cannot fully take credit for this idea, anyone who’s seen the Princess Diaries knows this idea, but I mean why would you NOT want to try this! Please tag me on social media @celebrateagain if you do, we need to be friends, haha.

10. Go to a local lake or beach and rent stand up paddle boards or a canoe

  • Let me let you in on a little secret, most people are terrified to try this because they are afraid they will fall in, but the boards are WAY more stable than you realize. Plus you can always stay kneeling on your board! 
  • You can usually rent a board from a local outfitter like REI and look up local lakes. You’d be surprised to find out how many lakes actually let you paddle board on them! Enjoy your adventurous date!

11. Stargazing Date: Fun Date Idea

  • Bundle up with blankets and go stargazing.
  •  Make a little trip of it going to the best places near you. Use https://blue-marble.de/nightlights/2017 to find the least light polluted area!
  • Have a truck? Line the back bed with blankets and pillows once you park, add a romantic picnic or take out and you’ll be set to go! Bonus if you have a blow up mattress you’ll be golden!
  • Extra date idea: make a fun playlist and have a dance party with some headlamps!

12. Take turns reading a book together

  • I know this seems like a simple date idea but it’s a cheap date idea for sure! You can make this more fun by finding your old childhood favorite books and see who can read the stories in the most playful voices!

13. Play a game of Would You Rather

  • Google some fun questions!
  • My personal favorite would your rather be rich and famous or just rich?

14. Go camping indoors or your backyard

15. Share a relaxing bath together add some bubble bath or salt

  • You could also make your own bath bomb before you do this!

16. Have a nerf or marshmallow shooter fight

  • Put your kids to bed early, steal their nerf guns and go to town!

17. Play a board or card game

  • Turn any board or card game into a strip verison

18.Try a yoga class together

  • You can check out our free yoga videos
  • Or look up some partner yoga classes on youtube!

19. Learn something new together

20. Go Geocaching

  • It’s basically the world’s biggest treasure hunting adventure you could ever go on. Don’t forget to wear gloves and masks on your adventures. https://www.geocaching.com/play

21. Have a fondue night

  • Can you believe that Whole Foods even sells pre-made fondue cheese kits, you’ll be set to go! Grab your favorite beer to make it extra tasty! It’s the secret to a great fondue.

22. Take a dance class

Couple dancing together at sunset on the beach
Couple on a fun date dancing
  • Our favorite is Show Her Off Dance

23. Go for a bike ride

  • Or rent a tandem bike!

24. Make your own music video

25. Write a song together

  • Or re-work a famous song with ridiculous new lyrics

26. Create your own mixed drinks

27. Give each other massages

  • No fancy lotion needed, my personal favorite option for this is coconut oil, it’s so perfect for massages and well anything else you may need later on.
  • Make it silly and playful by playing a game of alphabet guessing…I know it sounds childish and well you can do it with a kiddo too but whoever is massaging have them draw a letter on your back and guess what they drew! It’s harder than you think! Level it up and spell out a word!

28. Put together a puzzle

  • Add a spin to it and make it a couples thing, one of you is blind folded while the other instructions and uses your hands as a robot to place the pieces’

29. Watch TED Talks and discuss what you learned

30. Day dream about your next adventure you can go on

31. Write letters to old friends or family

Letters scattered with light leaking through on them
  • I am a firm believer that the art of letter writing is a dying one that should really come back to life. Seriously, when was the last time you were annoyed about getting mail, no email on the other hand…I get it not so much fun anymore!

32. Recreate your first date

  • If you cannot exactly think about all your five senses and try to recreate as much as you can!

33. Watch the sunset or sunrise

I know this can seem cheesy but when is the last time you watched the sunset. It’s such a healing time of day!

34. Go skinny dipping

Couple cuddling in water
  • In a local lake or blow up the kiddy pool and go midnight skinny dipping

35. Make a time capsule

  • Include things about each other and news of what’s going on in the world. Set a date for when you’ll open it.

36. Have your own wine and paint adventure

  • Purchase your own acrylic paints, a brush and canvas. Paints are usually $1-2 apiece at your local craft store! Purchase a tarp from your local home repair store and you’re all set! Replicate a famous painting or use your imagination to make your own!

37. Go To A drive in movie

  • This is really such a dying thing but in some cities it comes back to life! Check to see if your city has one open!
  • Pack some extra blankets and pillows, order some food to go and have a party! Best part of drive-in-movie theaters is you can bring all the snacks and comfort you want! 
    • Or bring some camping chairs to sit outside your car too. Make sure your battery is charged to listen in on your radio to the audio!
  • If you’ve never been smaller cars get closer to the screen

38. Romantic Date Night: Outfit Dinner

  • Pick out each others outfits for dinner, or pick out each others undergarments for a romantic dinner
  • Pair with Blind Cooker date idea!

39. Have a paint fight in your backyard

  • Wear old clothes or depending on your neighbor situation none at all haha.
  • We suggest using powdered or a water based paint
  • If you’re concerned about your hair or face you can wear eye covering and a shower cap. Let’s keep it real, not everyone wants their hair dyed rainbow colors haha.

40. Couple Paint With Yourselves As The Brush

  • Grab a large canvas and water based paint from your local craft store and a large tarp from your home repair store.  Use your bodies to pain your large canvas, maybe enjoy a little paint fight too!

41. Blind Taste Test: Fun Date Idea

Without the other person looking, grab three different food items. Blind fold the guesser and have them guess what items they are!

42. Go fly kites on a windy day or at local beach

  • Bonus make your own kite! Tap into your inner child, laugh and play a little, it’s good for the soul.

43. Write a story together

  • Take turns writing paragraphs. Follow the template of intro, scene setting, character introduction, present a problem, have the character strive for a goal, name what they want to avoid, make a climax and an ending!

44. Water Balloon fight

45. Date Night Jenga This website published a great DIY instructional

46. Go Star tipping

The best idea I learned from living in the south for a year:

  • Go somewhere dark where you can see the stars in a grassy area. Spin in a circle staring at one star for 30 seconds. Then try to walk straight.

47. Have a water fight

  • Grab water balloons or hose and see who you can soak the most!

48. Blind Cooker Date Idea

Couple eating a waffle together they cooked
  • One person is the body the other is instructions. Blind fold your partner and direct them to cook something. You can move their hands and arms for them but they aren’t allowed to peak!
  • Need some recipes to try? You can find delicious recipes here!

49. Drive some place with no one around, crank up the music in your car and have a dance party.

  • Bonus do it at night and bring some glow in the dark sticks and have your own outdoor night club. Check your car battery before you leave home and fill up on gas.

50. Have a sumo wrestling fight

Couple laughing snuggling on couch
  •  Find the largest shirt you own or one you don’t mind stretching out. Stuff yourselves with pillows or duct tape pillows on you. Move your mattress to the floor or pad your floor with pillows cushions. Have a fight see who can pin the other one day first!
  • Fun tip: have a safe word when things aren’t fun anymore.

More Ideas

Want more ideas? We absolutely love date boxes. I know, “not another subscription service…” but what if dates were effortless each month or every other week. No one had to take extra time or responsibility to plan something out – even though that is so fun — life can be overwhelming sometimes and having a date ready for you makes things super simple!

Pre planned datesMay not always fit your interests
Little prep requiredIs a monthly subscription plan
Less stressMay not always be the cheapest date idea
Little decision making required
Supplies usually included
Make you more adventurous

Here our favorite date boxes. We hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Happy dating, friends!

Couple laughing snuggling on couch
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