How To Write Love Letters: 5 Easy Steps To Writing Passionate Letters To Her/Him

You want to write a love letter but you’re wondering how to write a love letter to him or her. Here are 5 simple steps to writing passionate love letters to him anyone can compose.

When’s the last time you wrote a heartfelt passionate love letter to your wife or partner? If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that keeping the “spark” alive takes work, but maybe not as much as you think.

What if you could have a relationship like the ones you’ve read about or watched in the great love stories of literature and film, that deep passion for each other that keeps flowing? Here are 5 easy steps to help you keep that spark alive and live your true life romance by writing love letters.

What if I told you writing a love letter was WAY easier than you ever imagined, and what if it could seriously spark a new wave for your relationship?

As an anniversary photographer, I get to photograph couples in love all the time which is why I’m crazy passionate about the help couples stay connected regularly especially when someone’s not there telling you to cuddle and kiss often. So, I’ve gathered 5 easy steps to help you get started–yes, even for those of you who think you have absolutely nothing to say!

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Make a plan to write a love letter regularly. Make it simple and schedule it weekly. Commit to doing it for each other regularly. Write when inspiration strikes or set it as a reminder in your calendar. Even if your partner doesn’t want to, do it for them anyway! You never know what positive momentum this could create for your relationship!

Step Two: Find inspiration for your letters

Consider why you love them, what you’re most proud of them for, how do they make you feel… Not a writer? No problem, we love finding quotes from inspirational writers and sending them as love letters. I’ve already gathered 150 romantic love quotes for you here. Or you can always rely on the Romantic Nicholas Sparks Quotes from his novels to get you started. Start with describing why you wanted to share that particular quote, what it made you think about concerning your beloved, what it made you feel about them. The greatest gift of poetry is to get us to start thinking and truly feeling. Let those feelings overflow to your beloved. 

Step Three: Handwrite Your Letter

hand written love letter in flowers for a guide on how to write love letters and passionate love letters for him or her

 I get it. Sending a text or email is WAY easier. But, how much more romantic is it to get an actual handwritten letter you can KEEP and look back on, maybe on those days when your affections for each other feel harder to tap into. 

Step Four: Make A Home For Your Letters

hand written love letter in flowers for a guide on how to write love letters and passionate love letters for him or her
Consider gifting your beloved with a special container to keep all your letters. Maybe find a box that reminds you of them at a local thrift or art supply store. Hey, if you’re crafty, you could even Mod Podge it with some photos you’ve taken over the years or photos from a magazine that reminds you of them. Anyone else feeling like their younger self may start to shine here?!

Step Five: Make It Fun For Yourself

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Make it fun for yourself! Grab some gel pens–I see you older millennials, those things were great (well, when they worked). Add some colors or silly drawings! You could even grab some scratch and sniff stickers because WHY NOT?! Get some nice paper to write on just for these love letters. Or keep an extra napkin from your date nights and write on those to remember all your fun times together. You could even head back to the days of high school and master the art of origami!

Don’t stop there! Let your creative juices flow and let us know how you’ve started to master the art of writing love letters!

Excited yet?! I’ve got my gel pens ready. I am racking my brain for my old-school paper folding hacks (but totally searching Pinterest) and starting to write letters to my beloved. I wonder if he’ll be surprised?

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