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couple having a romantic time together at sunset as they followed our romantic things to do in maui guide and are kissing as the sunsets behind the Iao Valley on Maui

Romantic Things To Do in Maui for a Playful Adventure

You’ve finally done it, you’ve booked a trip to Maui and now you’re making sure you know all the romantic things to do in Maui! First, congrats on taking time away for just the two of you! I get how hard it is to prioritize this relationship in the midst of how busy life is. Secondly, I’m so excited to share with you an insider’s guide to romantic things to do in maui!

I had the greatest pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jessica who’s lived on Maui for a number of years now, been exploring all around the island, and like yourself makes sure to live life to the fullest. Heck why else would here and her partner drop everything and come to live in the land of paradise!? You ready?! I’m so excited to share with you this list of Romantic things to do in Maui, which will include:

couple having a romantic time together at sunset as they followed our romantic things to do in maui guide and are watching sunset on the beach while playing together.

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10 Romantic Things To Do In Maui

Wanting to give you the best romantic things to do in Maui, I knew a local would be my ideal resource! So I interviewed Jessica Millman, a Maui local who has spent the last few years with her partner on this beautiful island, enjoying its delights and exploring it together.

Jessica’s romantic things to do in Maui may not be your cup of tea, so I also included my personal favorite romantic things to do in Maui! Whether you’re finding things to do in maui honeymoon, romantic things to do in hawaii, planning a Maui date night, or planning an anniversary trip to Maui we hope you find this list helpful! To begin with, here are Jessica’s recommendations:

Romantic Things To Do In Maui
#1 Watching Sunset

“Watching the sunset is always our favorite romantic thing to do in Maui – we love to venture to new spots for sunset from all different areas of the island, but going down to Kihei for sunset is definitely our favorite.”

view of maui and Iao Valley as the sunsets behind the mountains on a winter day

Pro Tip Depending on the time of year, sunset can be most beautiful on different parts of the island! But if you want an epic sunset spot head on up to Haleakala, which makes for a lovely sunrise too.

You can also book a maui sunset cruise for a unique romantic thing to do in Maui and unique perspective out on the sea! Sea Maui has great reviews, you can check them out here.

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #2 Beach Days

“Beach days are another romantic thing to do in Maui! Kevin typically will go out and surf for a couple hours while I lounge on the beach, soak up some sun and read a good book. Once he’s done surfing we enjoy a snack and play in the water together or walk up and down the length of the beach.”

I adore the simplicity of this romantic thing to do in Maui. I really believe that one of the most romantic things to do in Maui is just this. Be on the island. Let time stand still and be with each other.

view of the beach in maui on a partly cloudy day

For more  romantic things to do in Maui and Maui adventures on the beach you can:

  • Go on a snorkeling or scuba diving tour
    • Jessica recommends Dive Maui! Which you can check out here.
  • Take couples surfing lessons
    • Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy has great reviews you can check them out here.
  • Explore the beach in a kayak
  • Learn how to Kiteboard
  • Take a paddleboarding lesson together
  • Go on a whale watching tour if you’re visiting in December-February
  • You could also go Maui horseback riding.
    • Triple L Ranch has good reviews! I got to speak with them! Due to how the operate they only go out with your party so its a perfect solution for staying safe during COVID.  Check them out here. P.S. Oct-Dec 2020 they have some pretty sweet deals!

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #3 Soak Up The Sun

“Finding large grassy fields to lay in, is another romantic thing to do in Maui, especially if there’s a big beautiful tree nearby. We love to just chill. To ground. To soak in the fresh air and sunshine of mother earth and listen to the birds chirping.”

Thank you, Jessica for this amazing reminder.

couple snuggling on beach grassy field enjoying snuggles as they do the romantic things to do in maui

While I obviously adore the rest of our romantic things to do in Maui list for you, I think you could stop here and have an amazing trip. Let go of the need to check off “all the Romantic things to do in Maui” and enjoy the absolutely stunning beauty of Maui while just being together.

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #4 Dining Delights

couple having a romantic picnic on a picnic blanket following this romantic thing to do in maui list

“Eating out is another romantic thing to do in Maui! We have a few restaurants on the island that are our FAVORITE. Nalu’s is one of them. We used to live right down the street from Nalu and we’d go enjoy a mai tai or two with dinner there once a week. Late night happy hour at Monkey Pod is also a favorite of ours.”

We’ve also heard these places are delicious Maui romantic dinner  on the beach or outdoors:

– South shore: Gannon’s, Ko

– Westside: Merriman’s, Gerard’s

– Central/Upcountry: Mill House, Kula Lodge

We found more great ideas in this Maui Vegan Guide!

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #5 Bring Your Skateboard or Rent A Bike

couple snuggling in the grass at a park in Maui

“Taking our dog, Tilly, for walks at the parks is another romantic thing to do in Maui. Maui has some beautiful parks all over the island with large grassy fields and long pathways/sidewalks to walk + lots of other people for Tilly to say hi to! Sometimes we’ll bring a skateboard and/or my rollerblades and hit up the skate park while we’re at it. We just love to go and have fun!”

Brilliant idea! I think when most couples head to Maui they think beach and the road to Hana (and yes, do those too!) but aren’t the best adventures the ones where you play like the locals do? If you aren’t a skateboarder or rollerblader, then rent a bike to explore some local parks.

You can even be super adorable and rent a tandem bike! We found West Maui Cycle’s has good reviews. You can check them out here.

For the more daredevil types, you could go on an ATV tour around the island! Maui Off Road Adventures here has great raitings!

Maui Local Parks Map

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #6 The Road To Hana

If you know anything about Maui, it’s the beaches and the road to Hana. Which I highly recommend driving, but maybe not in that stereotypical Jeep rental because you really don’t need it and it immediately labels you as a tourist…
view of road driving into the forest, driving into the road to hana

Road To Hana Pro Tip: Be mindful of letting locals pass on the roadside pull-offs (they have the roads memorized and know every twist and turn–they like to speed past the slow-moving sightseeing tourists!).

Follow signs for respecting the area, including where to park.

Pack your trash out including your fruits. Even if they are “compostable,” they may be foreign to the area which can be harmful to local flora and fauna.

A Romantic Thing To Do In Maui Jessica and Kevin love to do on the road to Hana:

couple enjoying a camp fire snuggled up in a blanket together

“Camping in Hana, another romantic thing in Maui we do – it’s always nice to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island and escape to Hana. This is where the “true Hawaii” culture is. Kipahulu campground is a favorite of ours because we always seem to snag our favorite spot when we get to the park and we love hiking the bamboo forest trail up to a huge waterfall that is right across from the campground.”

Want to camp in Maui without having to pack 5 suitcases? You can rent your gear at a place like Maui Vacation Equipement, we hear they have great service! Find their info here.


Romantic Things To Do In Maui #7 Local Farmers & Gardening

Visit The Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

view of Ali'i Lavender farm in Maui

When I had a chance to visit with my husband in 2019, we headed up to the  Ali’i Kula Lavender farm. To be honest, it’s a bit hard to put into words what this farm was like. The energy on the farm was beyond spiritual. Maybe it’s the peace goers who visit this farm from all over the world leaving their positive vibes or the actual smell of lavender wafting into the air mixed with the pure ocean breeze on the mountain side of Maui. Whatever it is, this farm is sacred and a must visit location to walk hand in hand, enjoy the silence and take in the magnificent smells. This is a must do addition to your romantic things to do in Maui list! Plan your visit here.

up close view of Ali'i Lavender farm in Maui

Pro Tip Along the drive to Ali’i Kula you may run across some local farmers selling their goods on the side of the road. Stop in and support some locals for a quick snack!

As locals Jessica and Kevin enjoy “Gardening. We love to grow our own food so we’re always planting something new or making sure our garden is full of veggies! This is always a fun project to keep working on together.”

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #8 Sacred Land

Iao Valley

view of the Iao Valley needle on Maui

Iao Valley is known for its healing waters and “mana” (aka pervasive supernatural or magical powers). When you drive into this deep valley, you begin to feel like you’ve been transported to another part of the world. I personally love to see how many of the locals even walk barefoot through this area to really soak in the grounding effects this valley holds.

What about you? Are you brave enough to try it barefoot?

Keep this on your romantic things to do in Maui list!


view of olowalu beach on Maui

Known for its coral reef, surfing and paddleboarding, Olowalu is another place with a strong sense of “mana.” (deep supernatural or magical powers!) It was once considered a place of refuge and peace for anyone who reached its borders. 

You don’t want to miss out on this romantic thing to do in Maui, for sure!

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #9 Bird’s Eye View

view point from Maui in Hana

For a truly unique romantic things to do in Maui experience around the island consider joining a prop plane or helicopter tour to view the island from different points. Pacific Helicopter tour has amazing reviews you can check them out here!

Pro Tip  If you’re looking for a romantic time to pop a special question or announce big news, this may be one of those adventures where you can have a bit more privacy. 😉

If you’re wanting another birds eye view consider heading up to  Haleakala National Park to hit the tallest peak on the island! For more info about the park check out this guide on visiting haleakala national park!

Romantic Things To Do In Maui #10 Waterfalls

Did you say waterfalls?! Here at Celebrate Again, we have a bit of an obsession with them, so much so that we even have a list of some of the best waterfalls in Portland you should check out for your next adventure!

Ok back to, Romantic things to do in Maui

Twin Falls outside of Pai is a good stop, but really, driving along the road to Hana you’ll pass by SO many waterfalls! Make sure to follow signs about parking!

waterfall in Hana in Maui

For other waterfall hikes check out these:

  • 3 Crossings hike outside of Wailuku
  • Pipiwai Trail and Waimoku Falls
  • Makamakaole Falls
  • Pua’a Ka’a Falls 
  • Wailua Falls

Romantic Things To Do Bonus Idea! Take Professional Photos!

couple snuggling at sunset as they followed the romantic things to do in maui list

Shameless plug here! We’d love to come alongside you to plan one epic day together as a couple during your time in Maui and spend a part of that time going through our reconnection experience where we guide you to connect as a couple while we take your photo!

Check out more about what we do on What To Do For Your Anniversary!

Or if you’re looking to get married we’re also Hawaii elopement photographers! 😉 

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

Hey! We’re Lumalia and Brittany anniversary photographers but more importantly we’re anniversary experience makers. 

Romantic Things To Do In Maui: Advice

During my chat with Jessica about Maui, I wanted to make sure to hook you all up with staying away from the most touristy things in Maui, so you can skip the crowds and enjoy your time! So here is Jessica’s best advice for you:

Touristy Things To Avoid + Tips

fresh apples on the trees at a farm

“The road to Hana is very touristy but it’s a must do while you visit. Just know that the earlier you get on the road, the fewer cars you will be stuck behind and the more you will get to stop and see (there’s only enough room for parking for about 2-5 cars at every waterfall along the way).

There’s a fruit/farm stand in Oluwalu on the way to Lahaina – DO NOT buy fresh coconuts there (they end up being like $20 and that’s way overpriced) — there’s a “craft fair” in Kihei on S. Kihei Rd and a guy that sells $5 fresh coconuts – so good! And he’ll even cut them open and carve the meat out for you once you’ve finished drinking it!

Pro Tip From Jessica:

DON’T TOUCH SEA TURTLES – I see so many tourists getting too close and personal with the sea turtles that are lounging on the beach and it’s not okay. They’re beautiful creatures to observe, but are endangered and federally protected. The oil and bacteria carried on human hands is harmful to their immune systems, they can become sick and die! So please observe from a distance only, don’t touch. Definitely the #1 “touristy” thing to avoid.”

Best Advice for Couples looking for Romantic Things To Do In Maui?

“Do whatever you feel called to do. It really doesn’t need to be going out to a fancy restaurant. Depending on what you have planned, things can change due to the weather. So my biggest piece of advice is to always have a plan B and a plan C, especially when it comes to doing anything outside. It is a tropical island and events can unexpectedly get rained out. So, be open to going with the flow and don’t let a disruption to your plans throw you – try to brush it off and enjoy your time here!”

couple dancing near the beach at sunset as the sun glows golden on their skin

Tips For Traveling As A Couple In General

“Know that not everything is going to go according to plan. Create space and keep an open mind when it comes to traveling and adventuring a new place together. Make a list of things you want to do, places you want to see, places you want to eat at, etc. Make sure to bring a lot of $ for food because food is very expensive here (an average meal is about $15-$30 per person) and there’s lots of good food to eat here, so be ready to be dropping bills on your dining experiences! You may also want to prepare a few meals wherever you are staying during your trip.”

Romantic Things To Do in Maui: What’s the Weather Really Like?

After visiting Maui in 2019 I realize the land of paradise is pretty stormy. It is a tropical island, but the weather patterns are chaotic, meaning the weather changes quickly. To really know how to enjoy maui it’s best to plan for the unexpected. 

While everyone wishes their time on Maui was full of sunshine and blue skies, know that because of its position in the tropics, it rains A LOT!

What Maui’s Weather is Really Like From A Local

“It is a tropical island so it does rain and it seems like some visitors forget this fact.”

couple snuggling on beach grassy field enjoying snuggles as they do the romantic things to do in maui

Maui In The Summer

“During the summer months (June-August) it does get REALLY hot and the southside of the island gets some swell (ocean waves for surfing), but summer months are so fun on Maui!”

Maui In The Winter

“Winter months (November-March) tend to get more rain…sometimes it can rain for days or weeks nonstop and this is the season that flash floods often occur. Which is funny because winter time is high tourist season since everyone is escaping the cold weather back home.”

“The one big benefit in the winter months is that the whales come to visit from December-February which is peak whale season. So if you’re really wanting to get out on a boat and get up and close with the humpback whales, then January-February is the best time to visit.”

Makai Adventures has great reviews. You can check out their whale tour here.

Maui in The Spring: The Best Time To visit

“I always suggest that if you plan to visit Maui, try to plan your trip for sometime after March so you can enjoy the best weather!”

But if you’re looking at Hawaii in September, it can be a good option too.

Romantic Things To Do In Maui Must Have Items To Pack

Visiting Maui myself I’ve become super conscious of the items I buy. This beautiful island will only stay beautiful if we continue to take care of our planet and one of the most simple ways we can do this is with the power of our buying. Which is why I’m a HUGE fan of Seea swimsuits. They are made from recycled plastic found on the coast and made ethically in California!

female walking along the black sand beach in Maui in her Seea Swimsuit

Pro Tip: Seea swimsuits are also perfect if you want to go surfing and have some UV protection using their long sleeve suits, or stay warm in the water if your body runs a bit cooler than others. Even in the tropics, in winter, the water can be chilly if you run cold. They also have adorable two pieces too!

Relax & Soak In The Savings! Up To 50% Off! Shop Now!

Here are some of Jessica’s suggestions for you!

  1. Pack your raincoat! You never know when it’s going to rain here and there’s nothing worse than walking through the town without a raincoat or umbrella as it randomly starts downpouring for an hour hahaha – but, there’s always rainbows after this!


couple playing tourist wearing rain coats

Pro Tip: We’re big fans of Columbia Rain Coats for outdoor gear! Here are our fave super stylish rain coats you can throw in your bag!

2. If you plan to go upcountry or up to Haleakala to watch the sunrise, bring cold weather clothing! Hats, jackets, warm socks, pants, a sweater, etc – it gets REALLY COLD up there!

3. REEF SAFE Sunscreen – please be aware of what is in your sunscreen. So many of the reefs are bleached and dying here on Maui from the environment-harming chemicals in our sunscreens, which means fewer and fewer fish to see in these areas for snorkeling and it affects the water visibility. So, please buy reef safe sunscreen!!!

Pro Tip: Our favorite brands are Badger and Sunbum because they are Reef safe and have super clean ingredients for your skin too. We’re fans of rub on lotion too. I know those spray cans are convenient, but they aren’t eco friendly either because of the gasses they contain.

Be Responsible On Your Trip: Keep Maui Lovely

Here at Celebrate Again we are big fans of “Leave No Trace,” since we are Leave No Trace Aware Photographers! 

We wholeheartedly believe that all these beautiful places we get to explore and visit must be protected for future generations and ourselves to enjoy. Which means being mindful of a few easy things!

Such As:

  • Don’t throw your trash outside on the side of the road, during hikes, or at all, even if you think the item is compostable (apple cores, orange peels, etc.) Dispose of your trash properly in a bin and consider having a trash bag in your rental car. 
  • Stay on the trails or durable surfaces like rocks or sand, don’t venture off the trails and crush local flora. 

  • Know the rules of the area you are visiting. Follow campfire rules and know current safety fire levels. Also getting proper permits if you’re taking photos there with a professional photographer. 

From Jessica:

“Pack it in, pack it out, and bring a reusable water bottle. If you’re at the beach, try to pick up at least 3 pieces of trash on your way out and dispose of them in the trash receptacles. A little goes a long way and I truly believe this creates a ripple effect.”

Why Maui?

As I sat down to interview Jessica about Maui, to give you the full insider’s guide, I wanted to make sure to give you the full scope of why this island is amazing. If you haven’t already fallen in love with Maui, we hope you’re even more excited for your trip after reading this and hearing why Jessica loves Maui herself.

view of cascading views in Maui

“We have lived in Maui together on and off for 4 years. Kevin originally moved here back in 2014 on his own for just under 2 years before he moved back to NY – this was when we got back together and 4 months later we decided to spontaneously move to Maui together in 2016. We lived here for 2 years before moving back to NY for about 1.5 years and then moved BACK to Maui. We have been living here for about a year now. We love the laid back vibes, the beaches, the jungle, the countryside, and the community here. Kevin loves to surf and I love to get lost in the jungle so we enjoy adventuring together and discovering new hidden gems on this island on our days off together.”

There Best Date Together On Maui

couple cuddling at sunset in Maui as they are laughing together enjoying a good time from following this romantic things to do in Maui list

Getting a little juicier, I asked “What’s the most romantic experience you’ve had in Maui as a couple?”

“Hmm….to be honest, we’re not super big into ‘romance’ I guess you could say haha we like to treat ourselves to dates as much as we can so our romantic experiences are typically when we get dressed up for a special occasion or plan a trip to hop islands to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary combined. I guess the most romantic experience we’ve had was going on a helicopter ride over Molokai – it was so beautiful and we both got to sit in the front of the helicopter, enjoying the view. Then we treated ourselves to a nice lunch, hit the beach for a few hours, and ended the day at our favorite restaurant!”

Thank you Jessica! You can follow along with her journey on instgram at @jessmillman


Other Places

If you’re looking to dream a bit more you can check out our Best Anniversary Trip Ideas to get you inspired for your next trip!

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couple having a romantic time together at sunset as they followed our romantic things to do in maui guide and are kissing as the sunsets behind the Iao Valley on Maui

We’d love to come alongside you to plan one epic day together as a couple during your time in Maui and spend a part of that time going through our reconnection experience where we guide you to connect as a couple while we take your photo!

Check out more about what we do on What To Do For Your Anniversary!

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

Hey! We’re Emmy and Brittany anniversary photographers but more importantly we’re anniversary experience makers. 

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  3. I have been to Maui during Spring and loved it so much. You have penned down amazing experiences that I would love to do whenever I get to return again. The photos make me dream of Maui so much now.

  4. This place looks incredible and I love all the tips! Apart from locations and ideas I love mentioning some things not to do such as touch turtles, tourists can be so annoying and have no respect to anything so this is very important to pay attention to!
    I agree with using sun cream to actually research and be conscious about it, only started last summer but never too late to start. Don’t use the spray ones but didn’t think of this reason tho, will keep that in mind 😀

    1. Thank you! We hope it will help couples figure out what romantic things to do in Maui for sure! Its so beautiful!

  5. Hawaii is an amazing place for a romantic getaway. I would ad snorkelling to the mix as it is lots of fun to show each other the things you find under the water. Relaxing on the beach is always fun with your special someone.

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  8. This is just dreamy!! We went to Maui years ago and I can totally see the Road to Hana as so romantic, with all those beautiful waterfalls on the side of the road that you jump out and hang out at. Ahh, this post brought back beautiful memories!

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  11. What a perfect place for a romantic holiday! I love that nearly all these ideas are outside – I am always happiest spending time with my husband in beautiful places like Maui!

    The waterfalls, those ridiculously gorgeous beaches and the Iao Valley have all taken my heart! <3

    p.s. It really is the perfect location for your gorgeous photos too!

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