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30 Day Relationship Challenge: A Free Guidebook

Calling all disconnected couples. Who here feels disconnected from your partner to often? Life keeps you busy and you frequently find yourself scrabbling to find time to connect with your beloved. You absolutely adore them, well most of the time, haha, but it’s so easy to let life keep happening and your romantic relationship turn into more of a business partnership. Well, friend, that’s why I’ve created this FREE 30 day Reconnection Relationship Challenge Guide Book.

Each day for a WHOLE month you will have a daily challenge that will have you simply and creatively pursue your significant other. 

Each day will include something simple, such as: Send them a text thanking them for a few ways they have loved you well recently. 

Every day will also include a bonus action step that will help you dig in deep every single day.

Mid-week, you can view the four different date ideas that will help you plan out a weekly date.

The hope is that by the end of the 30 days, you’ll have developed some daily habits of pursuing your beloved that you can carry into everyday life or even take these ideas and repeat them each month if you’d like. 

The best part is you don’t both have to do this. But, it will all the more fun if you both do participate!

So who’s in!? And guess what, it’s COMPLETELY FREE GUIDE!

Sign up on the list below, make sure to add my email address emmy {at} celebrateagain {dot} org to your contacts so the daily emails don’t get lost in your junk folders.

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To keep on top of your challenge you’ll receive a calendar and chart with all the challenges. Use the calendar for your every day life and as a reminder to do the challenges!

If you’re the instagramming type and want to share with everyone feel free to this hashtag #30daybae

P.S. This is so much more fun to do in community. So send this link to a few other couple friends and make a party of it! Celebrate at the end of the 30 days by have one group celebrator double date. Doing this in community can help you stay accountable, swap ideas, and share silly stories of the fun challenges.

We’re so excited for you to join!

Sign Up For This Free 30 Day Relationship Challenge Guidebook Here

Celebrating your anniversary soon?

I’d love to help you guide you and your beloved to have an epic adventure.

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