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Join us for an immersive somatic movement class where intuitive motion meets the wisdom of the body. It’s more than a class—it’s a journey of self-discovery and communal connection. Grow and heal with us in a space where movement is meditation.

📅 Dates: SIGN UP BELOW for new dates coming Late April/May
⏰ Time: 7:30 PM – 9 PM (Followed by open dance till midnight)
📍 Location: JaJa PDX, 819 SE Taylor St, Portland, Oregon

🌟 Secure Your Experience – Lumalia’s sessions are a beacon for those seeking transformative healing, and they are known to sell out.

Lumalia, a beacon of self-healing and discovery, invites you to rediscover your body’s innate beauty and power. With triumphs over her own health challenges, Lumalia infuses her expertise as a yoga and meditation instructor and celebrated author into every workshop, crafting not just classes, but transformative experiences.

What to Expect at the Somatic Movement Class

  • Explore the art of shifting and choosing your emotions.
  • Connect with the depth of your innate wisdom.
  • Make new, supportive friends.
  • Enjoy a sense of community.
  • Embrace the freedom to express yourself.
  • Join in the movement: whether you love ecstatic dance, somatic movement, or just letting loose, this is your space.
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Who Should Join Our Somatic Movement Class?

  • Looking to Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection?
    Discover how to harness your body’s innate wisdom for healing and growth. Through somatic movement, you’ll align your intentions with your body’s sensations to fulfill your aspirations in our classes.

  • Seeking a Space to Express Yourself Freely?
    Our class is a sanctuary for self-expression beyond words. It’s designed to foster communal growth, helping you navigate and release old habits and patterns in a supportive environment.

  • Craving Community and Connection?
    Join a welcoming space where like-minded individuals come together. Here, you’ll find new friends who share your passion for deep, meaningful connections.

  • Love Dancing but Struggle with Meditation?
    Experience Lumalia’s unique blend of somatic movement that makes meditation enjoyable. It’s perfect for those who thrive on dance but have yet to find their rhythm with traditional meditation practices.

Promotional image for Lumalia's Somatic Movement Class with text overlaying a serene backdrop of a hand reaching towards a sunset. Text includes glowing testimonials from past classes, a prompt to comment 'SOMA' to reserve a spot, and the Instagram handle @jajapdx. Testimonials express profound healing, happiness, and empowerment experienced by attendees.

Raves from past Classes

  • “That felt next level.
  • “I feel powerful in a way I don’t understand.”
  • “I feel healed like completely all the pain taking away and it’s hard to believe but it’s gone.”
  • “My body feels happy.”
  • “It felt so powerful to be witnessed in this way. “
  • “It felt good and very playful.”
  • “My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” 
  • “I could feel the choice I made. It felt really warm to be in the imagination…” 
  • “It was so beautiful not to have to explain with words with just my body and energy.” 
  • “I don’t always have the easiest time expressing how I’m really feeling…it was really nice to just not with words but movement to then feel seen and received but not have to exhaust myself verbally.”
  • “Being witnessed can be a challenge for me so it felt nice to have the safety in it.”
  • “I feel like the smile doesn’t want to leave.”
  • “It’s nice not to have to talk.
  • “It felt so good to be in our bodies in a group.”

Join Our Community Somatic Movement Classes in Portland

Are you looking for a somatic movement class in Portland, Oregon? Join our Community Movement Meditation Gathering at Jaja PDX co hosted with Soma Dance night and come play with how to harness your innate power and connect with a supportive community.

Experience Inner Transformation

During this event, you’ll explore intuitive meditation techniques through natural movement and imagination. Led by experienced instructor Lumalia, you’ll embark on a journey of self-awareness and inner strength.

All Are Welcome

This event is open to individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Come as you are and experience the transformative power of movement meditation in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Connect and Discover

Take this opportunity to connect with others, cultivate unity, and tap into your inner stillness. Don’t miss out on this unique Community Movement Meditation Gathering at Jaja PDX.

Somatic Movement Meditation in Portland, Oregon Event Details

What if you could become the magician of your own life experience? Join us for a one-night community movement meditation experience that will rekindle your natural ability to heal and connect with like-minded individuals.

"Your body as poetry with Soma Dance night at JAJA PDX. Intutive movement meditaiton. Somatic Healing. Open dance with DJ Cosmo. Class by Lumalia $15-25 sliding scale. (reach out to @somadancepdx for volunteer opportuniteies to attend if you need finical support. March 7, 21 7:30pm to midnight class begins at 8:00pm promptly jaja pdx 819 se taylor street portland oregon " over a sunset photo with a hand reaching out to the ocean

Locations & Times

March 7
March 21
(tickets for one date only)

Jaja PDX
819 SE Taylor St
Portland, Oregon

Event Schedule

7:30pm Doors Open to Jaja PDX

8:00pm Somatic Intuitive Movement Meditation begins with Lumalia

9:00 pm Open Community Dance featuring song requests with DJ Cosmos

12:00 am Closing

somatic movement class with a group of diverse people with sunset-like mauve dark purple and blue feels and beautiful sparks flying between people as they make two circles some people in the middle and others on the outside
somatic movement class with a group of diverse people with sunset-like mauve dark purple and blue feels and beautiful sparks flying between people as they make two circles some people in the middle and others on the outside

Exchange and Reservations

  • Tickets are $15-25 sliding scale; Purchase your ticket here.
  • We welcome everyone with a sliding scale, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. However if you need support we recommend reaching out (via email)about volunteers we need for this event. Your time and energy are appreciated as much as your ticket purchase.

Meet Your Movement Meditation Facilitator

Hi there, I’m Lumalia, a connection architect dedicated to exploring the beauty of human existence through creative expression, embodiment, and writing. At Celebrate Again, my roles encompass being a published author, a certified yoga and movement meditation teacher (with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance and Kindrêd facilitator certification), a Yoga Nidra certified instructor, and an internationally published photographer. 

My journey involved profound healing from chronic illnesses that had plagued me for a decade, leaving me disabled for most of my twenties. I’ve also navigated near-death experiences and the complexities of PTSD. Through these challenges, I’ve understood that we all possess the power to be creators of our own lives. Where we direct our attention, our energy follows. Drawing from my training and life experiences, I’m passionate about guiding groups to tap into the deep wisdom within themselves. I use playful and imaginative approaches to help individuals explore their subconscious while emphasizing the power of human connection to validate this inner journey. I’m thrilled to have you join us on this adventure!


Certified Facilitator

As Seen On

Somatic Movement Class Details

  • Wear: dress in clothing you can comfortably sit and move in. Welcome to bring your own meditation pillow. We will be sitting and standing for some of the movement class.
  • Parking: Street and a small lot next to Jaja is available around Taylor, 8th and 9th. Recommend public transportation, biking, or carpooling.
  • Entrance: Enter off Taylor Street near the Jaja PDX sign. You’ll enter into a hallway and then walk through the entryway of the Haven Art Gallery. The entrance to our space is to the left, where you’ll be greeted. 
  • Doors close to class at 8:05pm to keep our space safe as we enter into meditation we’ll close the doors to our space at 8:05pm. Enterance to Jaja will still be open and we’ll open the doors back at 9:00pm for our free open dance time that will go until midnight.

Refund Policy:

No refunds will be provided due to the nature of this event. However, you can transfer your ticket to another person or use it for other Lumalia and Celebrate Again events. Tickets will be sold at the door if spaces are still available. 

Right to Refuse Entry:

While our policy is to welcome all, anyone displaying behavior that disrupts the event’s safety or respect will be politely asked to leave. We prioritize the well-being of all attendees.

about the portland in-person co-hosts:

Jaja PDX, A multidisciplinary community art space in the heart of Portland that also hosts a circus school and performing company.

Inside Jaja’s building is The Haven a living and breathing healing art gallery and studio space.

Our evening DJ, DJ Cosmo hosts weekly Soma Dance night every Thursday night at Jaja.


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Lumalia standing near a coastline with her hair blowing in the wind

Hey, I’m Lumalia, the main voice behind Celebrate Again. I call myself a connection architect because I have a deep passion for guiding us all to fall back in love with life through states of beauty, but many of us are far from feeling at home in our own bodies, so we seek to find safety in others. 

Yikes, that’s scary, I know; I did that for three decades, too, until I returned home to myself.

I’m so excited to share with you all I’ve learned and this beautiful journey back home to what makes you absolutely stunning just because you are alive today.


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