Your Body As Poetry

Healing & Self Growth Upleveled

Begining March 21th 2023

Reconnect through the deep mind-body connection, finding your inner wisdom for a beautiful life with in a supportive community.

What if nothing was really as it seems? What if you are not the only thing you thought you were? What if the depths of hatred you felt we’re not your own? What if you didn’t have to live subject to history? What if you could heal completely? What if you could feel ridiculously alive? What if you really are beyond adored? What if you were really enough, right here, right now in this breath? What if you were not all the things you’ve been told? What if you really are not quiet? What if you really are free?

Ready to rediscover your inner beauty and strength and cultivate a deep connection with your body and self? 🤩

You’re invited to A Bi-Weekly Women’s Gathering, where empowerment and permission reign supreme. 

Guided by Lumalia’s expertise as a yoga and meditation instructor and author, you’ll embark on a fun journey of self-discovery and healing in community.

💌Join us now to unlock your path to a more beautiful life, and secure a $5 monthly rate as you take the first step towards inner transformation.

Your Body As Poetry Includes

Lumalia sitting near mountain doing yoga and meditation as a part of the 30-day self-care challenge

Guided Somatic Yoga & Movement Meditations

Bi weekly live community class that will use somatic movement meditations and yogic princples to help you connect your body's beauty, leaving you feel empowered, feeling whole and vibrant while you effortless rewrite subconcious programing, limited beliefs, and releasing patterns that have you stuck.

P.S. There are replays but live is where community is.

journal for a 30 day self care challenge with a flower in the middle and pen laying on grass

Journal Writing Prompts

Questions and experiences to open you up to explore your own inner world that will also improve your mental health.

Writing prompts are poetic in theme. However you do not have to be a claimed writer to enjoy them.

walking down a path

Life Prompt Experiences

With each class we'll explore an experience that invites you into engaging with life it's self. The experiences are created to evoke play and curiousity into your daily life brining supportive action into your life that creates real change.

hand reaching out holding a sun inviting you into 30 days of self care experiences

Bi Weekly Live Classes

Bi weekly live classes that will include mind-body connection and community experiences along with community check ins. If you're looking for your tribe, this is your place.

Who is this for?

Looking to Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection? Discover how to harness your body’s innate wisdom for healing and growth. Through somatic movement, you’ll align your intentions with your body’s sensations to fulfill your aspirations in our classes.

Seeking a Space to Express Yourself Freely? Our class is a sanctuary for self-expression beyond words. It’s designed to foster communal growth, helping you navigate and release old habits and patterns in a supportive environment.

Craving Community and Connection? Join a welcoming space where like-minded individuals come together. Here, you’ll find new friends who share your passion for deep, meaningful connections.

Love Dancing but Struggle with Meditation? Experience Lumalia’s unique blend of somatic movements that makes meditation enjoyable. It’s perfect for those who thrive on dance but have yet to find their rhythm with traditional meditation practices.

Raves from Past Somatic Classes with Lumalia

  • “That felt next level.
  • “I feel powerful in a way I don’t understand.”
  • “I feel healed like completely all the pain taking away and it’s hard to believe but it’s gone.”
  • “My body feels happy.”
  • “It felt so powerful to be witnessed in this way. “
  • “It felt good and very playful.”
  • “My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” 
  • “I could feel the choice I made. It felt really warm to be in the imagination…” 
  • “It was so beautiful not to have to explain with words with just my body and energy.” 
  • “I don’t always have the easiest time expressing how I’m really feeling…it was really nice to just not with words but movement to then feel seen and received but not have to exhaust myself verbally.”
  • “Being witnessed can be a challenge for me so it felt nice to have the safety in it.”
  • “I feel like the smile doesn’t want to leave.”
  • “It’s nice not to have to talk.
  • “It felt so good to be in our bodies in a group.”

Read more about Lumalia here.

What to Expect

Live class is hosted on Zoom. (You’ll be emailed a link before class starts).

Classes are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 11am PT (Unless decided by the community for a different time.)

If you’d like to join in person classes check out our Somatic Movement Classes in Portland

We’ll explore different themes each week. Some past themes have been.

  • Healing he Inner Critic
  • Healing People Pleasing

This is effective because you are held within a container of other people on the same path as you.

A beautiful huge part of this is having to be a part of an online community of people where you can share your progress, learn from others, and receive support.

We were built for tribes as humans, and we are more powerful together than alone.

It’s why there are live classes and community conversations, that make this experience full of so much magic.

It’s you showing up and everyone else around you showing up, too.

Together, we heal, together, we grow, together, we thrive.

It’s not surprise that when you begin a new container you will be increading your mental health. 

Every single piece of this experience will address mental health issues by including somatic healing work, journaling prompts, nervous system regulation, and experiences that will invite you into play which is proven to relieve so many mental health issues. *


*Please seek professional care as needed. This is not a repalcement for therapy or seeking professional care.

Let me tell you a secert, self care is self love, darlin, so you bet that everytime you come to class or dive into the prompts you’ll be diving deep into beautiful self love that will guide you to a more confident loving you!


Imagine the daily writing prompts as a game of Truth, and the daily experiences as a Dare. But instead of pranks, they’re beautiful explorations that will ignite your sense of wonder and play.

Really, think of it as me inviting you to come play on the playground when you’ve been sitting watching everyone else play for so long.  

Come take my hand, darling; I promise lots of fun! 😉

Replays will always be available, and if we have a large number of people unable to make it to the lives, we’ll look at trying to accommodate as many people as possible.

The important piece is that you show up for you in all of this.

Wanna hear a dirty secret? I used to really dislike both…that is, until I started practicing the modality I’ll be sharing with you. It’s so fun!

Also, I teach all my classes for beginners and season practitioners alike. 

If it hurts, don’t do it. If it is stretching, you embrace it because it is beautiful growth. 

I cannot wait for you to begin!

Live classes will be 1.5 hours and prompts can be as short as 5 minutes to planning out a whole day adventure for yourself with my guidance of course!

 Class is $5, baby!

As we’re just launching the price will be $5 for each gathering and then it will go up, but if you join now you’ll look in our founders rate. 😉 

Honey, this will be way sexier than your coffee☕️…but you deserve both, so get your cappuccino then ✌️come join me and let the fun begin!

Womens gathering? 

Yes, if you identify as a woman or non binary you are welcome. This space is going to create healing for women/womb holders/those resonating with female embodiment. 

Lumalia has many other offeerings that are not inclusive please check out The Journey In or her couples connection experience