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Wild Women's Retreat in Oregon Wellness

Summer Camp Style

for the wild woman seeking a mini women’s retreat in Oregon and wellness experiences in the beauty of the PNW outdoors, surrounded by a tribe of adventure-loving femmes.

Eight Dates
Begining June 26, 2024

What if nothing was really as it seems? What if you are not the only thing you thought you were? What if the depths of hatred you felt we’re not your own? What if you didn’t have to live subject to history? What if you could heal completely? What if you could feel ridiculously alive? What if you really are beyond adored? What if you were really enough, right here, right now in this breath? What if you were not all the things you’ve been told? What if you really are not quiet? What if you really are free?

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the richness of your favorite wellness studio in Portland, Oregon, but under the open sky, with the freedom to extend your

women’s retreat in Oregon?

Me too, babe, me too.🤩

Your Women's Retreat in Oregon Wellness Experience Guide

Hi Darlin, I’m Lumalia, your guide to beauty, human connection, and the wild wonders of wellness experiences and curator of this women’s retreat in Oregon. As a certified wellness guide, somatic movement specialist, and seasoned explorer of the PNW, I’m on a mission to infuse our summer with 

the best summer ever vibes

surrounded by a small, intentional community of wild-hearted women ready to dive deep into wellness experiences, connection, and play!

Lumalia with her hand in her hair leans to the side smiling

This summer, join us three times a month for mini women's retreats in Oregon with:

Lumalia in prayer hands for a women's retreat in Oregon and wellness experience outside of portland oregon

Wellness Experiences

like breath work, meditation, somatic movement, art play, and connection to foster healing, growth, and deep self-care.

women smiling a women's retreat in Oregon on the beach hooking arms together

Community connection

to ourselves and each other through somatic classes.

female at a womens retreat near oregon

Nature’s magic medicine

outdoor yoga, forest bathing and adventures.

Self Care At Home

included is access to Lumalia's Self Care membership the whole summer filled with a library of 100+ classes to support you for your daily wellness routine.



Picture It: adult summer camp vibes, a women’s retreat-like indulgence you get to slow sip, and the pure magic of childhood summers but with adult freedom.

Mini Women's Retreat in Oregon Guide

Lumalia smling with a waterfall in the background after a women's retreat in Oregon and wellness experience in portland oregon

As a certified somatic movement specialist, I’ll lead you through creative wellness experiences that will fill you with deep belly feels and goosebumps of neuropathway sparks. 

You are a miracle I cannot wait to witness bloom

With years of experience as a somatic teacher, event planner, published photographer, writer, and outdoor adventurer, I’m weaving together the perfect blend of adventure and wellness experiences into a small community for wild women like you. (Read more about Lumalia)


Certified Facilitator

As Seen On

Let the most epic summer commence!
Join us before we fill up!
Doors close on June 19



Our modern world can be overwhelming, and our Portland, Oregon summers are fleeting. That’s why I’ve created this sacred space for us to gather, connect, and heal.  I understand how deeply these days most of us women are navigating the real world along with healing the collective and generational trauma. 

 We can thrive by coming together

in nature, playing, growing, learning together, holding space for each other, and discovering that our diversity is part of our magic.

Women's Retreat in Oregon Wellness Experiences for you:

Meet your tribe or make new friendships

Immerse yourself in multiple women's  retreat-like  experiences outdoors

Build a supportive community

Infuse wellness into your summer schedule

Play freely in the great outdoors

Have memories  captured by Lumalia through group photos or candid shots to treasure your experience forever.

Then I’m here, joyfully awaiting your arrival.

Doors close June 19, and spaces will most likely sell out.

Mini Women's Retreat In Oregon & PNW

woman at a womens retreat in an alpine lake enjoying the sun

More than anything, I want to grow with you. Even though I’m facilitating these groups, I always step humblingly into these spaces, knowing that 

when one of us grows and shines, we all get to, too.

I cannot wait to share with exactly how it happens. 

Experiences land us in our bones.

It’s why I’m a poet first and a guide second. I go first into these wonders learning all the hacks and bring them to you brimming hot off my experience plate. 

This summer wellness experience is more than just learning; it's about

  • practicing

  • playing

  • experiencing
  • within a safe and supportive community.

I’ve seen firsthand the magic unfolding when women gather and humans connect with nature. When we show up to build trust in our ability to access complete wellness in the wisdom of nature, community, and our bodies, 

we change the world from the inside out.



Women's Retreat Oregon Summer 2024 Wellness Experiences Details

Women’s Retreat in Oregon and Wellness Experiences in Portland, Oregon, will be at locations around the PNW in Northern Oregon, the Oregon Coast, and Southern Washington.

Wednesday Evening Gatherings

  • June 26
  • July 17
  • July 31
  • August 7
  • August 21

Saturday Mini Retreats

  • June 29
  • July 27
  • August 24

Doors close June 19

Come for all eight dates or just a few. Pre-registration required before June 19. See Cost FAQ for full details.

See FAQ for financial support options

Women's Retreat in Oregon Schedule

The full schedule will be released after sign-ups end on June 19. These are details to help you know if you can attend and get you HYPED UP for how epic these will be.

Wednesday Evening Wellness Experience

Most events will begin at our location by 6:15 pm or 7 pm

6:30 pm Meet at overlook location

6:40 pm Friendship & Belonging Somatic movement meditation

7:40 pm Flower crown making & short hike to waterfalls with optional photos

9:15 pm Closing

6:30 pm Arrive at waterfall one hour from Portland, OR

6:45 pm Hike to Waterfall (easy rated 2-mile hike)

7:15 pm Flow State somatic movement practice & splashing in the river

8:30 pm Hike back

9:00 pm Closing 

6:30 pm Arrive at river front location 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon

6:45 pm Easy.5 mile hike to river front location

7:15 pm “I am Holy” somatic practice, optional body painting, photographing through sunset

8:50 pm Hike back

9:10 pm Closing

6:15 pm Arrive to waterfall 1 hour from Portland, OR

6:30 pm Moderate/advanced hike along a river to a more secluded waterfall

7:00 pm Somatic movement pratice & waterfall play 

8:00 pm Hike back

8:30 pm Closing

6:30 pm Arrive to a location within 30 minutes of Portland, OR

6:45 pm  “Presences in the Body” somatic movement practice in the forest 

7:45 pm I am Nature practice and optional pictures with Lumalia

8:30 pm Closing

Saturday Mini Women's Retreats

Most Saturday mini-retreats will begin in the afternoon and go into the evening or late evening.

1:00 pm Opening circle “Belonging & Friendship” at Beach 2.5 hours from Portland, OR

1:30 pm  Agate beach foraging or beach frolicing

2:30 pm Arrive at a grassy overlook 5 minutes away for a gentle yoga and somatic movement class

4:00 pm -6:00 pm Dinner break or stay for a casual BYO picnic. (Lots of cute dining around.)

6:00 – 9:30 pm Sunset easy 3-mile hiking and photos at a coastal area with a lighthouse.

3:00 pm Arrive at a alpine lake 2 hours away from Portland, OR

3:10 pm Opening & waterplay on an alpine lake, BYO: SUP, kayak, floaties, or optional hiking

6:00 pm Drive to lookout 15 minutes away

6:30 pm Pot Luck style dinner with an epic view, the option to bring your poetry, dance, song, or favorite author to share with everyone.

7:30 pm “Making Wishes Come True” somatic movement practice

8:30 pm Sunset photoplay

9:00 pm Star Gazing, “I am the stars” photo play painting as a group or individuals with glow sticks and flashlights, yes, exactly like a ✨rave.✨

10:00 pm Milkway Viewing!!

11:00 pm Get home or to your private stay near by safely!

3:00 pm Opening circle, somatic movement mediation

4:30 pm Kite flying, sand castle building, beach combing, potluck style picnicking

6:00 pm Drive 5 minutes to short .5 mile to Cliff’s of Moher vibes location.

7:00 pm Blessings to send off

8:15 pm Hike back to car(s)

8:30 pm Beach bonfire: Night walk to Beach Bonfire picnic, roast, s’mores, poetry, inspiration share circle, dancing party

9:30 pm Wrap up closing

10:00 pm Leave safely to your private stays

Invite your bestie(s), and each get $50 off

Wild Woman's Wellness Experiences Portland F.A.Q.

  • Somatic classes are classes that focus on the body. I teach a movement meditation class called Kindred, a mind-body connection class using the power of imagination and the mirror neuron network set into place with intention and the power of the human will. It’s an intimate movement class or somatic (body-based) class that uses movement to tap into the profound wisdom and friendship with the body. It’s super easy and fun to do, and you can learn it in 5 minutes!
  • Yoga, by nature, is also a somatic class. 
  • Sample classes with Lumalia here
  • You’re in great company! I teach all my yoga classes and meditation classes for beginners and season practioners alike. 
  • If it hurts, don’t do it. If it is stretching you embrace it because that is beautiful growth. 
  • I cannot wait for you to begin!
  • Yes! Join for all 8 or drop in to any of the dates. However pre-registartiaon is required before June 19 to join.

All femmes are welcome; this is a space for all female identifying individuals.

  • Wednesday: Within 1 hour from Portland
  • Saturday: 1-2.5 hours from Portland
  • Wednesday: Approx. 2 hours (excluding travel)
  • Saturday: Approx. 3-5 hours (excluding travel)

No, Bring your picnic-style food, or we’ll have potluck snacks.

You are highly encouraged to organize your time through our group chat.

Pre-register before June 19 to save your spot with a $50 deposit. 

  • $600 for the whole experience or 4 payments of $150
  • $250 for week day gatherings only
  • $50 for a Wednesday only
  • $150 for a Saturday gathering only.

Invite a friend and get $50 each for all dates experience only! (Tell them to leave your name in the form below.)

Transportation, meals, and lodging are not included in gatherings.

  • See sample schedules above
  • Hiking: Up to 2 miles round trip, <1000 ft elevation
  • Water play: Floaties, SUPs, or Riverfront fun
  • Ocean Bonfire: Coastal with possible bonfires
  • Wednesday events: <1 mile hike, <500 ft elevation

Yes, coordinate individually or as a group; lodging costs are not included.

  • Sample schedules are provided above; all details of events will be available a week in advance via email.
  • However, you can plan to leave your Portland home or workplace as early as 530pm and sometimes may be gone until 9:30 or 10:30 pm for our Wednesday gatherings. – keep in mind that these are mini-wellness retreats
  • For our weekend gatherings, you can plan to be gone from 1 or 2 pm and return home at 10 pm or midnight. – keep in mind that these are mini-wellness retreats
  • If the weather is unsafe, we’ll reschedule for a September date or pro-rated anyone who cannot make the new dates. Thankfully, the PNW summer weather is usually favorable.
  • No refunds for schedule conflicts; pro-rated for illness or unforeseen “acts of god” changes.
  • All tickets can be transferred to another person or used for other Celebrate Again offerings.
  • If you are  a wellness partitioner and would like to discuss a service exchange to join this gathering please fill out the form to join and leave me a note with your pratice.
  • If you are single mother, BIOPIC and cannot pay the full rate:
    • Contact Lumalia about our couple of support team opportunities to become a space holder, help coordinate, and provide regular feedback in exchange for joining the community fully sponsored. 
  • Email Lumalia hello (at)  or DM on Instagram @celebrateagain.

Wild Woman's Retreat Mini Wellness Experiences in Oregon Summer 2024

Fill out the form below and pay your $50 non-refundable deposit to save your spot(s)!

Lumalia will reach out to you for all the juicy details! Add her email to not miss a thing!

If we’ve filled up you will not be able to pay but you’ll be added to the waitlist. 

Let's Create A Garden of Growth

We’re cultivating a garden of growth:  a wild place inside of you that is full of the most delicious fruits. Soon you’ll find your hands sticky, your mouth watering, and your belly so full and satisfied in all of life's magic. I cannot wait for you to experience this. 

With all my heart,


Not ready to jump in? 

Sample Wellness Classes & Experiences with Lumalia Now

Get a lil taste of Celebrate Again wellness experiences. 

this is going to be better than dessert.

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Try a free yoga class including restorative yoga, hatha, yoga nidra, and meditations.

somatic movement meditation class

Try an intro somatic (body) movement meditaiton class.

creative experience idea

A creative experience to expand your subconcious beliefs through interactive learning.

wellness photography from Lumalia

See how she'll capture the essense of the summer experience by exploring her photos

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