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I’ve always been fascinated by human connection and our innate ability to help each other shift: to light each other up and to find the good in each of us. 

 My personal life story has been a wild ride and one I wouldn’t trade for a moment. While it wasn’t filled with wild travels across the globe like I’d hoped it would have been. It has been filled with amazing explorations. (One I’m excited to share in my debut memoir to be released in 2024.)

 Back in 2016, I got really sick with multiple chronic illnesses and life-alternating symptoms that left me disabled and unsure how I was going to exist in this world.

While most people in their twenties are figuring out who they are I had to figure out how to be. I had to leave my successful mountain wedding photography business and give up many things I loved.

Unable to do the things I once loved, I dove into yoga teacher training, became an RYT with certifications in Yoga Nidra, and later Kindred mediation training. I studied under a lot of powerful voices including Jesh De Rox, Dr. Chelesea Page and many other self studies deep into physiology, yogic principles, neuroscience and my own journey into play.


Through my life experiences diving deeply and learning to really listen, I’ve found at the end we all just are craving more reasons to witness beauty through our natural abilities of play, wonder, and joy.

I’m now on a mission to help culturally shift so many of us deep in oppression out of the stories we’ve been told and into a life style of celebration.

Outside of writing, teaching, and you’ll find me creating with my friends and family. 

I love adventures of all kinds and will forever have dirty bare feet in the summer. 

In a little corner of Celebrate Again you’ll find my sister company The Dropped Pin taking over elopement photography work I used to do. 

My heart has always been in helping others remember the beauty within them and I’m so excited to be doing that on a deeper level as a guide instead of just as a photographer. 

It’s Time We Become The Creators

Are you ready to Celebrate Again? 

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Meet Lumalia

Take free yoga classes with Lumalia or follow along with her in person classes as a Portland Yoga Teacher.

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Celebrate Again's Foundation Story

Lumalia taking pictures of a couple in front of an alpine lake

Back in 2009 if you would have told me all that this company has become I probably wouldn’t believe you. I (Lumalia founder of Celebrate Again) started off as a wedding photographer in New Mexico. Quickly moved to Colorado where my photography career kicked off and I was specializing in mountain weddings working with some of the most amazing couples and epic wedding venues. In the middle of live’s turmoils I got really sick in 2017 and had to close my business for a year. Ironically in 2016 the year before I met one of my most potent business coaches, Jesh De Rox and an idea sparked. This idea that our relationships are ones we too easily take for granted. 

I saw it in my couples over the years. So much effort was put into wedding days to celebrate them coming together but after that it seemed everything was focused around careers, houses, and children. I felt so many couples drift apart as I continued to show up for their family photos, their newborn photos and even their anniversary photos. I wanted to start a movement to help couples remember their connection again. So in 2019 after a lot of deep healing and struggling to stay alive I found a way to reopen my business with my long time second photographer, Brittany. I launched Celebrate Again and since then it has morphed into many beautiful iterations. 

In between my time away from photography I pursued a yoga training. My illnesses still are a big part of my life and why I switched to elopements and eventually fell in love with them. But I couldn’t sustain the elopements and working with couples as I desired. 

In 2020/2021 I moved to Portland, Oregon and began a Kindred meditation training. My life has been forever changed. Its here I meet Sam and Kyle of The Dropped Pin – Adventure Elopements and we decided to join forces. 

After much merging and conversations, Celebrate Again has now morphed into me using all my skills and wisdom I’ve gained from my life journies to help others come back home into deep beauty of themselves in life single or in relationship.

Since 2022 Sam and Kyle with The Dropped Pin have become a sister company taking over most of the elopements with Celebrate Again with me coaching them along the way. 

You can find my yoga classes at CelebrateAgainYoga.org and my writing work at Lumalia.co I’m also working on a memoir about the brave truths of my personal story I’m hoping to release in 2024. 

Thanks for reading our story. We hope to be able to connect with you and help your passions for deep connection and experiences dive deeper and more beautiful than you thought possible. 


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Let’s Celebrate Being Alive

Let’s celebrate connection.

Let’s celebrate your story.

Let’s celebrate again and again.

Life is too short not to celebrate every single day.

Couple cuddling in water

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, its the moments that take your breath away.

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She made us feel at ease…
“Lumalia is a wonderful photographer! She did anniversary photos for us in a beautiful mountain park outside of Denver, Colorado. She did a great job of making us feel at ease and we had so much fun during the process! I loved the photos that we ended up with; they really captured the moment. They will be something we can look back at for many years to come.” – Daniel

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