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female on a paddlebaord smiling on the Oregon Coast a wellness retreat in Oregon

Wellness Retreats in Oregon

Ready for the best wellness retreats in Oregon? As a wellness practitioner myself I’ve gathered together with other space holders to create a list of localized wellness retreats in Oregon. These listings aren’t paid but purely from the heart of the hosts themselves. Here you can find your ideal wellness retreat in Oregon that I hope will satisfy your itch for feeling so good in your being this year in Oregon. 

Hi, beautiful soul. I’m Lumalia, the visionary, author, and artist behind Celebrate Again. With my background in somatic meditation and movement and my constant playing in the health and wellness industry after being flown headfirst into it while recovering from chronic illnesses, I’m honored to be your guide today in helping you find a wellness retreat in Oregon that suits your desires. 

Come find the best wellness retreats in Oregon with this list of retreats gathered by retreat hosts themselves!

Why Choose Oregon for Your Wellness Retreat?

waterfall through the forest framed by a yellow tree from a wellness retreat in Oregon

Oregon, with its breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and serene coastlines, is the perfect backdrop for a wellness retreat. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your yoga practice, engage in mindful meditation, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Oregon offers a diverse range of retreats that cater to all your wellness needs.

How do I find the perfect retreat?

To find the perfect retreat, begin imagining, feeling, writing, or visualizing what you want your perfect retreat to be like. I know this can sound like hippy manifesting stuff, but it works because in neuroscience, our brains look for patterns, and once we set the course for the pattern to look for, we arrive at it. So, let’s start!

female on a paddlebaord smiling on the Oregon Coast a wellness retreat in Oregon

Find the perfect retreat by imagining what you want your experience to be like. Try asking yourself these questions to get you started on your visualization or writing exercise. You can also make note of what gives you good feelings when reading these ideas and know those are the ones to race towards.

Where do you imagine an ideal retreat? 

  • Are you in the desert with the warm sun
  • Are you near the ocean on a cliff side or beachfront 
  • Are you in a forest with ferns and flowers
  • Are you on a farm property with animals and gardens
  • Are you in a luxury resort feeling thoroughly pampered?

What do you want to experience at your perfect retreat?

  • Deep and profound growth and healing for a mental wellness retreat in Oregon.
  • Relaxation as a break from your busy life
  • Connection with other like-minded individuals
  • Feeling fully supported and held by a practitioner and/or community
  • Meditation, yoga, mindfulness
  • Spiritual depth and integration
  • Connection to nature and yourself
  • A place to explore, play, and try new things 

Who is hosting the retreat? 

  • Someone you’ve been following and love their expertise and wisdom
  • Someone qualified to provide the wellness experiences you’re looking to have.
  • A property owner opening their doors for relaxation
  • A luxury spa that provides quality service
  • A group of providers that have helped you along your wellness journey already or ones whose expertise match your desires

Why do you want to find the perfect retreat?

  • To reset, relax and rejuvenate
  • Deepen your wellness or spiritual practices
  • Connect with yourself and/or nature
  • Be in a supportive community
  • Deeply grow and heal
woman at a womens retreat in an alpine lake enjoying the sun

Want a little bit of everything? Well, maybe not the luxury spa retreats; come check out my mini women’s retreats in Oregon that begin this summer!

Types of wellness retreats in Oregon

There are so many types of wellness retreats in Oregon, but finding the one that is ideal for you can be a game changer in ensuring your Retreat in Oregon is ideal. So here is a list of types of retreats you can jump to as I’ve gathered them before or begun to do even more research for your niche retreat that may not be listed here in Oregon or around the world. 

  • Yoga or Meditation Retreats
  • Spiritual Retreats in Oregon
  • Detox Retreats
  • Relaxation Retreats
  • Adventure Retreats
  • Fitness Retreats
  • Creative Retreats
  • Nourishing retreats
  • Mental health wellness retreats in Oregon
  • Wellness retreats in Oregon for Couples

P.S. If you want to get a taste of all these retreats, check out my mini women’s retreats in Oregon, which I’m hosting this summer!

Top Wellness Retreats in Oregon 2024

female doing yoga on a mountain top at a wellness retreat in Oregon

Women’s Retreats in Oregon: Mini Experiences

Women’s wellness retreats in Oregon, think summer camp vibes meet wellness retreats in bite-size experiences. One of our experiences will be a wellness retreat on the Oregon Cost.  Save your spot before June 19!


  • Wednesday Evenings 6 pm -9 pm ish
    • July 17
    • July 31
    • August 7
    • August 21
  • Saturdays 3 pm-9 pm ish
    • July 27
    • August 24
    • September 21

Where: Multiple locations throughout Oregon (Check our info page for full details)

For the wild woman craving wellness experiences and mini wellness retreats in Oregon. Wild Women’s Retreats Wanderings offers the perfect escape. Immerse yourself in somatic classes, outdoor yoga, forest bathing, creative experiences, and more, all designed to help you reconnect with nature and yourself. Imagine the freedom and joy of your favorite wellness studio, but under the open sky, surrounded by a community of adventure-loving femmes.

Wellness experiences will include somatic movement classes, outdoor yoga, creative art experiences, photography of retreats, plus access to the Celebrate Again self-care membership to stay connected at home.

Why These Mini Retreats? It will be a blend of adult summer camp vibes and deeply immersive wellness experiences. Our gatherings are crafted to foster healing, growth, and profound self-care. Picture it: a retreat-like indulgence you can savor slowly, filled with outdoor yoga, forest bathing, and creative somatic movement. The power of community, combined with the magic of the PNW outdoors, creates an environment where connections flourish and personal transformation happens naturally.

About Your Host: Hi, I’m Lumalia, your guide to beauty, human connection, and the wild wonders of wellness. As a certified wellness guide, somatic movement specialist, and seasoned explorer of the Pacific Northwest, I’m here to infuse your summer with the best vibes ever. With years of experience as a somatic teacher, event planner, published photographer, writer, and outdoor adventurer, I’ve crafted the perfect blend of adventure and wellness for a small, intentional community of wild-hearted women. I believe in the power of collective healing, and I’m passionate about creating spaces where we can thrive together.


Wellness Retreats in Oregon around the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat

When: June 12-23
Where: Molalla Retreat Center (1 hour south of Portland)

About: The Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat is a gathering for group healing at the Molalla Retreat Center. In this supportive and nurturing environment, women share their experiences, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Through various healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, expressive arts, and therapeutic discussions, attendees can explore and release emotional wounds, gain clarity, and cultivate self-compassion. The power of collective healing and shared wisdom fosters deep connections and a sense of belonging, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves and embark on personal growth and empowerment long after the retreat ends.

Leading this retreat is a spiritual guide and teacher, Jess Spain.

About Wellness Retreat in Oregon Guide: Jess is a Portland, Oregon Native, Cow-Creek Umpqua enrolled spiritualist, astrologer, writer & artist. “Esoteric studies as a child, and they have grown to be a part of who I am now. There is no formal education route for these kinds of studies, and I have spent years in self-study, in classes with teachers who have a higher level of knowledge than I do, and I apply these to my own life as a teacher and a student.

Before COVID-19, I was a counselor for several years, during which time I developed my group curriculum focused on mindfulness, DBT skills, and emotional intelligence. I graduated from Portland State University with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in child and family studies. My focus as a counselor was on the Indigenous community in my area. I am a level II Reiki practitioner and a certified yoga (200hr) instructor, and I have been a formal meditation student since 2020 with ongoing training. I also attended the Nightlight Astrology School in 2021 for Hellenistic Astrology.”

This women’s retreat is unique for its wellness atmosphere and for fostering connections based on community healing.

Cost:  $333

Full Bloom: A Summer Solstice Healing & Nature Retreat

When: June 21-23, 2024
Where: Vernonia, OR (1 hour west of Portland)

About: The gifts & magic of the earth will be woven into every intentional moment in this restorative healing retreat. You’ll be nourished by organic, farm-to-table meals, can tend to your body + spirit with medicinal movement, sauna + steam room, intentional activities, and lots of hands-on reiki, all while enjoying the tranquility of these sacred wooded lands with a swimming creek and walking trails.

Join us for this transformational healing and nature retreat to restore your body and spirit, release heaviness and stagnation, and connect deeply to the earth’s energy and to your capacity to bloom and flourish. Celebrating the abundance of Summer Solstice under a juicy Full Strawberry Moon in the cleansing waters of Cancer season, we will gather in the pristine Oregon woods for two days and two nights of ceremony, creativity, play, medicinal movement, magic-making, revelry, and community connection.

During our time together, you will enjoy a thoughtfully curated schedule of healing + magical activities such as the Body Temple Dance, Reiki sound bath, fire ceremonies, water rebirth blessing ceremony, medicine songs, tea blending, nature crafting, and more! During downtime, you can enjoy the sauna, steam room, walking trails, and beautiful property. We’ll be nourished by organic, farm-to-table meals, stay in cute & cozy cabins, and you’ll receive a goodie bag of herbal magic products to take home.

This retreat is for the hard-working mammas, femmes, and queers who are ready to refill their cups, remember their magic, and experience deep, healing communion with the earth and self.

About the Host Sarah Rayne:  Sarah Rayne (she/her) is a queer witch, healing artist, musician, and community builder. She cultivates spaces for ceremony & authentic self-expression through earth-based magic, medicinal movement, and the healing & cathartic power of sound + song. She works with Reiki energy healing, tarot reading, intuition, meditation, and Body Temple Dance to support and empower her clients and community in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Cost: $750-$1, 666

Full Moon Wellness Retreats in Oregon

Women’s Full Moon Retreat

When: July 19-21
Where: Eagle Creek, Oregon (1 Hour Southeast of Portland)

About: This two-night Women’s Full Moon weekend retreat, July 19-21, offers you the opportunity to find the rejuvenation you’ve been wishing for. It is located in Eagle Creek, Oregon, on our five-acre private property, complete with a swim spa, infrared sauna, friendly goats, and more.

Other activities you may choose to participate in are yoga, swim spa use, infrared sauna use, cold plunge use, full moon drum circle (feel free to bring any instruments you’d like to play or use one of ours), a taxidermied butterfly/floral art project AND a half day trip into the trees for some forest bathing! Our program is designed to engage in the enjoyment with enough gaps between the schedule of events to take much needed time for decompression, introspection or visiting with others.

Our focus will be on connection to ourselves and others as we intentionally take this time out to restore like-minded women. The bonds we build during such space can become lifelong relationships.

Three meals a day will be prepared for you. Food choices include organic, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. You are welcome to bring your own food, yoga mat, pillows, blankets, or items that will make your stay more comfortable.

About the Hosts: Trish Smith is an expert intuitive yoga instructor and holistic life coach. We will offer an itinerary that includes a sound bath performed by Dr. Nyssa Castle, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, CST, with an option for acupuncture needles to be inserted in the third eye and crown while bathing in sound by Julie Hightman, DIPL.OM, MCAOM, LAC, LMT.

The cost is $395 for a shared camper or bedroom and $475 for a private bedroom or camper.

For inquiries or to book, contact Trish Smith at or (855) 729-7873.

Femme’s Retreats

The BodyMagick Temple GlampOut

When: July 11-14
Where: Rhododendron, OR — Mt. Hood Foothills, 60 min from Portland, OR

What makes it unique: The GlampOut is a unique celebration that honors both our inner worlds and outer expression of joy, sensuality and fabulousness. Our community members arrive with their whole hearts and are encouraged to celebrate all parts of themselves, even as they dance into greater self love and confidence to share that with the world.

About: The BodyMagick Temple GlampOut is your invitation to break free from the mundane and rediscover the joy of being unapologetically fabulous!

This weekend retreat is a sanctuary for women and femmes tired of playing small. A haven where your brightest, boldest self can emerge through the transformative power of Burlesque, guided dance rituals, and the magic of true connection in sharing circles.

The retreat includes delicious meals designed to accommodate various food needs, 3 nights and 4 days in a sweet mountain cabin surrounded by trees and nature, dancing under the stars and around the bonfire, crafts to delight your inner child, adornment rituals and a saucy Saturday night celebration.

About the Host: You will be held and guided in this journey by our High Priestess Eva D’Luscious — 14-year veteran of Burlesque stages, dance instructor and JourneyDance Embodied Movement Facilitator, High Priestess of Glam Vanity Thorn — professional stylist, photographer and beauty from the inside out expert, and High Priestess of Harmony Freeya Spirit — 20-year healing and massage practitioner, sacred circle leader and somatic awareness guide.

Who is this retreat for? Ditch the script that says you must conform and join us for an exhilarating journey back to your essence. At our GlampOut, we don’t just encourage you to embrace your fabulousness; we celebrate it as the key to unlocking a life of joy, authenticity, and deep connection.

Shamanic Healing Retreat

When: Aug 8-11
Where: Washougal, WA (30 minutes north of Portland)

About: During August, we are hosting a Shamanic Healing retreat. The retreat intends to cultivate a deeper relationship with self and Spirit.

During our retreat weekend, we will use Shamanic Practices and Plant Medicine to facilitate the embodiment of the natural self. We will offer structured activities for navigating inner child wounds, teach participants how to connect to the primal energy within themselves and engage in a bit of play with the nature spirits.

About the Host: Primordial Shamanic Healer Nadia Hrynkiw and Trolldom Practitioner Ida Cavewoman will lead this wellness retreat weekend. Both Nadia and Ida have extensive training and lived experience in Shamanism. Their goal is to share healing, wisdom, and practices with those called to live a more purposeful spiritual life.

Who is this retreat for? People looking to heal their past, find their purpose in life, and connect more deeply spiritually. This retreat, in particular, is open-format, so all are welcome. (Our other retreats are more specific intention based)

What makes us unique? Genuine Shamanic practice is primarily kept from the public due to the historical persecution of those who have practiced it. We aim to openly share the practice and offer people the opportunity to undergo a massive transformation that is otherwise impossible due to the constraints of our minds and what we have been taught to be true.

PDX CI +/- Fest 2024 – OVER but keep in touch for next summer

A Contact Improve Fest

When: June 10th – 14th, 2024
Where: Village Ballroom Portland, Oregon

About: Deepen your practice of Contact Improvisation and explore somatic movement forms at Portland’s first-ever PDX CI +/- Fest. Beginning at the Village ballroom June 10th, this five-day immersion into dance offers an exploration of movement through 24 classes and jams with teachers from Oregon, California and British Columbia. Open to all experience levels, the festival fosters a welcoming environment. Pick and choose what you’d like to attend, all classes and jams are drop-in. No advanced registration needed, simply arrive and pay cash at the door. A sliding scale of $30-$15 per class/jam helps to keep things accessible—9AM Contemplative Dance Practice is just $10. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, deepen your practice and celebrate a joy for movement!

Hosted by:

  • Eric Nordstrom is a Portland-based dance performer, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches at Lewis and Clark College, with teaching experience that includes faculty positions at Portland State University and Portland Community College. Working with professional dancers, Eric has led workshops at Contact Festival Freiburg (Germany), Conduit Dance (Portland), and the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation.
  • Carolyn Stuart has been a devotee of Contact Improvisation since 1984. Her research and development in the art of improvising in contact has spanned 17 countries, hundreds of projects, and diverse populations. Her primary teachers have been commitment to the process of exploration and the use of the blindfold. Her mission is to make contact improvising accessible by distilling the vastness of possibility into the simplest of terms. The current edge of her investigation is applying the principles of the C.I. paradigm to life at large. If mutual well-being is possible on the dance floor, then what about off the dance floor too- for the generations to come!
  • Listen to their interview together here.
  • and local dancer and community builder Kris Young


  • Drop in: sliding scale $30-$15 per class/jam
  • All Pass: sliding scale $270-$170


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