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tree of life and mind body connection the secert story we keep repeating and how to unlock your wisdom over image of trees

Tree of Life Mythology and The Mind Body Connection

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Tree of life and Mind Body Connection Text

In ancient mythology, there was once a tree. It was called The Tree of Life because whenever one journeyed to the tree and ate of its fruit, it would give you knowledge and discovery of things you didn’t know before, but more importantly, it didn’t just tell you, it asked to become a part of you. Entering your mouth, your lips, your throat, your digestive tract, your intestines, your cells.

Many feared The Tree of Life, and some mythology believed that the ones who ate of The Tree of Life were the ones who caused the original “Sin.” And some even said it was the women who were the most curious and the men who followed seemingly ignorantly. 

But here is one part of the story you may not have heard: that knowledge was a bridge to connection, to spark something that made you satisfied. 

As humans, we crave understanding; we crave wisdom for things we do not know. Yet even from ancient times, knowledge has been a privilege. It’s been withheld. They were told to be evil in some stories or only available for those who could afford to travel the world or hire tutors. 

Yes, knowledge and information are more accessible now than ever. But now we’re learning; there is knowledge, and there is actually wisdom we’ve barely begun to tap into.

Are you curious to know what it is?

It’s in you.

Body wisdom. Mind-body connection. It is today’s forbidden fruit.

How? Our bodies are shunned in many cultures, told to be “one” way, admired for a certain shape or performance, and told to be wholly ignored and only for our use. But what if your body was actually wise?

Are you ready to remember to learn how to listen? 

Women's Gathering Reconnection

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tree of life and mind body connection the secert story we keep repeating and how to unlock your wisdom over image of trees


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