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couple in a vintage car on a beach near charleston having a romantic time together.

Ready for an insiders scoop into the most romantic things to do in Charleston, SC as a couple? I had the great pleasure of chatting with my favorite couple Andrea & Gustavo, local stylist and apparel expert, in Charleston, to ask them what they felt were the top 10 most romantic things to do in Charleston and they gave me the low down.

Hey, I’m Emmy, guide and photographer behind Celebrate Again. I believe that our relationships deserve romance every day and celebration often. It’s why I started Celebrate Again and it’s why I’ll never stop advocating for couples to keep celebrating their love story no matter how messy and beautiful it is. I believe our world needs to hear and see our stories to hold on to hope when life gets hard. So cheers, my friends, on finding romantic connections as you visit this absolutely beautiful coastal town.

Meet Your Guides | 10 Romantic Things To Do in Charleston | Tips For Visiting Charleston | Advice To Couples

Meet Charleston, SC Your Guides

couple on a beach near charleston sc near a vintage car snuggling close together

Meet Andrea:  “I’m a Charleston blogger of Charleston Shop Curator and I’ve also been a stylist for over 20 years.  I love being a creative in a city like Charleston where you can connect with so many other talented people. I also love raising our two boys in a coastal town where we’re constantly on the water and enjoying the outdoors.”

Meet Gustavo:  “I’m a sales manager for a locally owned company called Vapor Apparel.  I’m usually the first person on the dance floor and the last one to leave.  I love fishing and spending time with my family.”

Tell me about how long you’ve been living in Charleston and why you’re an expert in knowing about what the romantic things to do in Charleston, SC being a blogger and stylist:

“15 years.  We can’t say we’re experts but we’re well seasoned in what fun things to do as a local.  Being an influencer has opened up my network of people and places in this town. I’ve been able to visit some restaurants and venues before anyone else so I can tease the public on what’s to come.”

I was so lucky to document Andrea & Gustavo’s 15 year Celebrate Again experience while I visited Charleston myself. You can their Folly Beach, SC anniversary session here.

10 Romantic Things to do in Charleston, SC

Here are Andrea & Gustavo’s best recommendations for the best things for couples to do while visiting Charleston, South Carolina.

Don’t forget to consider having your romantic adventure documented. I believe your love story is worth documenting and being told. I believe connection sometimes needs a guide and that’s where I get to step in as a couples photographer and guide. Find out more about Celebrate Again.

1 Bike Riding

“Riding bikes in the south of Broad neighborhoods and Battery – The beautiful houses and flower boxes are so lovely to take in.  The view of the harbor from a bike is breathtaking.”

Andrea recommends Holy Spokes bike rentals for your adventure if you don’t have your own.

I personally got to visit the neighborhoods and Battery while visiting Charleston and totally second how beautiful of an area it is.  Its such a romantic thing to do in Charleston, SC!

view of three of the colorful houses in charleston sc on rainbow row

One recommendation I do want to add is that while visiting these areas be mindful of people creating beautiful grass art. They may offer it to you and require you to pay them. These are beautiful pieces and have rich history around the creation and learning of this artform so if you’d like to support these locals please do but be mindful the interaction is a bit unconventional. 

2 Magnolia Plantation

back of the magnolia plantation in charleston sc
The Magnolia Plantation is absolutely gorgeous historical house. This is the back view.

Strolling through the gardens at Magnolia Plantation – you can pet deer and other wild animals in their zoo, walk through the gardens, and until March 15th you can experience Lights of Magnolia, a Chinese lantern display that will blow your mind!

3 Middleton Place

Strolling through the gardens and property at Middleton Place – They have everything from farm animals, the butterfly lake, horseback riding, a bamboo forest, beautiful gardens, and even wine strolls

4 Boat Cruises

Boat cruise – Watching dolphins jump out of the water and docking on a deserted sandbar is as romantic as it gets.

5 Morris Lighthouse

Walking on the beach towards Morris Lighthouse – The driftwood scattered on the beach and seeing the lighthouse in the water at a distance is a beautiful sight to see.

6 James Island

sunset on the beach outside of charleston sc in james island
Watching sunsets on the beach, one of the most romantic things to do in Charleston, SC

Driving over the James Island connector at sunset – Driving over the bridge from downtown at sunset you get the best views.  The boats, the marsh, and the vibrant pink, purple and blue sky.

7 Dinner at Chez Nous

Dinner at Chez Nous – The most romantic restaurant tucked away in a neighborhood.  You feel like you stumbled upon a secret restaurant in the French countryside. 

8 Andell Inn

Staycation at the Andell Inn in Kiawah and walking around Freshfields after the stores are closed

9 Zero George

Staycation at Zero George – You feel like you’re a world away while being in the center of downtown.  The 4 historical homes feel like a tiny village. The restaurant serves the most delicious breakfast and dinner.  Enjoy a cocktail hour on the porch before dinner.

10 Cypress Gardens

Boat ride through the cypress trees at Cypress Gardens – You feel like you’ve travelled back in time before technology existed.  Surround yourself by huge cypress trees and maybe a gator or two.

Want to document your love story while visiting Charelson? I’d love to chat with you about guiding you to Celebrate Again

Tips for Your Visit to Charleston

view of one of the colorful houses in charleston sc

Wanting to make sure you and your beloved fully enjoy your couple time in Charleston I asked Andrea & Gustavo for some advice to help you have the best time together!

Best Advice For Couples

“Have no expectations and be open to anything.”

I love this advice because expectations can make life harder. Something I include in my free anniversary trip planning guide is to sit down ahead of time and talk about your expectations for what you want your experience to be like. I know personally many times I have expectations I didn’t realize I had until after they aren’t met. Sitting down ahead of time can help me think through those expectations and really get realistic with them making my time more enjoyable than if I had not done this.

anniversary trip planning guide on iPhone near plants

Touristy Things To Avoid When Visiting Charleston?

“Hyman’s Restaurant, walking through Market St. in the dead of summer, Folly Beach Pier in the summer”

folly beach piece off in the distance as the sunsetting creates pink and purple glows on the water and beach

Having visited the pier myself I do highly recommend it, but the whole island of Folly Beach is bigger than you realize and you can spread out pretty far on the beach. I visited the pier at night which was super romantic. If you are in the area in summer time this may be a better option!

What’s the most romantic experience you’ve had in Charleston as a couple?

“We stayed at the Woodlands Inn in Summerville for one of our earlier anniversaries.  It was such an escape from our everyday life and we had one of our best meals at their restaurant.” 

Best Time To Travel to Charleston

“It gets very hot between June – September.  If you do come then plan to stay somewhere near the water or a place that has a pool.  Most people can’t take the humidity, but we love it.”

Best Romantic Things To Do In Charleston SC | downtown charleston photo of emmy photographer behind Celebrate Again as she visits folly beach

I, Emmy, personally visited Charleston in late October and it was absolutely perfect weather! I’d highly recommend this season to other travelers. 

One Piece of Advice From Andrea & Gustavo For Couples

I asked Andrea & Gustavo what’s one piece of advice to couples having been married for 16 years yourselves? Here’s what they said:

“Never stop sneaking in romance.  Even if you can’t plan to have that date night on the regular, surprise your spouse with something or cook a special meal that you might experience at your favorite restaurant.”

Thank you Andrea & Gustavo for sharing your insight about romantic things to do in Charleston! If you’d like to check out Andrea & Gustavo’s work you can view that here:

Andrea Charleston Stylist  or Charleston Shop Curator

Gustavo  Vapor Apparel

Want to see how they celebrate their 15 year anniversary with me? Check out their Folly Beach anniversary photography session with me.

couple sitting on a dead tree off one of the beaches in Charleston, SC

Ready to plan your own Celebration Again experience?

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