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The Best Places To Elope

Wondering where the best places to elope are? You’ve seen those epic elopement photos and you know eloping is what you and your beloved wanna do. But, where in the world should you go to find the top places to elope? Well, friend, that’s where we are SO excited to help you find he coolest places to elope. Together with 20+ adventure photographers, I, Lumalia with Celebrate Again created an expansive list of the best places to elope in the world. Here you’ll find our best-kept secrets of where we take our couples to elope. 

Of course, we cannot give away all the juicy details but enough to tempt you to come to our corner of the world and see the absolute majesty and where we think it is the best place to elope. We want your epic love story to be held in a place that reflects the grandeur of your hearts for each other. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

First, let’s chat about when you’d like to elope. Since we HAVE so many of the best places to get eloped gathered for you we figured we could narrow things down by seasons. Select the season you want to elope in and we’ll share our best places to elope!

Best Places to Elope in Summer

Best Places to Elope in Fall

Best Places to Elope in Winter

Best Places to Elope in Spring

Best Places to Elope in the Summer

Loveland Pass, Colorado

As a Colorado Elopement Photographer I have to start this with my absolute favorite place to elope in Colorado – one of the best places to elope. Before you expect me to say Rocky Mountain National Park I’m going to say, well, yes, that’s a great spot, but let me tell you about a lesser known place called Loveland Pass. 

Most tourists pull off at the top to view the 365 breathtaking views of the Continental Divide but many miss the beauty of the area all around Loveland Pass. 

Consider having your elopement with us and we’ll show you one particular pull-off on the side of the road with some of the most beautiful alpine lake views you’ve ever seen. 

We always recommend morning weddings at these alpine areas because thunderstorms roll in often in the afternoons here in the summertime. If you’re not an early riser, we get it, but trust us when we say the morning alpine glows are worth waking up a little bit earlier to catch. 

Not sure if you’re sold on this? Check out this real couple’s experience who did catch the sunrise at Loveland Pass in the summertime.

Don’t forget to also check out our elopement timeline examples to see what your wedding day could look like!

Northern Ireland: One of the Best Places To Elope in the UK

wedding couple standing on a cliff side near the ocean content because they discovered one of the best places to elope
Photo by Paula McManus Photography

I asked Paula why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Northern Ireland is one of the most stunning places you could elope to. You may recognize much of the landscape from Game of Thrones. Our rugged coastlines, historic castles and breathtaking scenery are the perfect setting for your epic love story. It is so dramatic because of the landscape and weather combined. There is such a wide range of stunning locations in such a small area, meaning couples can have various backdrops to explore in one day.  Along the coastline in the North Coast, there is a stunning clifftop walk with the most incredible scenery including castle ruins. Who doesn’t love a castle ruin along lush green cliff tops? The best part is, a lot of these amazing locations have little or no tourists, meaning you get to say your vows in total privacy.” – Paula a Ireland Elopement Photographer

If you’re looking to travel to Ireland you must check out this Cliff’s of Moher Travel Guide!


Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the UK. This untouched landscape is a hidden gem compared to more popular areas like Iceland.

Check out this guide on how to elope in Scotland!

Dolomites, Italy

best place to elope in the Italian Dolomites couple stand-in gin the mountains
photo by Made in the Mountain

Have you ever seen a photo of the Dolomites? They are truly a wild mountain range with a very distinct feature. Make sure to hire a photographer who is familiar with the laws getting eloped here and knows how to handle the extreme weathers at these high altitudes.

Christine from Made in The Mountains gave us some insider tips for you all “Where culture, great food, and stunning scenery meet you’ll find endless elopement possibilities in the Italian Dolomites. The Italian Dolomites, sometimes also called the Italian Alps, are full of unique, craggy mountains. Whether you want to try your hand at a via-ferrata climb during your Dolomites elopement or rent a boat and paddle along the famous Lago di Braies, you’re sure to be blown away by the experience. One insider tip to making the most of your Italian Alps elopement is to visit in September when the weather is still beautiful but the summer travel has died down for the season.

You can learn about one of our favorite Italian Dolomites elopement destinations in this post.”


photo of swiss alps an alpine lake reflection
photo by Made in the Mountains

If you’re looking for alpine lakes that are the stuff of fairy tales, this is your spot. While I’d like to say Colorado’s alpine lakes could do match them, there really aren’t any other places in the world quite like the alpine lakes of Switzerland

We talked to local expert Christine from Made in the Mountains and here’s what she had to say about Switzerland “The Swiss Alps contain some of the most jaw-dropping scenery out there. If landscapes that look like they came straight from the Sound of Music are what you’re looking for, Switzerland is the place. When you elope in the Swiss Alps you can explore meadows carpeted with wildflowers, get up close and personal with glaciers, and take a dip in one of the countless glittering blue lakes nestled in the mountains. If you want to learn more about eloping in the Swiss Alps,Here’s how to plan a small destination wedding or elopement in Switzerland.

Golden, CO

Are you an avid adventurer? Then this canyon will be well known to you as a rock climber wanting to elope! Golden, Colorado has some of the best rock climbing in the state of Colorado. So why not combine your passion for climbing with your wedding day and document your love story in the way you want your lives to be lived and told. Clear Creek Canyon is full of some absolutely amazing rock faces with easy access to some breathtaking views. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this Rock Climbing Elopement we photographed!

Mount Hood National Forest

I asked Kayla why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “Mount Hood National Forest is Oregon’s gem! It has waterfalls, stunning mountainous hikes, stunning lakes to enjoy and all around stunning views. (Added bonus- if you elope in the winter, you’ll get to frolic in the snow as well!) Not many people can say that they got married on an active, 12,000 foot volcano. The best part about Mount Hood is its variety. There are so many stunning hikes and overlooks to choose from. 

Summer is the best time to elope in Mount Hood National Forest, especially if you want to elope at a higher elevation! You’ll be able to hike without worrying about the snow or rainy weather.” Kayla from Together Theory

couple walking through a volcanic forest in the moody skies glad they decided on the best places to elope
Photo by Together Theory

Lost Lake In Mount Hood Area

couple in a canoe at mount hood area near lost lake resort smiling at their oregon elopement photographer

Lost Lake in Oregon is such a unique place to elope because of its magical moments. Each summer the lake actually fills up and drains from a lava tube! Don’t worry its a slow fill and leak and they only open it when its full, but man is it a magical place!

Come here on the week day to skip the crowds!

Pro Tip did you know  that their are some goregous alpine lakes you can play in near mount hood? We love to help guide couples to a full day of fun as Oregon Elopement Photographres

Slot Canyon in Northern Arizona

I asked Allison why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“This incredible private slot canyon in Northern Arizona is hands down one of the BEST places to elope in AZ with your babe. This canyon has so much texture, colors, twists and turns – providing the most gorgeous of views and variation in scenery throughout your entire two mile hike through the narrow canyon walls. The best part? Your time in this canyon will be spent with ONLY you two, your Arizona elopement photographer and your tour guide. It’s the perfect place to share handwritten vows with one another in a secluded setting, giving you all the excuses to spend intentional time with one another without distraction. With it being shaded throughout most of this hike, it can be done in the Summer months despite the heat!” – Allison is an  Arizona Elopement Photographer with Allison Slater Photography.

couple in orange rock kissing happy because they decided on the best places to elope
Photo by Allison Slater Photography

Wondering how to navigate eloping during the pandemic? Check out our guide!

Leadville, Colorado - For Landlocked Water Lovers

couple wadding in water near the mountains happy because they decided on the best places to elope

When you’re driving this far into the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find that most people are headed to Crested Butte or Aspen, while we’d say those are both amazing places to have your elopement, Leadville holds a special place in our hearts because it’s one of the few alpine lakes in Colorado you can actually swim in, make it a really unique place to elope!

As a bonus, this has a camping area, so if you’re avid campers and swimmers, why not have your wedding day include all your favorite passions! But don’t worry if you want to invite family or friends who aren’t so keen on camping, Leadville is super close to this alpine lake location. 

Here’s an elopement from Leadville, Colorado we know you’ll fall in love with!

Sonoma Coast, California: One of the Best Places to Elope in California

couple on cliffside near pacific ocean
Photo by Natalie N Photography

I asked Natalie why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Northern California boasts some of the most beautiful and rugged coastlines while being ideally positioned for epic sunsets. In Sonoma County, there’s miles of untamed coast with dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and panoramic views — often with no one in sight.  While listed as a summer destination, really you can visit here in any season.” Natalie a California Elopement Photographer

Alpine Lakes of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado

alpine lake with snow in a blue lake
Photo by Shell Creek Photo

I asked Malachi why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what he said:

“The alpine lakes of southwestern Colorado in the San Juan Mountains are like nothing you have ever seen! The lakes are so clear and are literally bluer than the sky. To top it all off, the alpine lakes of the San Juan Mountains are surrounded by towering peaks that are covered in every color of wildflower during the summer. These alpine lakes are some “hidden gems” of Colorado, although they are quite popular among the locals in the area. There are honestly very few places in the world where you can see lakes that look so blue. Getting to most of these lakes requires hikes that can be quite challenging, but they are well worth it.” – Malachi a San Juan mountains elopement photographer 

Lake Tahoe, California

couple in snow on a mountain top
Photo by Natalie N Photography

I asked Natalie why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, with crystal blue water, and almost 200 miles of scenic shoreline enclosed by snow capped mountains. The surrounding area is fantastic featuring an abundance of hiking trails, remote lakes, and breathtaking views. It’s the perfect place for making the most of the outdoors in every season.” – Natalie a California Elopement Photographer

Ward, Colorado: One of the Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Another one of our favorites and most beautiful places to elope here at Celebrate Again is this amazing area near Ward, Colorado. It has the look and feel of the pacific northwest with moss growing in the summertime and of course – alpine lakes. This area is known for its camping site but is first come first serve, so for your wedding day we recommend booking accommodations in Nederland or Boulder, Colorado,  then making the trek up to this hidden spot.

Why this location is so amazing is because it borders Rocky Mountain National Park but has far fewer tourists, as only locals really know about this breathtaking area. 

We love it because the main area is only an hour drive away from Boulder, Colorado with no hiking required. If you want to hit up a more secluded space, there are a few alpine lakes you can get to if you are willing to hike between 1-3 miles. And get this, with little elevation gain because you’ll drive up most of the way!

Contact us to get started planning your Colorado Elopement!

Or check out this elopement near this area! Brainard lake wedding.

Acadia National Park, Maine: One of the Best Places to Elope in On The East Coast

couple standing on rocks near the ocean snuggling together happy because they chose one of the best places to elope
Photo by Elusive Photography

I asked Emily why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Acadia is Maine’s only national park and it really is extremely underrated. It is an island (Mount Desert Island, or MDI) filled with round mountaintops that range from easy to challenging to hike, and I really like that each peak is close enough to the others that you can speak friendly messages to hikers on the other trails without having to yell too awfully loud. There is a natural sand beach, a variety of cliffs dropping off into the ocean that are popular among rock climbers, and, of course, a big chunk of the coastline is exposed pink granite that you can walk along while the waves crash upon the edge and cover you in sea spray. It is an incredible experience being touched by the roar of the ocean, while being totally safe at the same time. You can spend all day going around to different locations and it feels like you’ve traveled to different parts of the world. Bar Harbor is the most popular town on the island just outside of the park, it was named after the huge sand bar stretching from MDI to a nearby island. At low tide, the water recedes and the bar becomes a footpath (though a muddy one) that is excellent for earthy and free-spirited sunrise portraits. Near sunset, or on an overcast day, I like to find low-lying, inland spots where the calm ocean water and pine forest meet. There, the water becomes a deep, rich blue that is just magnificent – it feels like an enchanted place, filled with the sea-going spirits of centuries past, and demanding a pause to appreciate its quiet, but authoritative beauty. Most people, when they think of Maine, think lobsters and lighthouses. While I definitely suggest dining on some lobster, Acadia National Park is also a treasure not to be missed. Maybe it isn’t as popular as the Grand Canyon or other Western spots, but it is a stunning place on the Eastern seaboard that will leave a powerful impression on your soul.” – Emily a Maine Elopement Photographer

Summit County, Colorado

Have we here at Celebrate Again mentioned how much we love Alpine lakes?

Ok, well if you haven’t gotten that yet, let me tell you about another favorite lake!

Summit County. It’s actually a hub of a lot of adorable mountain towns all surrounded by this alpine lake.

Here’s the thing about Summit, unless you’re getting married on private property, Sapphire Point  and Windy Saddle are the only legal spot to get married in this county here in Colorado.

It’s a pretty freaking beautiful place to get married but the beauty of elopements is you can have your ceremony in one spot then hop in the car and visit so many of the amazing places around the Summit County area.

We could go on for days about breathtaking locations around here but don’t take our word for it check out our complete guide on how to get married at Sapphire Point!


As the state with the second most national parks in the U.S., Alaska is one of America’s treasures with so much land untouched and rarely crowded due to its remote location. Alaska holds so many beautiful alpine adventures and wonders, it will be sure to take your breath away!

Glacier National Park, Montana

A couple stands in their wedding attire on a cliff in one of the best places to elope, Montana. Moody fog hangs over the mountains giving a moody vibe.
Image by Destinie Fouche Photography
Des & Dan specialize helping couples elope in Montana. Here’s why they believe GNP is one of the best places to elope. Glacier National Park is truly the best place to elope in Montana if you’re hoping to bring guests along and showcase the epic views of the Rockies.  Boasting the beauty that is the Going to the Sun Road both you and your guests will have no difficulty accessing views that inspire wonder even as you simply look out of your car window driving along this road.  When you need to adventure solo your guests can continue exploring by car while you get some solace on one of the many high alpine trails viewing distant glaciers, wildlife, and some of the most beautiful sunsets the Rockies can boast!

German Alps

couple holding hands with the german alps in the background glad to elope in one of the best places in the world
photo by Made In The Mountains

Christine lives in the German alps and gave us these insider tips about what its like eloping in the German Alps!

“One off the beaten-the-beaten-path and often overlooked European wedding destination is the beautiful German Alps. Tucked away in Southern Germany, the region of Bavaria comes straight out of a fairy tale. Here you’ll find the breathtaking alpine vistas, gorges, and the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein (Disney Castle). Eloping in Germany is an adventure-seekers’ dream and offers something for every couple. One of the most beautiful elopement destinations in the German Alps is Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

If Germany sounds like your perfect elopement destination, you can learn more about eloping in the country here.”

Best Places to Elope in the Fall

Eloping in the fall can be an absolutely magical time of year, especially with the change of colors in the leaves. 

While planning for this season can seem dream like its helpful to love the location even without the leaves because sometimes it comes a week later or earlier than usual.

So here are our favorite places to elope in the fall, some of which may surprise you!

Banff National Park, Canada: One of the Best Places to Elope in Canada

I asked Nicole Alex why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Banff National Park is one of the gems of Canada sitting in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and has so much to offer for everyone. When you are choosing to elope Banff has everything you could imagine from incredible lodging options both luxurious as well as intimate and off the grid, offers incredible views from turquoise-colored glacier fed lakes to snow cap mountains that go on for days. Eloping in Banff National Park means that you can really create your own, one of a kind, unique adventure. Possibilities include taking a helicopter to the top a remote mountain range, hiking to the summit of a mountain for sunrise, saying your vows at one of many easy to access viewpoints, taking a gondola up the top of a mountain for one of the best sunsets in Banff, and so much more. You really can do anything your heart desires while making it as relaxing or as adventurous as you want for your special day.” – Nicole Alex Canada Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Queenstown, New Zealand

wedding couple standing on a rock over looking an alpine lake
Photo by Kate Craig Brown

I asked Kate why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“It’s no secret that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I’m a proud Kiwi and love all the incredible landscapes our country offers. But Queenstown is certainly one of my favourites. There’s nowhere else on earth that’s like it!

Like something from a movie, you won’t believe the types of elopement locations you can find in Queenstown.

One minute you could be hiking up in the mountains, and the next you could be chilling out in a cool bar or restaurant overlooking Lake Wakatipu and the magnificent southern Alps.

Could you ever imagine flying off in a helicopter and having your wedding photos shot in the snow? While not possible everywhere, it certainly is in Queenstown. There are also plenty of stunning locations reachable on foot and by car to give you plenty of options for your Queenstown elopement.

Every season has its own unique magic. In summer you can catch the colourful lupins, autumn the town is awash with oranges and reds. Spring is all about the baby lambs and winter for the snow capped mountains!!” – Kate a Queenstown, New Zealand Elopement Photographer

—>Important note: Keep in mind New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere so its seasons are opposite than those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Yes yes, they have Christmas in their summer. 


I know it’s the new hip spot to go but rightly so. I just love that the settlers to Iceland named it such so that people wouldn’t come, and they named Greenland what should have been this country’s name because it truly is a wild and gorgeous place. Be prepared to be flexible. The weather here changes quickly. I put Iceland in the fall because summer crowds are intense but early fall could be a perfect time to get eloped here! Bonus tip check out this guide on how to survive a long flight if you’re traveling to a remote distance for your elopement!

Joshua Tree National Park, California

couple in the desert standing on a rock content because they discovered one of the best places to elope
Photo by Sloan Photographers

I asked Matt why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what he said:

“Joshua Tree National Park is one of the best places in the USA to elope. It has 1000 sq. miles to explore with unique natural desert landscape structures. It has one of the most beautiful tonal ranges for photography. It also has some great weather throughout the year other than the hot summers. It is also one of the most ‘magical places’ in the USA with many people in the area claiming it has ‘wild, natural energy’. There are also some super unique AirBnb’s in the area.

The best season for Joshua Tree is anytime in the early Fall with the late sunsets and beautiful weather.” –  Matt from Sloan Photographers

Pro Tip We highly recommend shopping around to find the best bang for your buck between Turnkey and Airbnb

P.S. We created this curated list of 20 Airbnb wedding venues in Colroado we think you’ll love!

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon: One of the Best Places to Elope

I asked Kayla why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most incredible places in the world to elope for so many reasons! For one, it’s filled with tons of diversity. Between mountaintops, islands, beaches, forests, incredible waterfalls and even desert… any scenery that you could imagine for your day is probably a part of the gorge’s beauty. Since Oregon and Washington represent either side of the gorge, you can even entirely choose the state that you elope in. There are long, strenuous hikes and secret locations that don’t require a hike. Whatever you’re envisioning for your day, the Columbia River Gorge probably has it– the options feel endless! Plus, it’s only 45 minutes away from Portland, Oregon, so you can explore the iconic city and enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the world all in one day. It’s incredibly gorgeous year-round, and is filled with potential when it comes to marrying the love of your life!” – Kayla Oregon Elopement Photographer

Wondering how to get married in Washington? Check out our sister company The Dropped Pin’s guide on How To Get Married In Washington State

Waterfalls in Portland

We love how many amazing waterfalls there are near Portland! It’s really one of the most beautiful places to elope in Oregon if you’re looking for some moody vibes! If you go a little further down the Columbia River you’ll find some amazing easily accessible waterfalls. Since we’re all about diversity here at Celebrate Again we love that these waterfalls can be accessed by wheel chairs and others with disabilities. You cannot get super close to the falls but you can get close enough to really enjoy them if you have to stay on a flat paved trail. 

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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You guessed it, we had to include RMNP on this list because it’s freaking gorgeous. While most people visit the park in the summertime because summer is amazing here in Colorado we actually recommend enjoying the lesser known fact about Colorado that September can be just as warm as any other summer months! Rocky Mountain National Park is full of some amazing views on Trail Ridge Road and around the park you’ll find some breathtaking hikes that take you to—you guessed it, alpine lakes! To avoid crowds we really recommend waking up early to catch the alpine glow and skipping the crowds. But if you’re not a morning person, don’t stress it. By September some of the crowds have cleared out as most schools are back in season. Week days, probably Wednesdays, are your best bet for less crowds in this famous national park. Please make sure to read up on how to get married here. As there are pretty strict rules about where you can actually exchange your vows.

Here is one of our favorite elopements in Rocky Mountain National Park

Don’t forget to check out Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding guide to start planning your RMNP elopement!

couple holding hands at their sprague lake wedding in rocky mountain national park near sunset text at top "how to have a sprague lake wedding"

Sprague Lake Wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park

While we wish you could have your wedding anywhere in Rocky Mountain National park there are some rules to follow. One of the places you can have your wedding at is Sprague Lake! 

Check out our guide on how to have a Sprague Lake Wedding here!

The Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

I asked Kelsey why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“The Blue Ridge Mountains are so full of diversity. There are grassy balds with 360 views, craggy mountains, waterfalls and river gorges. We have all 4 seasons that bring awesome options! There are easy walks and long magical hikes (oh hey Appalachian Trail). The beauty we have here is so unique including the blue hue that the rocks give off. It really makes for the most amazing sunsets. Another thing that makes the Blue Ridge Mountains special is Asheville and the little towns all along the parkway that provide you with beautiful BNBs, delicious restaurants, music and the arts. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be…which is why I live here, adventure here and love sharing this special place with my sweet couples!

The Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful in most seasons but fall really stands out. People come from all over to see the changing of the leaves in October/early November. If you are a big fan of green, green, and more green, your time is going to be May-September!!!” – Kelsey an Asheville Elopement Photographer

Sedona, Arizona

I asked Adventure & Vow why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what they said:

“Sedona is the best place to elope because there are so many trails, camping, restaurants, awesome hotels and more in the town. Sedona is known for hiking, art, food, rock climbing and biking. Not only can you get married here you can also honeymoon here! Sedona is nestled around Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Page and Phoenix. This place offers the options for a big adventure and your elopement day or a small adventure, it’s truly a great place for anyone looking for a desert vibe.” – Adventure & Vow Arizona Elopement Photographer

Cades Cove – Great Smoky Mountain National Park

I asked Erin why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “Cades Cove is by FAR the most popular place in the Smokies? Why? You get the mountain views, valley fields, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and forests. It is the epitome of mountain beauty. With multiple locations for elopements you can get married in such breathtaking beauty at any season. But the deep orange and red colors of Fall can’t be beat. The best part about Cades Cove? There are numerous historic churches that dot Cades Cove Loop. These historic sites offer intimate ceremonies for any couple looking for that Appalachian feel.” – Erin Morrison Photography a Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer

Wild West Coast of Ireland

If you haven’t fallen in love with Ireland yet, you’ll want to whisk away right now and elope here. The greenery is to die for, you’ll fall in love with the culture and you’ll be surprised at the delicious food you’ll eat here, even though the Irish will joke that an Irish cookbook is the shortest book in the world. If you’re looking for a full cultural experience, with less touristy than Iceland but just as beautiful locations, check out the west coast of Ireland! 


It’s called the Wild west coast for a reason. Coastal winds can be very intense here so we recommend working with a local who knows the land and weather well. We picked fall for this location because summer is full of tourists and by mid September most tourists are back home with school starting. Bonus you may actually find some travel deals for these dates!

Kayla had to share another one of  the best places to elope. Here’s what she said:

“Ecola State Park on the Northern Oregon coast is one of my favorite places in all of Oregon, and here’s why! First- being only about an hour away from Portland, it’s a quick, accessible drive. Second- once you enter the park you instantly become small amongst towering spruce trees covered with moss, and if you catch them at the right time: fog laced in between. Third: the BREATHTAKING Oregon coast! The jagged, rocky coastline at Ecola is beautiful beyond words.  It’s the perfect place to elopement if you want the true essence of the northern Pacific coastline… I promise you will be blown away.

The fall is the best time to elope at Ecola State Park. The summer crowds and heat will have died down, allowing for the moody weather and fog to settle in without it being too cold. I typically recommend eloping in the fall for the classic dramatic “PNW” vibe on your wedding day.” – Kayla with Together Theory

Now that we’re based in Oregon too we love Ecola State park weddings. Check out our guide!

Cannon Beach Elopement Guide (Ecola State park Guide!): One of the best places to elope in Oregon

Love the moodiness of Ecola State Park? Make sure to check out our guide about how to elope in this area as of 2020 some areas in Ecola state park are closed. 

Read our how to have a Cannon Beach Elopement guide and this Oregon Coast elopement guide to get more tips! We think this is one of the most romantic places to elope in the US!

New Mexico

Being a native New Mexican I say for certain they have some of the best sunsets around, nothing beats that desert sunset on a warm summer’s day. New Mexico is such a hidden gem because most people will skip over it thinking Arizona and Texas actually border each other. Well friend, I’m here to share with you that this magical desert state is full of beautiful mountains, cotton wooded river beds, epic sand formed canyons and some breathtaking views.  Want to plan your Albuqerque, New Mexico elopement? We’d love to chat!

Spruce Knob Mountain, West Virginia: One of the Best Place to Elope Near the Midwest

I asked Kelly why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “Spruce Knob mountain in West Virginia would be an AMAZING spot to elope. If you are someone who loves evergreen forests, beautiful blue lakes, hiking trails, rolling mountain views of the Shenandoah Valley, and the Monongahela National Forest, and real Appalachia beauty, Spruce Knob is where you want to elope. If you are someone who is adventurous-ish, and would be into a shorter hike, the highest point on Spruce Knob mountain (where the best views are!!!) is only a quarter mile hike. If you’re someone who is a true at heart adventurer, theres a ton of adventure to be had here. At the very top of the mountain, there are a few boulder fields which are so fun to walk across and explore, and also make for some great portraits, some really fun shots can be had here with a tilt shift camera. And there are plenty of wide open areas perfect for a ceremony location. Whether you’re thinking of it being just the two of you, or inviting guests, there is plenty of room for whatever it is your envisioning. Since the mountain is the highest in the state, you could pick either sunrise, or sunset for a ceremony time. Either are breathtaking. Spruce Knob, West Virginia is just one of those places you have to see for yourself, it’s incredible! There’s a short window every year when we get the chance to see tree leaves turn into those golden yellow and deep reds, and the mountain views turn into a rolling amber ocean of autumnal foliage.”  – Kelly with  In Love and Adventure Photography a West Virginia Elopement Photographer

Astoria, Oregon

I asked Jen why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Astoria is one of the oldest coastal cities in the Pacific Northwest, and a wildly diverse environment for a personalized elopement. The town itself comprises historic and gorgeous older buildings – one of which, the old John Jacob Astor Hotel, is now home to one of my favorite event venues for those who want a ceremony or reception indoors. Just minutes out of town, the sandy coastline and mossy green forests are accessible by miles of trails and never too busy that you can’t find a secluded location for those who want a private outdoor ceremony. Woods, beach, or venue – Astoria is also the perfect place to spend your wedding weekend. Explore adorable coffee shops in historic buildings, go for a walk along the pier and watch barges navigate under the longest truss bridge in North America, or eat lunch at one of the local breweries. You’ll be astonished how much this small coastal town has to offer!” Jenn with Wild Coast Photography Pacific Northwest Elopement Photographer

Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, Big Island Hawaii

I asked Marissa & Rui why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“Kealakekua Bay is our all-time favorite location here on the big island of Hawaii where early in the morning you can go swim with the wild dolphins that live in the bay. Kealakekua Bay is located in Captain Cook, on the sunnier side of the island yet still lush and tropical. The different backdrops give a variety of cliffs, jungle and ocean for your wedding photos. The bay has a number of B&B’s that can accommodate different wedding party sizes. They are right on the water making it unique and private for your ceremony while supporting local small business.  This really is our number one location due to the stunning sunsets and variety of backdrops it offers.” – Marissa & Rui with Photographers in Hawaii a Big Island Wedding Photographer

Pro Tip Heading to Hawaii for your elopement or honey moon? Check out our romantic things to do in Maui insider tips from a local to have an epic time! We are also serving all of Hawaii as Hawaii elopement photographers!

Fort Morgan, Alabama: One of the Best Places to Elope in The South

I asked Amelia why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “The ocean has always held a special place in my heart. Fort Morgan gives you that small town feel and a beach! Everyone is so kind and helpful and you can always find a private spot on the beach. It is where I look forward to visiting every year. Beautiful white sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets and privacy makes Fort Morgan the perfect place to elope or have your small wedding. Fall August to -October is down time and they area has less tourists. Prices also go down for lodging. Also in October is the annual shrimp fest which has live music, crafts and art and of course amazing food!!” – Amelia a  Fort Morgan Elopement Photographer

Best Places to Elope in the Winter

Cliffside Trail in Sedona, Arizona: One of the Best Places to Elope in Arizona

I asked Allison why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “Your Arizona elopement just might be the MOST iconic if you chose to elope at this cliffside trail Sedona. The epic cliffs, hiking, red rocks, and insane views make this such an incredible place to marry your babe! Sedona can be VERY crowded with it being one of the most touristy places in Arizona – if you guys are alright with some crowds OR game for getting up at sunrise, I promise this spot won’t disappoint! This spot has a super short (very steep) trail leading up to this cliff edge, providing the perfect place to share your hand-written vows with one another. Plus – the ‘dark skies’ rule in Sedona means that the town is PITCH black at nighttime, giving you the perfect excuse to do some star gazing with one another. If you’re looking for an iconic desert place to get married and adventure with your Arizona elopement photographer, you’ve found it!Sedona is best in the Fall-Spring due to high heat temperatures and lack of shade. Plan to visit in the Winter to avoid crowds!” – Allison an Arizona Elopement Photographer

Ice Caves in Colorado

If you’re wanting a legit winter feel to your wedding, you’ll want to check out these epic Ice Caves that form in Colorado. They usually form by late January or February and can last until the end of the month. Natural occurring waterfalls in the area freeze up just enough to create these epic ice formations that give you access to some really cool ice caves. 

Don’t  forget to go for a hot springs dip to warm in Glenwood Springs, only 40 minutes from the caves.

Let’s chat about guiding you through your Ice Cave Elopement here in Colorado!

Valle Escondido Preserve/Monteverde Inn (located in Monteverde, Costa Rica)

I asked Kim why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “The Monteverde area is such a gem of Costa Rica! Driving to this secluded town, you’ll adventure through a beautiful hill country. Monteverde sits at 4,400 feet elevation, so it is cooler in temperature than the lower lying regions and has a more consistent temperature year round. Valle Escondido is a nature preserve within Monteverde that has several miles of nature trails and gardens, including a hammock garden! You can take guided tours on the preserve, including birdwatching, wildlife, or night tours. The Monteverde Inn is a small eco lodge located on the Valle Escondido Preserve and the main lawn is a perfect place to have your elopement. The lawn overlooks the nearby hills and valleys, and you can even see the ocean in the distance. If you have any guests for your elopement, everyone can stay on site and there is even a small open air cafe on the property.  If you’re looking for a place to have your destination elopement that is quiet, peaceful, and has epic views, the Valle Escondido Preserve is definitely one to consider!” – Kim with Wild and Found Photography

Vail, Colorado: One of the Best Places To Elope

If you love winter sports then you’ll probably have Vail on your bucket list. We love encouraging couples to celebrate the start of their marriage with their loves, so what better way than to start your wedding day doing an adventure that you love, like hitting up the ski resort after your ceremony at the top or taking a private snowmobile tour to a secluded spot to exchange your vows from a mountain top tucked in the trees. Here is a snowmobile elopement we photographed that we know will bring you some inspiration!

Lake in Apache Junction, Arizona

Allison had to share another one of best places to elope. Here’s what she said:

“This gorgeous lake-front location is absolutely perfect if you’re adventuring in the Phoenix-Metro Area and are looking for a spot not too far out of town to elope! This lake is surrounded by mountains in a 360 degree range and boasts absolutely the most incredible colors just after a good ‘ole Arizona sunset. The drive out to this spot is almost just as beautiful as you wind through a canyon, and has lots of roadside pull-offs for other gorgeous views as well. If you’re looking for a spot for your Phoenix elopement with water and mountains – THIS is it!”- Allison an Arizona Elopement Photographer

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is Colorado locals’ favorite weekend getaway because it’s a true Coloradan town, full of world class skiing, breweries and the adorable downtown mountain area little towns are best known for, not to mention top notch 5 star hotels. It’s a true luxury to get away to, with a local airport and where less tourists go than other places. We love Steamboat for couples who love winter sports, like snowshoeing, snowmobiling and downhill sports. Ready to start planning your steamboat springs elopement? Check out this Steamboat Springs, Colorado elopement!


Catarata Llanos de Cortes, Costa Rica

I asked Maciej why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what they said:

“Catarata Llanos de Cortes, Costa Rica – everyone can google waterfalls in Costa Rica and will find it so I don’t care. I know another entrance there so that’s my secret ;).

This place is one the best for elopement in Costa Rica, because you will be surrounded by pure nature, forest, one the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica… hike will take you just 5 minutes instead of taking 500 steps to get to another waterfall. On the way to the waterfall we can stop for more “jungly” shots.” – Maciej with Papaya Wedding a Costa Rica Elopement Photographer

Pro Tip: Looking for more waterfall wedding venues check out this guide!

Best Places to Elope in the Spring

Yosemite National Park, California

I asked Natalie why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said: “Yosemite is one of the most iconic locations in the world, with spectacular scenery everywhere you look. From the valley floor with its sheer cliffs dotted with waterfalls, to the epic viewpoints at the top of the ridge, and to the calm meadows and lakes of the backcountry, there’s a gorgeous backdrop in every direction. While definitely a popular destination overall, there’s still lots of hidden gems and ways to avoid the crowds. The best season to visit is spring or fall. Its best to avoid the summer crowds and the winter snow. – Natalie a California Elopement Photographer

Telluride, Colorado: One of the Best Places to Elope

If you love the mountains of Switzerland but actually getting married there isn’t attainable, then Telluride and the San Juan mountains are your spot! This area is known as the Switzerland of America for a reason. Surrounded by sweeping mountains in 360 degrees, stunning waterfalls, alpine lakes and hot springs, you cannot ask for a better place in the world to visit. 

While summer in Telluride is freaking amazing, it can get busy as well as winter for its epic ski season, but we’d love to have you consider spring in Telluride because its just as beautiful and way less crowded. Bonus you may find some discounts visiting during this season. Do keep in mind though the town mostly closes down in late April and May as it gears up for its summer season. So we recommend planning a wedding in early April or early June to skip some of the crowds. Fall is also gorgeous here too. 

Ready to plan your Telluride wedding? Check out our guide about how to get married in Telluride and what to expect.

Greenbrier – Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Erin had another one of the best places to elope. Here’s what she said:

“The Greenbrier is a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg. It is known for its raging waters, wooden bridges, and rocky areas. The whole area is simply perfect for tons of elopement photos. There are three approved Greenbrier wedding locations and none of them will disappoint. Greenbrier #1 and Greenbrier #2 locations are the most popular wedding destinations as these overlook the Little Pigeon River. The river rushes beautifully over the rocks in this dense forest. There’s also the Greenbrier Picnic Pavilion near the Grapeyard Ridge Trail which features a rustic, secluded picnic shelter. In spring, the Greenbrier is renowned for its wildflowers, which provides a beautiful backdrop for any intimate Smoky Mountain wedding.” – Erin Morrison Photography a Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer

Greece: One of the best Place to Elope in Europe

These historic lands are full of so much beautiful history, culture and food. If you’re looking for a full cultural experience this may be the spot for you. Make sure to hire an elopement photographer who is familiar with photographing in this country and can help you navigate any international barriers.




Fiji is one of those amazing islands that has a stunning landscape. If you’re looking for a warm climate and tropical feel this is the perfect place for you!

Moab, Utah

Malachi had another best places to elope. Here’s what he said:

“Moab is known for arches, canyons, and just generally being a beautiful desert. But Moab has more to offer! There are not only beautiful desert landscapes but also rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. Within a very small area, you can find a wide variety of very unique landscapes. Moab is a great place to elope because you can find remote areas that require some hiking to get to the best views as well as remote dirt roads that take you right up to beautiful areas and overlooks that require no hiking. Lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management around Moab are vast and you’ll be able to find endless square miles of public lands away from any crowds.” Malachi with Shelly Creek Photo a Moab Elopement Photographer

La Jolla Shores, California

I asked Kate why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“The sound of crashing waves, a cool sea breeze, and incredible views every direction you look – La Jolla Shores is a jaw dropping location to elope with your best friend. At this location in San Diego, you can find secluded and romantic spots on the cliffside, or you can adventure down to the sand walk hand-in-hand alongside the water. Plus, if you plan your elopement around sunset, you’ll get to watch as the warm, golden light turns into shades of pinks and purples over the Pacific.” – Kaitlin a San Diego Wedding Photographer

Maui, Hawaii: One of the Best Places to Elope

Most couples come to Hawaii for a honeymoon, but what if you came here to get married too? Maui has absolutely beautiful weather year round, although don’t get mistaken here, it is a tropical location so rain is very probable. The best part about a storm is the epic clouds it creates, which means epic sunsets. Maui is absolutely known for its island light, the road to Hana which is its own rainforest with waterfalls you can play in, black sand beaches and stunning cliff side vistas. It truly is a magical place!

Check out our guide to romantic things to do in Maui!

Smoky Mountains

Erin had another best places to elope location. Here’s what she said:

“The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited National Park in the country. That may be a surprise to many, but it’s not to me! It may not be vast like the Grand Canyons or majestic like the Rocky Mountains, but it is serene. The Smokies has an intimate beauty with ridge upon ridge of forest, extensive hiking trails, and roaring rivers. This is coupled with remnants of Appalachian mountain culture. So, it’s no wonder why people want to elope to the Smoky Mountains. With accessible elopement locations in Cades Cove, Greenbrier, and The Parkway, it’s easy to elope in the Smokies.  

My personal favorite location for an elopement is in Historic Elkmont. It is home to some amazing photography locations! As a Smoky Mountain Permitted Photographer, I especially love the stone troll bridge, the old chimney stacks, the mature trees, and all the locations on the river! Elkmont is also home to Spence Cabin. Spence Cabin is a heated and cooled cabin and showcases the oh-so-popular stone patio overlooking The Little River. There is no better place to be married than next to a beautiful stream in the middle of the mountains! You just can’t beat it.” – Erin Morrison Photography a Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer

Big Bend, National Park: One of the best place to elope in Texas

I asked Samantha why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“It’s not the easiest park to get to, it’s a pretty long drive, and even the closest airport is 4 hours away. But that speaks volumes for couples looking for a private, just us experience! Oftentimes you have the trail entire to yourself.

Another bonus for it being so far/remote, the night sky views are EPIC. There is minimal light pollution so it’s a great spot for astrophotography and just general stargazing!

Big Bend is also great for couples wanting to get married in the winter but don’t like the cold. Even in the summer it’s not so bad for south Texas.

Aside from camping, there are so many ADORABLE glamping spots in the nearby cities, Terlingua & Marfa. It’s truly hard to believe you’re in Texas. There’s such a slow & laid back feeling being there.

Spring because everything would be blooming and I personally love cactus flowers!!! But if you’re filled up on spring locations (idk how you’re separating this), winter is a good option too, since it’s not too cold and still beautiful! Don’t have to worry about your day being snowed out.” – Samantha a Texas Elopement Photographer

Wondering how to elope in Texas? Check out our sister companies’ tips on How to Elope In Texas 5 easy steps!

Pisgah National Forest

I asked Ruzi why is this one of the best places to elope? Here’s what she said:

“This is a great location because you have a beautiful woodsy location as well as mountains surrounding you and you can drive all the way to the top to get to great spots and the hike is super short which is great if there are family members involved.“ – Ruzi a North Carolina Elopement Photographer

Mount Rainier National Park

This one is coming’ atcha from our Washington Elopement Photographers at our sister company The Dropped Pin:

“A Mount Rainier Elopement is perfect for couples that want to celebrate with stunning mountain views, alpine lakes, and old growth forests. There are so many epic locations that fit every accessibility level. During the spring, when the roads open and the snow melts, Mount Rainier really pops off.” For more details, read their resource on How to Elope in Washington State.

For more Mount Rainier inspo, check out our sister companies Mt. Rainier Wedding and for all the info you need how to get married in Washington State

Olympic National Park

Here’s another one from the Washington Elopement Photographers at our sister company The Dropped Pin:“Olympic National Park is one of the best places to elope for couples that want to explore different landscapes during their Elopement. In one day, you can view snow-capped mountains, gushing falls, rocky beaches, crystal clear lakes, and ancient rain forests. Check out this beautiful Washington Elopement to see what your day could look like, and check out our guide to planning your Olympic National Park Wedding

For more info, check out their guide on How to Elope in Washington State.

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