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Adventurous Elopement | Vail Colorado Elopement

If you’re like me, your heart dreams of adventure, but you really aren’t the intense hiking type. So you know you must get creative for your adventures, especially if you want to have an adventurous elopement instead of a traditional wedding. Well, my dear friend I give you the idea of a snowmobile adventure winter elopement.001snowmobile-elopement-adventure-elopement-colorado-elopement-photographer-stylzed-shoot-dec2017-478.jpg

We, CJ, our bride from Everyday Chiffon and her beloved Kirby, knew we didn’t want to bring food with us on our snowmobiles so we ate a late brunch at the wonderful Sticky Fingers Cafe and Bakery in Minturn, Colorado.

After filling our bellies CJ and Kirby got ready for their winter elopement around the car and in the cool mountain hut of Colorado Backcountry Rentals.

CJ, Kirby and our amazing team (Marissa our stylist, Brittany my amazing associate, and Ellie our hair stylist) had grand dreams for a specific spot around Vail Recreation area to do their “vows” but after getting lost three times (hand to forehead) and sweet Kirby digging out three snowmobiles, we ended up at a beautiful outlook to catch the last hour of sunlight. Being a winter elopement we had to move quickly because the sunsets arrive early here in Colorado.

CJ was such a trouper getting dressed in the middle of no where but thanks to The Bridal Collections suggestion for a two piece bridal gown, CJ put the top on in the mountain hut and we slipped the skirt over light colored leggings once we arrived safely at our location. This protected the dress from getting caught in the snowmobile. She was able to feel glamorous but also practical, a huge necessity for adventure elopement brides.

We wrapped CJ’s bouquet designed by  L.A. Flower Bar and Gifts in a plastic bag to protect it from the freezing wind and chill of the snowmobiles and pulled it out to help her feel like the most beautiful bride.

We captured some sweet intimate moments of CJ and Kirby, celebrating their love together. My quest is to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera. And they shared their “vows.”

We snagged a few photos with their elopement announcement so beautifully created by  Ink and Element Designs.


We chased the light through the trees and celebrated with a little dance party as we zoomed back to get the snowmobiles back before the last light of this glorious elopement wedding day.

So where did this amazing idea for a snowmobile adventure winter mountain elopement come from? Well, a few months ago I met up with an old client of mine, CJ from Everyday Chiffon to reconnect and share with her that I was reopening my Colorado elopement photography business focusing on elopements around here in Colorado. She was so excited to work with me again so we started to day dream about what working together would look like.


In thinking about doing some fun adventurous photography shoots to get shooting again I thought about a snowmobile elopement. Due to my chronic illness (see my about me) I am unable to hike for long distances, and everyone in Colorado knows the best places are the ones you have to work to get to. So I thought, hey everyone loves 4×4 drives and atvs but during the winter people snowmobile! And looking around online I realized NO one had done this before *brain explosion* I knew we HAD to do this!

So I spent some time cold emailing and contacting snowmobile companies and Colorado Backcountry Rentals agree to join me and CJ on this stylized Colorado snowmobile adventure winter mountain elopement!

We next found our stylist, my amazing friend and neighbor Marissa Merchant. Next, we added Hair by Ellie Rose to do CJs hair,  The Bridal Collection for our amazing two piece dress that allowed CJ to ride the snowmobile and change easily and warmly at the top of the mountain, Ink and Element Designs for elopement announcements, and finally L.A. Flower Bar and Gifts for our gorgeous bouquet for CJ. Just because is adventurous and elopement doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel like a million bucks on her wedding day. Right?!


And of course I cannot forget my amazing loyal wonderfully talented associate Brittany. She’s been with me as a second photographer since 2012 and man this girls got talent and heart. I love working with her and where my body fails to be normal with my chronic illnesses Brittany helps fill in the gaps. She’s amazing. I’ll be featuring her work and more about her soon as she’ll be the main assistant with me with all of my adventure elopements moving forward!


Now who’s ready to book their winter elopement with me! Or any elopement for that fact. I’m game for a good ATV or 4×4 drive up one of the amazing passes here in Colorado or New Zealand or Scotland…or anywhere you’re dreaming of!

To see more from this snowmobile elopement check out the slideshow below! (Click on the arrow in the top right corner to view in full screen. Don’t forget to update the quality by selecting 1080 from the setting icon!)


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