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Lost Gulch Overlook Elopement Wedding Photos | Boulder Elopement Photographer

eloping couple standing on the top of lost gulch overlook in boulder colorado as boulder elopement photographer takers their photo

This Lost Gulch overlook elopement wedding was nothing short of beautiful with Colorado showing off its colors. Despite the cloudy weather that hovered over the beginning of Brett & Kelsey’s lost gulch overlook elopement photography session with us it created for a breath taking sunset as we enjoyed at the top of one of Boulder, Colorado’s beautiful lookouts.

Brett and Kelsey originally were eloped with their two friends as witness at Rocky Mountain National Park but wanting complete privacy they decided to do an elopement photography session with us instead afterwards.

Kelsey had made her flowers from JoAnn’s fabric, you wouldn’t have been able to tell if you hadn’t looked really closely! She also added the lace and ribbon to her dress. I love their alternative wedding attire and it worked perfectly for their unique Lost Gulch Overlook elopement wedding!

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