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"colorado elopement 4x4 jeep wedding" couple dancing on the top of a mountain at their 4x4 wedding in a jeep wrangler

4×4 Wedding Adventurous Jeep Wranger Wedding in Jaw Dropping Colorado

Have you ever wanted a 4×4 wedding, or even considered it possible that you could have a Jeep Wrangler wedding? Maybe you’re not quite there, but the thought of driving a 4×4 or off-roading for your wedding day sounds pretty freaking amazing. Wanna hear the best-kept secret about 4×4 weddings?

They can take you to places that are usually only accessible by extremely strenuous, difficult hikes or sometimes not accessible any other way. So what the heck does that translate to? Freaking epic locations. It’s one of our best-kept secrets for location hacking without having to sweat on your wedding day.

Hey friend! We’re Oregon and Colorado elopement photographers here at Celebrate Again. We believe that the wedding day shouldn’t be about hosting parties (unless you adore parties), but more about having a freaking amazing first day of your marriage. This sets the tone for the lives you want to live, not the ones you think you should have because it’s “what everyone does.”

So you’re considering a 4×4 wedding or Jeep Wrangler adventurous wedding, how the heck do you even do that? That’s exactly what we’re here to tell and show you!

How to a 4x4 Wedding Off-Roading Elopement Adventure?

couple dancing on the top of a mountain at their 4x4 wedding in a jeep wrangler

Step 1 Decide Where To Have An Off-Roading Elopement

Decide where you want to go. While 4×4, OHV, ATV, or any other forms of off-roading can usually be done in most parts of the world, we are a little bit biased about Colorado and Oregon. But especially 4×4 weddings in Colorado. Why? Because Colorado, among a few other more rugged states, is one of the places that you’ll find epic companies like Native Jeep that let you actually DRIVE the 4×4 Jeep Wranglers yourselves, all the while making sure you stay safe, know what gear to wear or bring, and have a blast along the way while arriving at a breathtaking destination.
view of sweeping mountains from a 4x4 wedding trail inside a jeep

Let me tell you a bit of a story. (Lumalia  here) I grew up 4×4 Jeeping in Southern Colorado with my family. We drove and off-roaded hard, and sometimes you just had to close your eyes and trust your driver because that cliff edge was a bit too close for your teenage liking.

Then one vacation, we ventured out to Tennessee and thought “Yes! Let’s 4×4 wheel drive through the Smoky Mountains!” Well, we went to the rental place and while we got keys to a Jeep, we weren’t actually allowed to go off-road. We basically got a fancy car for a few hours to drive through paved mountain roads. It was underwhelming, to say the least.

This is NOT what 4×4 off-roading in Colorado is like. It’s rugged, it’s wild, it’s a blast, and yes, there is A/C which we love as a perk of this adventure! Not only that, 4×4 Jeep weddings are a great adventurous wedding option for any couples (or their guests) who face some disabilities that prevent them from being able to hike miles and miles to epic views.

view of the mountains from a 4x4 wedding jeep wrangler trail

Some other amazing places that offer 4×4 Jeep tours are Oregon, Maui, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California.

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Step 2 Hire Vendors To Help

bride holding flowers at her 4x4 wedding with a jeep wrangler in the background

Ok, so you’ve got your location. Next, hire your elopement guides and photographers to help you navigate actually getting eloped or married! (Shameless plug for us as your Colorado elopement photographers or Oregon elopement photographers.)

Step 3 Make Your Plans

bride and groom getting ready on the top of a mountain for their 4x4 wedding

While we help all of our couples navigate where to go, what to do and can even help figure out your elopement wedding dress and find vendors to help you, here are some more tips on how to elope!

When to have a 4x4 Wedding: Picking Your Adventurous Wedding Date

4x4 jeep wedding with couple dancing near jeep wranglers on the top of a mountain pass in Colorado

Usually, summer is going to be your best time. Talk with your specific touring company to understand the best time for your location and when certain trails will open up. The photos you’re seeing around here are from late June in Colorado outside of Idaho Springs with Native Jeep.

However, places like the Oregon sand dunes or Arizona may actually be better in the spring, fall or winter!

A 4x4 Wedding Sunset Jeep Wrangler Tour

couple having ceremony out in a field after their 4x4 wedding driving up

We were so excited to work with Native Jeep out in Idaho Springs. We love the sunset tour they created for Sarah & Jeremy. The drive into the mountains was breathtaking, but then the trail took us into another world. As we scaled the hill and climbed over rocks, the guides from Native Jeep were on radio chat with us about how to navigate the trails while also providing some awesome tour guide tips and history about the areas!

Sarah & Jeremy had their ceremony on one of the 4×4 trails that take you to these sweeping peaks and stunning vistas. They also brought along little macaroons to celebrate after, however, there are so many amazing ways you can make your elopement special too!

While arriving dressed, some couples could even get dressed in the trees at the top if you don’t want to sit in your nice clothes all the way up! We’ve got loads of other tips and tricks up our sleeves. We work with our couples on how to navigate what it means to have a wedding ceremony and celebration at the top of a 10,000+ foot mountain. Things like altitude sickness, handling the wild weather, and guests coming with you too.. 😉

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