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Wedding In Telluride | Colorado Elopement Photographer

Having Your Wedding in Telluride, Colorado | Why its One of My favorite Places

A wedding in Telluride, a magical place in southwest Colorado that is best known for its world class skiing, blue grass festival and film festival. But, it is also one of the most magical places ,in my opinion, to have your wedding!

It is surrounded by sweeping views from all around, has amazing waterfalls, is close to Ouray, Colorado which is known as Switzerland of America – yep its THAT gorgeous! It has absolutely every favorite Colorado activity you could ever dream of. This includes epic four wheel driving that can take you to the top of peaks that will make you feel like you stepped into some place unreal, but low and behold it really does exist!


Learn more about what we do as Telluride Colorado elopement photographers! Check out this video below of some wedding in Telluride we’ve photographed!

Wedding In Telluride

Wedding In Telluride

Wedding In Telluride

We’ve have the great opportunity to photograph a few weddings in telluride, one  wedding in Telluride in June and wedding in Telluride in April, both of which are great times to visit!

A few things you should know about having your wedding in telluride:

Telluride is a less common wedding destination


When most people think of Colorado to get married they think Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll never believe this stat but its the 2nd most popular national park in the country, even over Yosemite! So you can skip the crowds and enjoy your wedding day with just as, if not more beautiful locations than Rocky Mountain National Park.

A Telluride wedding is more accessible than you think:

Wedding In Telluride
Wedding In Telluride

United Airlines will fly you to Montrose just an hour outside of Telluride. Though the tickets may not be the cheapest it may be worth it. In order to fly into a bigger more affordable airport like Denver, Colorado or Albuquerque, New Mexico you’ll need to factor in 5.5-6 hour drive to Telluride.

If you don’t want to fly directly to Montrose you can fly into Albuquerque enjoy some southwest culture then pop in the car for 5.5 hours to Telluride!

If Denver’s more your destination spot or a more accessible airport to you its only a 6 hour drive.

Do keep in mind if you’re traveling by car anytime between September to May, especially from Denver, you could hit a snow storm that may lengthen your travel time. So, give yourself some extra travel time if you’re thinking a fall, winter or spring wedding! Having an AWD or 4WD with chains is also a great idea!

No matter your route the drive there either from Montrose, Denver or Albuquerque is one that will take your breath away!


Telluride is a High Altitude Location

These amazing views means higher altitudes which mean less oxygen, which can be hard on some people’s bodies. If you start in Albuquerque or Denver, give yourselves time to acclimate then head up to Telluride. If you go slowly your body may adjust a little better.

Telluride does have fun oxygen bars too to make sure you get enough O2!

If you live at sea level and have never been at high altitude I highly suggest going slowly!


Consider Having A Small Wedding or Telluride Elopement


Since it is not as accessible as let’s say a ballroom in your local hotel we get it can be harder to say yes to this gorgeous location when planning your wedding. But this is why we at Searching for the Light Photography LOVE the idea of small weddings or elopements. You get to plan the wedding of your dreams but can also have a reception with your family and friends back home- who maybe couldn’t afford or aren’t well enough to make the trip.

We live in a beautiful age of being able to make up the traditions and rules by which we live our lives. And we say as Americans let’s choose how we get to celebrate the proclamation of our love story. We’re here to support you!

Learn more about what is an elopement! Then head to how to elope in Colorado!

Getting Married in Telluride Is Just Plain Epic


Don’t take my word for it!

Check out the wedding’s we’ve been a part of in Telluride over there years.

Telluride Elopement

San Sophia Overlook Elopement 

P.S. Ouray is also an amazing town you should check out and we’d love to join you as your Ouray elopement photographer too!

Schedule Your Free Elopement Consult

couple standing on a ski hill after their wedding in Telluride

We would also adore coming alongside you to help you navigate all the rules, permits and locations around Telluride  as your guides and photographers.

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

We believe that your wedding day is meant to be cherished as an experience and not just an event. We’d love to help guide you in crafting a wedding day experience that you’ll never forget. Learn more about hiring us as your Colorado elopement photographers.

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