I cannot lie this rock climbing elopement as an adventure wedding photographer was a bit of a dream come true. Back in the day I used to rock climb, like a lot, we’re talking multiple times outside and training in the gym. While I was no athlete nor dreamt of competing I wasn’t so terribly bad either.

So when Lauren called me and shared her vision for their rock climbing Colorado elopement  I about jumped out of my skin.

Despite it being November Lauren & Zak were such troupers climbing in the cold. It was 40 degrees that day and sunny which was ideal but the face we were on was Capitalist Craig which was already shaded by the afternoon.

They both climbed in their elopement wedding clothes non the less the route twice through making sure we got lead rock climbing elopement photos of them both. Then did some multi pitch belaying so we could snag some epic photos of them rock climbing together. It was truly quite the adventure wedding photographers dream come true!

I even hopped on the wall myself (after 4 years of not climbin mind you haha) and to capture some up close shots of Lauren rock climbing.  My awesome assistant. Mark that day also got on the wall to get photos of Zak climbing, which you can see in the slideshow story below.

To end their epic adventurous elopement day we headed up to a beautiful peak around the area to catch the last bit of evening light where they share their vows.


Attire for your Rock Climbing Elopement or Adventure Wedding

Wondering how they did this? If you’re a rock climbing brides day dreaming of this type of rock climbing elopement or any adventurous elopement Lauren had her dress altered to have a slit up the front and wore whites shorts underneath her dress that allowed her to  rock climb. Zak found some nice looking athletic pants that were blank that would match his button up and vest. While I wouldn’t recommend another November rock climbing elopement to other couples I’m so thankful how well it turned out.

Where They Had Their Rock Climbing Elopement

For all those avid climbers that want to know more about this rock climbing elopement and where they went you can check out more info about Capitalist Crag here.

emmy photographer rock climbing with her couple
That's me, Emmy one of the adventure elopement photographers on the wall!

More Rock Climbing Elopement Photos

To see more of this rock climbing elopement you can view their slideshow below! (Click the arrow on the right to open it up in a full screen. Don’t forget to adjust the quality of the video to HD)

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