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Adventure wedding photographers resonate with you:

Do hikes, snowboarding, exploring new places your name? Are you planning your wedding and the thought of church halls, golf course clubs or traditional wedding venues don’t seem to fit what you’re looking for?

You find your heart calls you outside but your love for your family, friends and epic dance parties keep you from exploring  an adventure wedding. Instead you’re finding planning your honeymoon trip more thrilling.

What if you could have this adventure wedding? A wedding at the location of your dreams exploring with your partner AND the reception you want. All without breaking the bank.

adventure wedding photographer graphic of couple getting married in the mountains of Colorado

Elopement or Wedding? Wondering what the difference is? For us its really interchangeable but if you want a wedding focused around your experience verse catering to a party for your guests elopement may be the term you use. But for us we love to come along side you for your adventurous experience no matter the name.

Learn more about What is An Elopement 

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Together, as
Adventure wedding
photographers we can
help you
craft THIS experience

What if your adventure wedding photographer could help you craft this type of day:

Getting ready in the Colorado, Oregon or California with your closest family and friends. 

Adventuring to a secluded off-the-beaten path overlook

Walking hand in hand to exchanging your vows in a breathtaking spot that few others actually get to view with their own eyes.

Celebrating with a divinely catered picnic as you watch the sunset spinning you off into your first dance. 

Ending your day soaking in the natural hot springs as you watch the stars dance a reflection of your love story being unfolded.

Giving you the option to have an adventurous wedding experience and Celebrating Again, with a wedding reception at another time because you can.

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This adventurous wedding experience can be yours.

Welcome to Celebrate Again, where we believe that you can have an adventurous elopement AND a big wedding party. Where we believe that life is what you make it and we only get one, so let’s make it amazing. Together we can craft the wedding of your dreams – all of them.

As adventure wedding photographers and guides we help couples just like you make this experience come to life. We help you curate and document an unforgettable wedding experience.

Why should you Celebrate Again with us as your

Adventure Wedding Photographers?

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couple dancing in the snow in winter

We loved working with Lumalia Emmy and Brittany! Lumalia Emmy planned out so much for our elopement which helped relieve so much stress! And when the weather flipped the script Brittany and I figured out a new plan right before we eloped and found another beautiful location. I’d highly recommend them for any type of wedding!


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couple standing on top of a mountain from snow moibiling with their colorado elopement photographer

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Couple getting married at Sapphire Point in Colorado while their Colorado elopement photographer takes their picture during their ceremony

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More Than Adventure Wedding Photographers

Hey, we’re Lumalia Emmy & Brittany, your guides and photographers to Celebrate Again, formerly Searching for the Light Photography.

We believe that your wedding day should be about your loves – all of them. We believe that tradition and obligations shouldn’t keep you from having the wedding of your dreams, in fact we want to show you another way.

With  10+ years as Portland and Colorado elopement photographers we know how to help you craft an elopement wedding experience with our custom location and timeline recommendations that fit your loves and tells your stories, holding on to the traditions you want and giving you permission to ditch the ones that you don’t want. 

On your wedding day you’ll find us as your  photographer, guides, cheerleaders, dress fluffer, hair fixer, best friend that keeps cheering you on, wedding witness and so much more.

P.S. We’re also available as PNW elopement photographers and Oregon Elopement Photographers and throughout the USA!

emmy and brittany from celebrate again - colorado elopement photographers
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Brittany, with Celebrate Again did such an amazing job capturing our wedding photos! My favorite part was how she captured the joy and love behind us as a couple and surrounding the whole day. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a  Colorado elopement  photographer. Lumalia Emmy and Brittany were all a joy to work with, proactive in their communication, and took time to get to know us as a couple. A great wedding photographer was number one on my list and Celebrate Again did not disappoint. We’ll be enjoying these photos for years to come!


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5+ Easy Steps

1. Let’s chat about your ideal wedding experience
2. Reserve your date
3. Let’s plan out your day.
4. Capture your amazing wedding day.
5. Share your photos with family and friends.
6. We give back to help couples in need Celebrate Again.

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Ready for this adventure elopement wedding photography Experience to be yours?

We believe in the beauty of creating an adventure around your wedding day, gathering those closest to you to exchange your vows and having a reception if you want later. Your wedding day should be in a place that takes your breath away. Your wedding day should reflect the story of the life you want to build and live together. 

While most couples cannot afford an all inclusive destination wedding, most can afford an epic elopement experience and a laid back dance party – at half the price.

Did you know most couples spend $30,000+ on a traditional wedding, whereas a high end elopement can cost only $10,000- $15,000?

Check out our Adventure Elopement Packages.

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Exchanging your vows is sacred and should be done where you feel the most connected, the most grounded. We believe your wedding day should reflect all your loves and hold only the traditions you value most dearly. Are you ready to Celebrate Again?



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My husband and I had a great experience with Emmy as our elopement photographer! We had a small intimate wedding in the mountains outside of Denver with about 20 guests. She eased my worries. She was polite but firm about what photos would be taken and didn’t let our families run the show, which we greatly appreciated! This left plenty of time for shots of just me and my new husband, which was what we really wanted! They all turned out amazing. It was freezing (literally) but Emmy and her assistant made the process easy and fun. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the Denver area! If we weren’t out of state now, I would love for her to do some maternity photos for me! Thank you, Emmy!


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