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How To Have Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Exclusive Guide

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You’re considering a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or elopement but not sure where to start? Have you ever felt the most peace and calm standing at the top of a mountain? If you’ve ever had the greatest joy standing at the top of a peak or being surrounded by mountains like the Rockies you’ll know it’s a feeling that’s hard to beat. 

Simply put to have a  Rocky Mountain National park wedding you need to apply for a permit with the park and follow the rules in the permit. Be mindful over the past few years permits have become sparse, so plan early and make sure you’re working with a great elopement photographer and guide to help you have plan B’s if you cannot get a permit for a Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding.

P.S. We have an arsenal of just as epic places you can get married if you work with us!

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Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding
Quick Facts

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10 Quick Facts about Having Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

  1. A permit is required to have your wedding ceremony in RMNP regardless if it’s just the two of you getting married.
  2. Only 12 locations in the park are approved for your actual ceremony. See where to get married for more details or the map.
  3. Leave no trace principles must be practiced during your wedding ceremony.
  4. Your ceremony site is not exclusive to you during your ceremony even with a permit. Park visitors may also be in the area or at your ceremony site. 
  5. As of 2020 ceremony sites have a max size of 10 guests but the park does have sites that can hold up to 100 people. And all 2021 ceremony permits are full. However you can still take photos in the park! Or check out our best places to elope in Colorado guide for more ideas!
  6. Wedding ceremonies cannot occupy picnic sites.
  7. Morning or Evening ceremonies are best to avoid the crowds, consider prior to 9am or after 5pm
  8. Winter and spring are less busy times in the park. Check out when to have your RMNP for more info.
  9. Weather is unpredictable in the park so it’s recommended to have a backup location in case the weather turns. Work with your Colorado elopement photographer and guide to help you navigate this.
  10. You’ll never regret having your wedding in such a beautiful location.
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Rock Mountain National Park Wedding

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Why A Rock Mountain National Park Wedding?

Have you gotten to explore a lot of Colorado before? If you haven’t you may know Colorado is home to some of the most gorgeous mountains in the USA. So, of all the places in the US or even Colorado why would you choose to have a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or elopement? 

Rock Mountain National Park Wedding
#1 Crazy Beautiful

view of rocky mountain national park

#1 Rocky Mountain National Park Is Crazy Beautiful

Obviously, it’s crazy beautiful… but it’s protected and well developed because it’s a national park. We love that you can access some of the most stunning views from a car ride up Trail Ridge Road, or zip down through the canyon and be centered on gorgeous alpine lakes like Sprague Lake or Dream Lake.

Rock Mountain National Park Wedding
#2 Accesible

View of trail ridge road in Rocky Mountain national park on the way to Dream Lake Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings are Easy To Get To

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of just as beautiful places in Colorado with way less people. Having a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding is super easy to get to from pretty much anywhere as long as you can fly, drive a car or bus, it’s super accessible. Only 1.5 hours from Denver, bus transportation throughout the area and having ADA applicant access is really available to most everyone with the means to get to Colorado.

Rock Mountain National Park Wedding
#3 Near Towns

rocky mountain national park cabin

Rocky Mountain National park Weddings Are Near Gorgeous Mountain Towns

If it seems like you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, you don’t need to fear, Estes Park is literally around the corner from the park and Grand Lake on the other side of the Park is just as developed.


Estes Park does have more amenities, including more lodging options, restaurants and convenience stores. You won’t find any super stores in either of these towns so do keep that in mind when traveling. But there are plenty of local stores to get all the supplies you could ever need. 

Pro Tip We highly recommend shopping around to find the best bang for your buck between 

Home Stays Like AirBNB ProsHome Stays Like AirBNB Cons
A private place to yourself: if you select this
Weekly Cleaning
Supporting local homeownersHave to make your own bed
May have a very curated guidebook to the areaStaff isn’t usually on site
Usually has kitchenOwners may not be reachable 24/7
Feels more like home
More affordable for needing more than one room
More remote locations
Having a local stay feel

Find your Airbnb stay in Estes Park or Grand Lake here.

Rocky mountain National Park Wedding COVID Update

Wedding ceremony reservations are VERY limited, please check with the park and plan to have an alternative wedding spot if you are getting married sooner than you can secure a reservation. Consider hiring an experienced Colorado elopement photographer and guide to help you navigate this well!  (Shameless plug to hire us!)

Reservations are required to enter into the park as well. It is highly discouraged to have a wedding ceremony without a permit and could result in hefty fines. 

You can however consider having wedding photos with a portrait permit done here and your actual ceremony outside the park.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding
How To Get Married

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How To Have A Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

couple having a rocky mountain national park wedding snugging in front of the mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Permit

While we wish you could just adventure into the park and get married, the reality is you do need to have a special use permit to have a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or elopement. 

The permit is a couple hundred dollars (visit website for current price). Your actual fee isn’t due until application is approved.

rocky Mountain national park wedding Permit Tips

  • Keep the permit on you at all times when in the park. 
  • All your guests will need a copy of your permit and can enter the park as early as 2 hours before your ceremony.
  • Book your permit as far in advance as you can, which can be up to one year in advance or as late as 7 days. (See COVID update for current status of the permit)
  • Permits are first come first serve. 
  • Your reservation is only for 2 hours at your ceremony site.
  • Read the full rules and regulations for your actual permit to avoid extra fines.

Rules & Regulations for your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Rules can have a bad rep sometimes but the most important thing to remember about rules is that they keep the parks safe for everyone including wildlife and other visitors. These national parks are treasures for us and I don’t know about you but I want other generations to be able to enjoy these majestic spaces too. So it starts with us. 

Ok lecture over on to the rules. Please check with your actual permit for current and updated rules.

rocky Mountain national park wedding: Leave No Trace

couple at their rocky Mountain national park wedding smiling together in a field

If you haven’t heard of the LNTP then I’m excited to share this practice with you. It is this concept that we love these beautiful spaces and we want to visit them and leave them as we found them. 

  • Take with you what you brought including all trash and food scraps. 
  • Stay off sensitive environments. Basically stay on the trail or on actual rocks at your own risk. 
  • Don’t pick wild flowers
  • Don’t feed or approach wildlife
  • Consider the outdoors like a museum but where you get to have epic adventures too. 😉 

rocky Mountain national park wedding Permist Is Not Exclusive

Your Rocky Mountain National Park wedding ceremony permit is not exclusive, meaning they don’t shut down any portion of the park or your ceremony area for you. 

I know this can be a bummer but in our experience most people will respectfully remove themselves if you’re having a wedding. You may have people standing around staring at you in delight haha. Which is why we recommend early or late hours for your ceremony to avoid crowds. 

Lily Lake Pond does have a sign that gives you the right to ask non wedding guests to leave while you have your permit.

rocky Mountain national park wedding Decorations

wedding arch with flowers

Banners or streamers aren’t allowed to be attached to trees or anywhere else during your ceremony. As lovely as floral arranged arches, rugs and other decorative items are, they cannot be used in this area. Throwing rice, confetti , flowers or pretty much anything else is not allowed. So basically if you can hold it you can bring it. 

EXCEPT at Moraine Park Discovery Center Amphitheater you can have an arch.

rocky Mountain national park wedding Music & Amps

There is a sound limit to the music you play meaning that it cannot be too loud. Specifically the rules specify that it cannot be above 60 decibels.

Having sound amps or microphones for you or your officiant isn’t permitted either. Just talk loud!

This also means you cannot have a live band.

rocky Mountain national park wedding Time Limit & Reservations

Permits are first come first serve so you cannot pay more or anything to make sure you have a permit at your specific date and time. You can reserve your permit upto a year an advance. You will only have your permit for a 2 hour window.

rocky Mountain national park wedding: Other Regulations To Know

  • Your photographer and officiant doesn’t need a permit if you have a special use ceremony permit. 
  • Moraine Park Discovery Center is the only place where your dog is allowed to be at your ceremony. Otherwise dogs have to be 100 feet off the road and on a leash. You must state the presence of your dog on your application too. Dogs are not allowed at:
  • Check with the rangers about how accessible any ceremony sites are for anyone in a wheelchair or personal mobility aids.
  • Lily Lake Southside Picnic is the only place you can have a reception or hold a food reception and does require a separate permit.
  • Construction can happen at any point and your permit may be cancelled, in which case you can get a full refund. 

What You’ll Need For Your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: Attire

Don’t forget your dress/suit! Or well, whatever it is you want to wear, it’s your wedding!

Check out more ideas on what to wear for your outdoor elopement wedding in our elopement wedding dress guide!

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: The Right Weather Gear

Make sure to bring some warm layers in case the weather turns. Rain jackets, snow jackets, skin toned leggings for under your clothes, hats, mittens, proper snow gloves and hand warmers are always a good idea to have, no matter the season.

Pro Tip: Even if you think you won’t need these things in the summer, trust me, you will want to bring them if your wedding day includes heading up to Trail Ridge road. It can be extremely cold with the wind chill up there, and you may want those snow gloves, pants and hand warmers real quick.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: Other Personal Items To Bring

We personally love blankets that you can wrap around each other to keep each other warm in!

Don’t forget your sunscreen, you’re closer to the sun out here. 

Remember your bug spray too! While bugs aren’t as bad out here as more humid locations like the South or Midwest, they will still get to you if you go into other parts of the park like Moraine Meadows. Keep in mind that wearing perfume may attract some extra critters too.

Hair and makeup fixes are also helpful to bring with.

For a more detailed list of what to bring on your Colorado trip, check out our Colorado Packing List that can help you make sure you have everything you need!

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Shoes

couple on their wedding day showing their shoes

If you have some amazing high heels or wedges you want to wear, make sure to bring other shoes to walk in. While some ceremony sites are flat, it could be muddy or generally unpleasant in those fabulous shoes. I promise you, your feet will thank me later. Always got you covered here, friend. 

If you’re planning to adventure elsewhere in the park later, such as taking a hike in another area, please bring proper hiking shoes. Mud and tennies aren’t fun, just saying, and snow… yes snow can stick around year round on the trails.

Crampons are also a good idea for extra adventuring.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Wedding Flowers

Flowers are completely optional. It is a good idea to make sure to check with your florist about safe flowers for the environment. Or snag some amazing silk flowers from our favorite Denver silk florist vendor or find some on Etsy.

Do keep in mind tossing flowers down isn’t permitted at the park.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Officiant & Guests

wedding guests and officiants gathering for a rocky mountain national park wedding

In the state of Colorado you can sign your license yourselves without an officiant performing your ceremony, though you still could have one! You also don’t need witnesses. Grab your license when you arrive at a local county and clerks office, many allow you to do this online too and sign your license on your wedding day!

So, officiants and guests are an option of course. Just make sure they all have a copy of your wedding permit to enter the park. They’ll still have to pay the entrance fee but won’t need any other special reservations to enter. They can also use the parks shuttle system to get to your ceremony site but will need to coordinate well and may have to walk some distances depending on your ceremony location.

Learn more about what is an elopement here!

Rocky Mountain National Park WeddingCar

You’ll want to have your own car to get around the park. While buses do run in the park and Uber will drive in the park, a car service could become very expensive especially if you’re coming from Denver or are in the park for a long period. 

A four wheel drive car isn’t necessary unless you plan to have your wedding after late September when snow storms are possible within the park. In the fall and late spring (after May) you may be able to get away with a 2WD, weather dependent. 

If you’re coming during snow season (October – May), you’ll want to have a four wheel drive car and possibly chains to get through the mountain passes up to Estes Park and into the park. An emergency blizzard kit in your car is also a very wise idea (flashlight, water bottles, warm blankets, an extra set of clothes, dry food, snow shovel, winter snow gloves, etc.)

Photographer and/or Videographer

We’d absolutely adore coming alongside you to document your wedding day and help you navigate all the logistics of an outdoor adventurous wedding. We believe it’s worth capturing and experiencing a wedding day that fits your personalities and great love for beautiful places like Sprague Lake.

Hey, we’re Lumalia (Emmy) & team, photographer and elopement guides here at Celebrate Again. We believe that your wedding day should take your breath away and be the first glorious chapter in the story of your lives. We also hope, if you’re anything like us, that you can begin your lives as “lifers” with a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or similar adventure.



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Where to Get Married for your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

We have no doubt you’ll find the perfect ceremony spot with so many to choose from. Keep in mind you can also go elsewhere in the park with your photographer to explore.

If you’re big adventurers, consider a sunrise hike before your ceremony at one of the beautiful alpine lakes like Dream Lake, Colorado!

To see all of these locations on a map see our Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding map below.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Sprague Lake

If you’re looking for a ceremony site that is lakeside, has beautiful views of the mountains, is wheelchair accessible, has restrooms, and easy to get to, you should check out Sprague Lake for your Rocky Mountain National Park wedding. 

For an even more detailed guide on how to have your wedding at Sprague Lake check out our Sprague Lake Wedding guide!

Note: this area can be busy so do expect crowds or check out or Sprague Lake Wedding guide for some ideas on how to make this an ideal wedding spot!

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at 3m Curve

This area is super easy to get to but has very limited parking. In fact only 3 cars from your wedding can park here with a max of 10 people. It’s a small pull off area so you won’t even want to try to have more.  

There are gorgeous rock formations that could make for some epic photos if you and your photographer feel safe doing so and there aren’t any signs forbidding it, above all keep safe! You’ll have a beautiful view of Longs Peak in the background!

It can be trick to find so make sure to check out our map or use the coordinates to get there: 40°22’50.5″N 105°36’13.5″W

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Alluvial Fan Bridge

A bridge, meadow views, boulder heavy rivers, this is the ceremony spot for you! You’ll find two parking spots so you can park at the east or west lot but make sure to communicate ahead of time with guests and each other for where you’ll end up on the trail for your ceremony, cell service can be spotty in the park.

Alluvial Fan Bridge is about 7 miles or a little over 20 minutes from Beaver Meadows Visitor Center so make sure you give yourselves enough time to get in and out of the park for your ceremony time.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Bear Lake Nature Trail

Looking for lots of trees, aspens, restrooms, alpine lake and mountain views, this is your Rocky Mountain Wedding ceremony spot! It can be busy, but check out our guide about Dream Lake Weddings to see how you can have a successful less busy wedding here and if you’re up for an adventure, hike up to Dream Lake post or pre ceremony! 

This trailhead is about 30 minutes into the park from Estes Park so make sure to plan accordingly. The parking lot is really big but can fill up quickly so make sure to have a plan B for parking if you’re having your ceremony in the summer time during busy park hours (9am – 4pm).

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Copeland Lake (Wild Basin Area)

Copeland Lake is a lake area with mountain views and a few aspen trees.

This trailhead is about 30 minutes into the park from Estes Park so make sure to plan accordingly. 

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Harbison Meadow Picnic Area (West Side Grand Lake)

A beautiful meadow with lovely mountain views near Grand Lake. This is an ideal wedding spot if you’re wanting to stay in Grand Lake vs Estes Park. If you’re getting married in the summer you’ll definitely want to take time to head up to trail ridge road after your photos!

We also love that wildlife frequent this spot. Don’t approach wildlife and leave food in cars.

There are no restrooms at this location.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Hidden Valley

About 20 minutes in from Estes Park’s entrance you’ll find aspens, pine trees and summer wildflowers, a wood bridge, restrooms and a wheelchair accessible ceremony location. Hence the name, you’ll be in a valley.

In the winter months you’ll find sledders in this area too. So bring your sled and enjoy a fun ride on your wedding day!

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Lily Lake Dock, Trail & Southside Picnic Area

About a quarter of a mile walk to the trail, this Rocky mountain wedding ceremony spot has mountain views, an alpine lake, is wheelchair accessible, a knoll and aspen trees. There is also a public restroom here.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Moraine Park Visitor Center Amphitheater

Tucked into the pine trees this area overlooks Moraine park and Longs Peak. The amphitheater has wooden benches, and stairs that end in a centered ceremony spot. The views of the mountains are a bit obstructed in the ceremony spot but this place can hold more people than many other Rocky Mountain National Park wedding ceremony spots. Check RMNP website for up-to-date info about current rules for guest sizes.

This is the only place where your dog can come to your ceremony but must stay on leash.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Timber Creek Campground Amphitheater

A newer amphitheater with wooden backed benches and wall behind with mountains peaking over the top, this is a lovely spot for a ceremony when you need to have a place for your guests to sit. This is also wheelchair accessible. 

We love this spot because if you have guests that need chairs and use mobility aids, this is a great spot with lovely views. It also has restrooms nearby. 

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Upper Beaver Meadows

Only 1.5 miles in from the Estes Park, Beaver Creek Meadows Visitor Center entrance this area is a lovely meadow with views of the Continental Divide and has restrooms. 

Make sure to include sunscreen and bug spray in your getting ready list as you’ll experience a need for both here!

Sadly, this is not a ceremony spot during the winter months.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Location Map

When to have your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Rocky Mountain National Park weddings can happen anytime of the year! Do keep in mind that winter in the park can be very intense. We’re talking below freezing degrees and legit blizzards. So it’s always good to have a backup plan if the weather isn’t safe to be in or have a flexible date. You will have to talk to the park about the flexibility of your permit. 

Pro Tip We’re personally fans of VRBO and Airbnb rentals to have as a backup plan with epic views. Check out locations in Estes Park or if you’re planning on a summer wedding check out Grand Lake for less crowded areas too! (The drive in from Grand Lake is a lot longer but crazy beautiful!)

For more ideas check out our AirBnb wedding venue Colorado guide!

Summer Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings & Elopements

Summer really doesn’t arrive in the park until mid June and sometimes not until July. Estes Park and Denver may reach the 80s and even into the 100s during the summer, but inside the park, it will probably not get warmer than the high 70s and can be as cool as 30 or 40 degrees in the evenings. 

Weather is very unpredictable inside RMNP so make sure to plan accordingly and have a Plan B for your wedding. You don’t want to be at the top of a peak with severe thunderstorms warnings.

Mornings in the mountains tend to be calmer, so if you are concerned about the weather, earlier in the day is your best bet!

Fall Rocky Mountain National Park Elopements & Weddings

Weather is a bit unpredictable in the fall. While I really wish I could give you the complete insider’s guide to the exact date of when to find the magical changing leaves of fall, the reality is that no one really knows until about late August. In late August a foliage map is usually published to predict the weather.

Expectations of Fall Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings

Sadly the reality is that while these predictions are pretty accurate, a stray snowstorm can come through and turn fall into winter in 24 hours. I wish this weren’t true but the last thing I want is for you to plan a fall wedding and be broken hearted when you end up with a winter wedding instead.

On the other hand, winters in RMNP are just as gorgeous, at least we think so. As with all outdoor adventures you have to just roll with what happens and if you hire us to be your elopement wedding photographers we’d love to help you keep spirits high as things change often. 

Winter Rocky Mountain National Park Sprague Lake Elopements & Weddings

couple in the snow having a rocky mountain national park wedding

Winters here in Colorado are fickle. Seriously, if you were dating winter here in Colorado, you’d feel like you were in the most dramatic, bipolar relationship of your life. 

In Denver, it can be 70 degrees mid winter and about 50 degrees within the park. With the sun out you’d hardly notice that it’s winter, let alone need a jacket. Heck, bring out the sunscreen and hat because the heat is on! 

Ok, but really, you should still wear sunscreen especially in the winter, snow reflects the sun which equals sunburns way faster than you may have thought possible.

My point being, prepare as if you’re going to meet the nastiest blizzard you’ve ever seen but pack layers to take off because it could also feel like a summer day.

When is the best bet for a Winter Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Even though the weather is wild, late January, February and early March are your best chance to catch some beautiful snowfall in the park. 

Don’t forget your crampons for icy patches or snowshoes so you don’t sink deep into the snow if it’s recently snowed a lot. I promise they will both be worth having! 

Check out our Colorado Packing List for some of our favorites and other helpful winter gear to have.

Spring Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings & Elopements

Spring, flowers blooming, tulips, allergies, grass and all the greenness. Sounds magical right? If you live in the southern part of the country you’ll think April is spring, but out here in the Rockies you’ll have to remember spring is really just winter.

For our true “spring,” consider late May, as this is usually when things start to bloom and come alive. Be warned though, it can still be full of blizzards into May and sometimes June

If you want to hit up Trail Ridge Road, make sure you wait until late June or July as the road sometimes doesn’t even open until then.

Pro Tip If you don’t mind embracing any weather, then Spring is one of the best times to elope in the park! You’ll find way fewer crowds than in summer and early fall! Make sure to have your four wheel drive car and gear for winter travel just to be safe!

More Pro Tips For Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Altitude

We want you to have the best wedding possible. So, remember you’ll be at between 7000 – 8000 feet during your visit. 

Keep in mind whether you’re staying in Estes Park or Grand Lake, alcoholic drinks will hit you twice as fast, haha. See how you feel before you hop in that car, friend—you may suddenly be more tipsy than you meant to get. Sincerely, your surrogate mama, Lumalia (Emmy).

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Altitude Sickness

Depending on where you go in the park you can gain 3000 feet in elevation so If you are feeling any altitude sickness (headache, lightheadedness, dizziness) please drink a lot more water with electrolytes (adding a lime is our favorite way to do this) and keep an eye on your symptoms before you head up any further. 

Hire a Rocky Mountain
National Park Wedding Photographer + Guide

We’re here to be your elopement day BFF’s and share our expertise through the entire planning process.Schedule a call with us to get this party started! 

Two Oregon elopement photographers snuggled up in the door of their RV

We believe in intention over tradition and that your wedding day should feel like you! 

Let’s craft a wedding day experience that lets you run wild. 

Learn more about hiring us as your Colorado Elopement Photographers

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Choosing other Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding vendors

These vendors may be helpful in navigating your Rocky Mountain National Park wedding day too!

  • Event Planner
  • Reception Venue & coordinator
  • Florist
  • Officiant
  • Private Chef
  • Reception Restaurant 
  • Travel Agent

For a list of our favorite vendors check out our Vendors We Love page.



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Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: Double Check

Rocky Mountain updates all this info regularly on their website so please verify with their website all details when and if you do have a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding.

Need other locations?

Ready to start packing for your elopement? Check out our free elopement packing list!

Feeling like you want some extra support right now? We gotcha bb. Check out some of our fave elopement guides we’ve made just for you:

Washington Resources


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