Best Colorado Winter Elopement Locations | Winter Wedding Locations Colorado

Wondering where the best Colorado winter elopement locations are? Or the best winter wedding locations Colorado?We’ve compiled the best winter elopement locations in Colorado, just for you.

Colorado is such a diverse beautiful state, we have 14,000 ft mountains, desert sand dunes, red rocks, alpine lakes, rivers, hot springs, cute little mountain towns and a bustling city. I think the only thing we don’t truly have is the ocean, but we do have a few alpine lakes and reservoirs that can help all you water lovers enjoy that aspect as well.

Not only that, but we have, on average, 300 days of sunshine per yer!

Okay, that may include days that have a random rain storm for two seconds, but it usually just means we see the sun that many days per year, which is amazing!

So, when people know they want to elope, get married or plan on eloping in Colorado mountains, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin to narrow down locations.

So, we’ve compiled a list of our “Best of Colorado” locations.

These are by no means an exhaustive list, but includes some of our personal favorites.

Some places are only accessible during certain seasons, so keep that in mind when looking through this list!

The bonus element is that all of these locations are accessible even if you’re not a hardcore hiker, meaning they are less than a mile walk or hike from a parking area to the location itself. So, if you’re planning even an adventurous Colorado mountain wedding with someone who cannot hike for miles or who is subject to the very real hindrance of altitude sickness, these are great ideas!

And if you’re looking for a Colorado elopement photographer, a Colorado intimate wedding photographer, a Mountain wedding photographer or just someone to capture your love story, Brittany and I would love to come along side you as your adventure elopement photographers and guides.

We’ve also written a few other articles to help you find the perfect location.

This blog post will focus on Colorado Winter elopement locations that feature sweeping views, mountain vistas, or beautiful immersion in evergreen or aspen trees! To view the other categories click on the categories above!

Wondering how to plan a winter elopement. Skip on down!

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Colorado Winter Elopement:
Best Winter Elopement Locations

Table of Contents

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Best Colorado Winter Elopement Locations for Winter Weddings In Colorado, Colorado Winter Weddings, Winter Weddings Colroado

Colorado Winter Elopement: Best Winter Elopement Locations
#1 Rocky Mountain National Park


Colorado winter weddings are so magical here in Colorado.

Now don’t forget winter in the mountains is from September or October to May and sometimes June. Keep that in mind if you’re hoping for say, a summer experience after-all.

Rocky mountain national park is enchanting. While, RMNP does come with crowds and we usually recommend we find a secluded place or going early in the morning or mid week to skip some of the crowds but in all our years photographing there we have loved every single experience we’ve guided couples through.

The best part about a winter wedding Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park is the fact that the park is less crowded after Decemeber. 

Can I also fill you in on a secret? Winter doesn’t come to Colorado until February or March! 

Bring you sense of adventure, maybe some extra thermal layers, crampons or snow shoes couldn’t hurt either!

Wondering how to have a Colorado winter elopement in RMNP? Check out our Rocky Mountain National Park wedding guide!

We especially loved this dream lake hike in winter snowshoeing! 



Its no surprise this makes the list its named Winter after all!! Ok ok, “dad” jokes aside, it really is a stunning place outside of Berthoud Pass and the surrounding cities!

We love winter park weddings because you get to skip some of the gnarly I-70 traffic into all the main ski areas but get to go to places just as lovely!

Make sure to bring your four wheel drive and check Berthoud Pass if your’e traveling to this location on your wedding day. Take turns driving because the drive up to winter park is crazy beautiful!

It cannot hurt to have a plan B with your winter park elopement photographers too. 

Colorado Winter Elopement | Best Winter Elopement Locations
#3 Ice Castles

Distance from Denver: 1.5 hours (typically)

We LOVE this special display so much.

While we wish ice castles was a place it really is a artistic formation put on by Ice Castles.

This is a super cool place for photos we wouldn’t recommend actually getting married here.

HOLD THE PHONE, Emmy and Brittany, isn’t this a list of Colorado winter elopement locations?

Yes yes, but let us do one better.

We know of this epic actual ice caves just an hour away from where the Ice Castles are usually hosted.

Here’s the catch: Its so special we don’t share where its located nor its name until you book with us as your Colorado winter wedding photographers.

You can check out our winter elopement packages Colorado too.


If you do visit the Ice Castles, which we HIGHLY recommend even outside of  winter elopements, do keep in mind you literally are in the middle of blocks of ice so it is very cold.

When visiting the Ice Castles, order your tickets ahead of time and account for 30 minute wait time to enter into the display.

Colorado Winter Elopement | Best Winter Elopement Locations
#4 Vail Colorado

Snowmobile Adventure Winter Mountain Elopement | Vail Pass Winter Elopement | Colorado Elopement Photographer

Distance from Denver: 2 hours

Vail is an iconic winter location because of their world renowned skiing but also because their downtown is so adorable.

We love that you can stroll along the rivera area even in the winter and capture some of the beautiful mountain vibes. The town of vail is pretty engrossed by trees so it doesn’t have those sweeping mountain views like Dillon does but it has a downtown that is the most adorable European feel.

You can get married at the top of vail mountain but you usually have to book a wedding package with Vail Resorts. 

We recommend Vail if you’re looking for a mountain lake view, and are wanting to adventure around the area…you know maybe for a snowmobile elopement!

Check out this Vail Colorado elopement where we enjoyed the beautiful riverside of Vail and their adorable downtown.

Mountain Engagement Photos {Danielle & Mark | Vail Engagement Photos in the Rain}

Colorado Winter Elopement | Best Winter Elopement Locations
#5 Telluride

Distance from Denver: 6.5 hours

Talk about epic winter wedding locations in Colorado. Telluride has world renowned skiing but you can also get married around town, have a reception at their mid-mountain dinning hall and get these views.

Telluride winter weddings are one of the marvelous places in Colorado, at least in our opinion.

It can get a bit touristy and usually busy in the peak winter seasons around the holiday’s but if you plan your Colorado winter elopement during March or April you’ll score amazing deals and skip all the crowds.

The only down fall of a Telluride winter wedding is that it can be hard to get to, flights into Montorose, Colorado or Durango, Colorado are the closest airports and usually pretty expensive.

Telluride is a 5/6 hour drive away from Denver, Colorado if you have the time! Which I certainly thing its worth it.

If you’re on a tighter budget visit these places in April/May or late August/September.

Keep in mind some of the town may be shut down during May and October but prices will drop as its commonly known as “mud season” because its not quite winter or summer and you’re not able to do a lot of the adventures but if you MUST go there even just for hiking and to see the place to get married or celebrate it’s a great option.

Learn more about having your wedding in telluride!
You can also see more from this telluride elopement here.

Colorado Winter Elopement | Best Winter Elopement Locations
#6 Silverthorne

Distance from Denver: 1.5 hours

Silverthrone has a cute little town view and is in the area of Summit County or all the small Colorado towns you’ll pass through if you go to Vail or Breckenridge. I love this area because of you access to a cute little stream and the beautiful mountain views. Its close to Dillon too and if you’ve read my other blog locations then you’ll know this whole area of Summit County is beautiful.

Colorado Winter Elopement | Best Winter Elopement Locations
#7 Other Mountain Locations

Most of my Mountain locations can actually be quite the beautiful winter wonderland so for sake of keeping this post to an actual blog and not a book you can reference that post for more ideas!

I haven’t photographed at these places but they are on my bucket list!

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Colorado Winter Elopement:
Winter Elopement Tips

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Things to know about Colorado winter elopements, Mountain weddings, or anniversary photography locations:

  • All outdoor weddings/events may require a permit with most areas. So once you do your research of where you want to go make sure you know the rules of the area. No one wants to get a fine on their wedding or celebration day.
  • Altitude sickness is a true reality at these high altitude locations so research it and make sure to pack the right supplies or have alternative plans.

  • Winter weddings can be pretty intense here especially if you get stuck in the middle of a blizzard, so plan on a flexible date especially if your venue doesn’t have an inside locaiton easy to access.

  • Weather is variable up in the mountains, but the great part of Colorado is that it could down pour for an hour and one hour later be sunshine with not a cloud in sight.

  • Dress for the weather, your skin will freeze if you don’t have the right wear for the temperatures. Boots that are cute for snow in the city may not cut it outside on top of a mountain in below freezing temps. I highly recommend researching some good pairs of shoes and options to help you stay warm. No one wants to get frost bit on their wedding day or anniversary celebration. I do have to add though the Colorado sun is VERY warm when its out, so it can help it feel warmer than it is which does mean sunscreen is still necessary even in the middle of winter. 😉 For our complete guide of what to wear for winter check out our Colorado Packing List and make sure to check out our winter section.

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Colorado Winter Elopement:
How To Plan a winter elopement

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how to plan a winter elopement

#1 Find Your Location

Use our Colorado winter elopement location guide above to help you find your spot, or use our favorite app All Trails to find a hiking area where you can snowshoe if you’re a hiking type!

Make sure you know the rules of the area, getting proper permits and practicing Leave No Trace principles (if you don’t know this please go learn its so amazing!)

#2 Hire Your Vendors

Elopement wedding vendors can be a huge help in helping you navigate your winter elopement! 

We’re more than winter elopement photographers we are also guides, helping you understand how to have an outdoor wedding in a non-traiudional venue and craft an epic timeline for your wedding day following the best lighting.

You may also want to consider a wedding planner, officiant, florist and caterer.

Staying at a local home stay is a great way to have an intimate winter wedding!

Pro Tip We highly recommend shopping around to find the best bang for your buck between VRBO, Turnkey and Airbnb

#3 Pick out your attire & Decore

What we love most about elopements and what is an elopement really is that its centered around you. So, if you want to wear a dress and suit go ahead. 

If you want to snowboard on your wedding day go ahead.

Let your winter elopement be about you. How to plan a winter elopement is basically crafting a day about your experience. 

If you’re wondering how to find a winter elopement wedding dress check out our guide!

Enjoy your Winter Wonderland Elopement

Enjoy your day! While we wish you a magical wintery wonderland elopement! We hope you maybe even elope on the slops!

We know sometimes especially here in Colorado winter can be dry and barren. Plan to be flexible and remember the day is about you two and your experience, snow or no snow. Though we hope you have snow.

Want more tips on How to elope in Colorado? Check out this guide! 

Hire an
Elopement Wedding
Photographer + Guide

We would also adore coming alongside you to help you navigate all the rules, permits and locations around finding the best winter wonderland locations, understanding the best time of year to catch the most snow in your location.

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

We believe that your wedding day is meant to be cherished as an experience and not just an event. We’d love to help guide you in crafting a wedding day experience that you’ll never forget. Learn more about hiring us as your adventure wedding photographer or  Colorado elopement photographers.



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