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Folly Beach Anniversary Photos | Folly Beach, SC Couples Photos


What if your marriage celebration did not end on your wedding day? Being a part of the wedding industry for almost a decade now I’ve come to realize this gap in our culture.

Many of us have a huge build up to our wedding day and the actual wedding day is a glorious celebration and I’d say rightfully so. But then our marriage is just that, our celebrations are never as grandiose and hardly celebrated.

Coming closer to a decade of marriage myself I knew I wanted to change this. I wanted to encourage couples to celebrate their marriages more to document their growth and their love.

Let’s be real marriage is hard and life is hard, so we need all the excuses we can to celebrate so that is why I’ve been encouraging couples to celebrate their marriages every day but also document their relationship with photography.

This was the exact case for Andrea & Gustavo. They’ve been married for 15 years and I was so excited that they were ready and willing to glamorously celebrate their anniversary with photography with me when I was visiting Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina.

As a part of all my marriage/relationship celebration photography sessions I encouraged couples to write a note to each-other. Throughout the sessions I encouraged them with conversation topics that get them reminiscing and drawing deeper into all the goodness and depth of their relationship, paired with lots of affection and cuddles you can imagine how connecting of a time it can be. Then to top the cherry off on top we end our anniversary couple photography session reading the notes couples write to each other.

I’m so thankful to have done this with Andrea & Gustavo they are such a fun pair and their love is so strong and deep. I love how they perfectly compliment each other in their drive and deep appreciation for family. I was so honored to help them make space for time just together to celebrate each other and their amazing 15 years together.

As a part of my couples anniversary re connect photography sessions couples can now add their voices reading their letters to their slideshow similar to Andrea & Gustavo’s below. I love so much how this can be a resource for married couples on a hard day to go back and watch the slideshow and remember all the good and all they’ve been through. We all need more hope and encouragement especially in our marriages so I’m so excited to now cooperate this into these slideshow!

(Click on the arrow in the corner to see this full screen and don’t forget to change the quality!)

I also wanted to share a special shout out to everyone  that helped make this anniversary celebration come together.

Andrea & Gustavo of course!

Andrea’s a stylist and you can find her work  here as a blogger: and here as a stylist:


Flowers We Are Petaloso

Dresses Bella Bridesmaids

Jewelry from Gold Creations

Headpieces from Emma Katzka

Makeup by Jonny Cosmetics at Colur Studios

Hair by Drybar Charleston

Car from Cars on Kiawah

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