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Your guide and photographer to connecting to your beloved at home

Keep Celebrating

At Home

Did you plan your epic anniversary celebration or couple’s photo session only to have it cancelled due to the coronavirus? Friend, celebration doesn’t have to end nor does it have to be completely rescheduled. I’d love to come alongside you, help guide you to have the most epic day of stay-at-home orders, and keep celebrating. Are you ready to Celebrate Again?


If you’re anything like me you know your marriage deserves this celebration. You’ve been through so much together and no life situation should stop you from celebrating the beautiful years you’ve had together. Celebration doesn’t always have to look how we imagine it rather let’s use our imaginations to make it just as epic as an abroad adventure could be. 


Let’s document this crazy piece of history we are living right now.

We Can
Still Celebrate

In times like these our hearts need to celebrate.  In the midst of all the grief, anger, sadness and hardships this is the time we still need to find moments of laughter, goodness and joy. 

Envision a day together having so much fun together that you cannot stop laughing and smiling.

Enjoying time to relax, calming your heart, mind, body and soul to be refreshed for the amazing life you’re building.

You can do all of this from your living room couch, no professional skills needed. Why? because I’ll be your guide. But WAIT: Are you in the Denver area? You could still hire me for a full Celebrate Again experience!


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During a pandemic


Lumalia (Emmy) and Brittany with Celebrate Again, has such a gift of intentionality and thoughtfulness that I really appreciate. It sets them apart from every other photographer we have worked with and it makes me want to exclusively work with her! She captured us so well and made us feel comfortable to just be ourselves. Thank you, Lumalia (Emmy) and Brittany!!” – Alyssa

“We recently did a Celebrate Again anniversary shoot and I can’t tell you how refreshing it was for my husband and I to work with Lumalia (Emmy). She truly has a passion for helping couples strip back the layers of noise and busyness and get back down to enjoying one another. Not only does she have an incredible eye for what makes a photo compositionally stunning, but she also helps you to feel like yourself in front of the camera. Her Celebrate Again anniversary package is such a sweet and unique way to date your spouse and have a true treasure to look back on. I highly recommend Lumalia (Emmy) for her knowledge and expertise as well as her passion and desire for couples to live beautiful stories. Thanks Lumalia (Emmy), for making us feel celebrated!” – Riana

Lumalia (Emmy) with Celebrate Again did such an amazing job capturing our first wedding anniversary photos! My favorite part was how she captured our moments with the beautiful Mount Evans in the backdrop. She has amazing prompts for get us talking. It was very comfortable for us to be Just Us around her. I’d highly recommend her. We will cherish these photos for years to come. – Rohit

Denver, Colorado Photographer - Experience throughout US & Virtually

More Than A Photographer

Hey, I’m Lumalia (Emmy), guide and photographer behind Celebrate Again. I believe that your marriage deserve celebration, that the awesome celebrations shouldn’t end on our wedding day but only begin. I believe that your marriage, your relationships need joy, need laughter — especially right now.

 While having epic parties every year would be amazing I know that’s not sustainable – this is why I created Celebrate Again because celebration can be what you make it. 

Despite not being able to travel to our wonderful anniversary getaway locations right now I want to guide you as you try to connect and document your love right where you are.

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4 Easy Steps


PURCHASE Celebrate Again At Home Experience Or Hire Lumalia (Emmy) to guide you through a Celebrate Again experience

    • The guide includes step by step instructions to create a Celebrate Again experience at home complete with a DIY couples  photo session. 
    • This guide will also include inviting prompts that help you connect physically through touch and play. With each prompt you’ll be invited into a playful activity or connecting questions to help you take candid real selfies instead of feeling like you’re posing or being fake. 


PLAN Your Experience: Using the guide, make your plans, decide on your photo location with the photo tips and plan to have one of the best days of this season of life!

    • Using my guide I’ll help you understand when your home gets the best light. 
    • How to get the best light for your photos. 
    • Where to position your camera for the most flattering angles and more!


ENJOY your day with your own reconnection photo sessions!

    1. Option to schedule a video photo session with Lumalia (Emmy) to guide you through your reconnection session and best lighting while getting professionally edited photos. Book Your Virtual Session 
    2. In Colorado or Oregon? Hire Brittany or Lumalia (Emmy) for a full Celebrate Again experience
    3. Option to just have your selfies edited by Lumalia (Emmy) to have that professional look. 


RELIVE & Share these photos for years to come to document this wild piece of history we’re all living in!


I know how hard it is to not have a photographer right now, to get in front of a camera and feel that connection a good photographer can lead you through. I want to provide a way for you to do that just on your own. 

Why should you document
your love right now?

Not having this season of life documented is tragic. When you cannot document because you don’t feel like you are not comfortable in front of a camera or understand how to use one despite it living in your pocket it can feel overwhelming. But with my guidance you’ll be ready to document your life and feel empowered to see the world differently. 

Losing connection even though you’re in close quarters with your beloved is real. 

It’s easy to get lost on our phones, scrolling through TV and news articles without really having a moment of feeling affection for our beloved. 

Spending time connecting physically and emotionally will help curb your disconnect and leave you feeling more in love than when you began. 

Let’s spend time connecting more deeply in isolation instead of drifting further apart. 

Let’s soak up time together so when isolation is over we’re stronger together than when we began instead of further apart than we’ve ever been.

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We’re In


 You can purchase your Celebrate Again Home Kit for $47 (regular $97) which is 112% discount the cost of our traditional Celebrate Again experience. Why is this so affordable? Because, we’re in this together, friends.


Ready to connect, document your love and truly Celebrate Again? Purchasing this Celebrate Again Home Kit will:

  • Help you plan out a home photo session from knowing the best lighting to feel comfortable taking selfies
  • Help you craft a fun time together
  • Help you feel connected while taking photos of yourselves
  • Give you all the best tips and tricks to getting the best looking photos. 
  • Enjoying yourself taking photos and documenting this crazy piece of history we’re living right now.
  • Help you celebrate the joy of your relationship
  • Creating a professional experience that is attainable by everyone
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Want to have your experience hand crafted but in Colorado area? Contact Emmy to have her craft your adventure just for you.

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We’re In


What if you just skipped this anniversary, continued life and didn’t celebrate this anniversary? While we all wish this quarantine and coronavirus will pass us by soon, even most experts agree the end may not be as soon as we all want.

Your relationship exists right here, right now on this day. Your hearts need connection even in the midst of this world pandemic. Your hearts need laughter, joy and celebration. Grief will exist with and in laughter, joy and celebration but we cannot neglect each other even in our pain. 

Neglect will lead to loneliness and separation in our relationships. Right now more than ever we need each other. I want this strange season to be one of great connection and growth.

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