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Denver, Colorado Yoga & Dance Photographer

female standing on top of mountain doing a yoga tree pose

Being a dancer & yoga instructor myself, I understand the passion and dedication it takes to be a dancer or yogi. I know that heart and soul is attached to who you are as a dancer or a yogi. To then have photographs that share the passion you have and create is priceless. I’d love to chat with you about how we can capture your dancing or yoga practice!



You should expect curated photographs that capture the heart, core and spirit of your dance or yoga practice. I understand you pour your heart and soul into your dance and yoga practice. You should not expect any less when it comes to having someone capture your dance or yoga practice.


I’ll work alongside you to go through the details of what you want to express as we plan your dance or yoga photo shoot. We’ll do our best to find the right lighting, location and poses that express who you are as a dancer or yogi.


While I cannot guarantee you won’t be working hard during our dance or yoga photo session, we do want to capture your best ability. You should expect to feel comfortable with me. I understand that getting your dance or yoga photo take is usually not something everyone is great at. I’ll help you relax and be able to get into the moment to capture who you are as a dancer or yogi.

Sirui from Cincinnati Ballet
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"Rodrigo and I loved the photos Emmy took of us dancing." -
Rodrigo from Cincinnati Ballet
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"Emmy knows how to capture just the right moments dancing."
Kevinfrom Colorado Ballet
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"Emmy's photos are fantastic."



I’ve spent over 9 years dancing ballet and while I never pursued any career from it I know what proper dance technique looks like and how to make sure you’re at your best. I’ve spent two years practicing yoga so likewise know proper form and the best angles for different yoga poses. I have felt these yoga poses in my own body so I know how to help both dancers and yogi do their best for their dance photos or yoga photos.


I am able to capture bright, epic sunsets, low-lighting situations and a number of other unconventional lighting scenarios that require careful expertise behind the camera.

I’ve taken classes with some of the top photographers. I’ve learned some amazing tricks of the trade from them all as well as many valuable lessons.


I have almost a decade of experience as a photographer. I’ve spent most of my time in the wedding industry worked through almost every wedding day nightmare you can imagine.

I have also endured a number of difficulties in my personal life, so I am able to be kind, generous and empathic towards tough things that occur leading up to or on our photo shoot day.


While I am not a stylist I have taken an online class with a stylist when I was doing my wedding photography business. I learned the proper way to stylist different things and will take this skill set into working with you.

Intimate Experience

I book a limited amount of photo shoots per week and month. My work with you will be dedicated. You won’t be working with a big business. I am the photographer and your point of contact for our shoot. You won’t work with a middle person with me.

Planning + Flow

I enjoy intentionally planning, but I have also learned the art of rolling with unexpected changes and finding beauty in those moments. I will work together with you to plan the photo side of things to have as a guideline, but on the day of, we’ll find and capture beauty in the day even if circumstances mean straying from the plan. Together we will create art no matter what happens!


All Packages include:

  • 20+ high resolution photographs uniquely edited in my style.

  • Photography on location, no travel fees within an hour from Denver

  • 30 day personalized online gallery: view, download, order prints and share with family & friends from any electronic device.

  • Email and phone correspondence to plan all the beautiful details of your photo shoot day. 

Outdoor Dance/Yoga Sessions

Begin at $850 and include:

  • 1.5 hour of photography with Emmy and an assistant

  • A location that best fits your style

  • Up to 1 mile hike to a location or multiple locations. (Travel time to different location is a part of the 1.5 hour coverage.)

  • Multiple outfit changes as time and weather allow.

  • Options to add more time, prints, and albums.

In-Studio or Home Dance/Yoga Sessions

Sstart at $625 + Applicable Studio Rental Fee ($100+) and include:

  • One hour of photography in studio or home

  • Options for additional time priced broken down in 15 minute increments.

Performance or Live Class Dance/Yoga Photography start at $625 and include:

  • One hour of photographer during the dress rehearsal or class.

  • Options for additional time priced broken down in 15 minute increments.

  • All performers or class participates must agree to a photographer photographing them.


How are studio/home sessions and outdoor sessions different?

  • Studio sessions are taken indoor in a studio or indoor space including your home that we rent out or go to just for your photos. The cost of the studio rental is your fee to cover but we won’t be hinder my any factors photographing outdoors can come with. If you have a unique space in your home you practice yoga or dance we can also photograph there too!

  • Outdoor sessions are done out of doors. We’ll work together to find a location that best suits you whether that is a mountain top, park or your favorite place to let your heart free. Outdoor sessions may also include a photography permit fee, that you may be responsible for depending on where we photograph.

What do performance or live class dance/yoga photography look like?

  • Performance photography I will come to your dress rehearsal and photograph you during your rehearsal.

  • Live class photography is where I’ll come to a class you are in or teaching and photograph you during the class.

  • Keep in mind both of these require the approval of the studio you are dancing or doing yoga with, and any classmates or fellow performers who may be affected by the photography. But I promise not to get in the way during either.

What if you or I get sick for our scheduled session?

  • We will reschedule or I will provide my assistant to be your photographer. I will leave the decision up to you.

How do I book you?

Can I see a sample gallery of a outdoor dance session?

  • Yes head on over to my clients page here.

Can I see a sample gallery of a performance dance session?

  • Yes head on over to my clients page here.



Riviera | Thomas Dance Project Performance {Photography by Denver, Colorado Dance Photographer}

move a dancers art work into a single frame. Its by no means as simple as a click of the button but more knowing the timing and precise moment when the full expression of a movement will happen.

I absolutely love the thrill of photographing dance performances! I love the anticipation required as you have to have be on point to capture their breath taking movements.

More of this beautiful performance by Thomas Dance Project on my blog. Click read more!

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