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A Wedding Day About You

Photos About Your Experience

Telling the story of your love

“What do with our hands?” 

“Do you work with models?” 

“I’m so awkward in photos, I always have that cheesy smile.”

Don’t worry, everyone says this to us.

couple standing in mountains near Oregon as they smile at their Oregon Elopement Photographer
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What if your wedding day was about an experience?

Your wedding photos a time of connection instead of "posing"

That’s why were here friends. We care more about your experience with us on your wedding day than our photos.


bride in an a line outdoor wedding dress
bride and groom smiling at camera during an epic sunset




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Elopements Photographed


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A great wedding photographer

was number one on my list and Celebrate Again did not disappoint

“Brittany, with Celebrate Again did such an amazing job capturing our wedding photos! My favorite part was how she captured the joy and love behind us as a couple and surrounding the whole day. She was great in getting everyone, including squirmy children, into place and capturing the perfect light to create beautiful photos. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mountain, Denver, Colorado wedding photographer. Lumalia (Emmy), Brittany, and Kim were all a joy to work with, proactive in their communication, and took time to get to know us as a couple. A great wedding photographer was number one on my list and Celebrate Again did not disappoint. We’ll be enjoying these photos for years to come!”

Let's Celebrate Again

What if you want to elope but you also want to party?

That's why we're here!

We believe that you should have the wedding you want and the party you want, but may be it can be later.

bride walking in the mountains barefoot as her elopement wedding dress gets dirty
bride in the snow in her winter wedding dress on her elopement wedding day

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