Your Spark Journey Begins

In this journey, you'll learn how to grow a deep sense of self-awareness, understand the importance of the mind-body connection, and dive into a self-care shift.
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Your Map + Where to Begin

Hey there, adventurer! Ready to take a dive into the depths of your mind and body? Don’t worry; you can also just dip your toes in if you’re not so sure yet. Remember, this journey is all about you and having fun along the way. Ready to get started and see where this exciting adventure takes you?

Your Guided Map

Your map can be completed at any pace but I suggest starting weekly. Week 1 is all free content. In other weeks most of the content is free but will also include members-only content. Content is updated monthly, along with members-only community classes.

What Does this Journey Include?

From talks I give, meditations, accessible yoga classes, journaling prompts, and extra goodies inside the membership like creative exercises, first access to new classes, and weekly community classes, you’ll be invited to step into this journey not just with your mind but your whole being. 

In all my years of healing and growing, I never found a journey that included talks, somatic work, and community classes, so I decided to make one as a gift to myself and, of course, you, darlin’. 

When we grow the whole world grows with us

P.S. Maps are hosted on 

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The Journey Continues


I make my life my life makes me

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I am a subject creator

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North Star

Stories tell me who I  am  become

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I am a warrior magician