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Science Fiction Thriller by my husband Doctor Gaines {The Shot}

Over the past year, maybe two? My husband as been working on this book, The Shot. I didn’t know much about it except that it was about a shot that was green in color and basically was taking over the world. Well, after waiting too long I finally sat down to read it and am so proud of my husband in creating such a unique and wild book!

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While I’ll admit its not a book for everyone it is a very well written book and here is my review of it. The Shot by Doctor Gaines is a very well written book that keeps you wanting to know more with every word. The Shot was the first book I had picked up in 6 months and I finished it within a week. You will not want to put this book down once you start! If you’re looking to read something pretty strange, fast paced, action packed then you should pick up The Shot!

And well a better caption of what it is about written by my husband himself:

A new hallucinogen known simply as “The Shot” has appeared out of nowhere, gaining rapid popularity among celebrities, drug enthusiasts, and mainstream America alike. The drug, a bright green slime distributed in mysterious, unmarked glass containers, is injected directly into the stomach through a syringe. The experience, users say, is mind-expanding, and that “everything you see becomes something else.”

The Shot leaps to the forefront of the world’s attention when an A-list actor has a very public meltdown while high on the substance. He uploads a bizarre two-hour rant to YouTube–which ends up becoming the site’s most-viewed video, ever–pleading with the people of the world to take the drug.

The formerly non-religious suddenly have Scripture on their lips (or some skewed version of it), redemption, impending glory … and the imminent arrival of The Mothership, come to save the lost children of humanity.

In this near-future science fiction thriller, Doctor Gaines presents an alarming new vision of addiction, spirituality, and the fate of the human race. The Shot threatens to shake loose the very foundations of the earth, and to unravel the collective sanity of mankind.

To go get a copy yourself head to Doctor Gaines website or you can find it your Kindle store. 🙂

And because I helped him work on this promo photo. 😀


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