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Adventurous Couple In Mountains |Couple Photography

Amy & Ben’s mountain engagement photos at Lake Brainard Recreation Center were a dream come true, mostly because I had hiked up here a few years ago and fell in love. When Amy and Ben were willing to travel up here for their mountain engagement photos I was so ecstatic!

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I adore how cuddly and affection they both are with each other and just the way Amy melts in Ben’s arms is so endearing. I loved capturing their love.

I must also mention how awesome these guys were, despite the warm sun it was pretty chilly up there. While I was bundled up with my jacket and camera gear they were freezing their butts off in the evening mountain wind. I am also so thankful Amy trusted me to roll with the wind and her hair going everywhere…I do have to admit I do truly adore the organic movement of mountain wind. 🙂

And if their mountain engagement photos couldn’t have been more beautiful from their love and the beautiful location we had God provided an amazing sunset.


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