Lumalia’s debut Memoir, Blooming Upside Down, is out now!

Instagram is Down Down March 5, 2024

Instagram went down Tuesday March 5, 2024 along with all the other Meta platforms. User’s are reporting Error on loading pages and logging some out.

Instagram is Down Now What?

Meta is down what will do read labels again?

And how are you feeling about your social media platforms being out?

Do you feel angry? Lonely? Annoyed?

More importantly, what are you going to do with your new free time?

Hey darlin, my name is Lumalia I call myself a connection architect here at Celebrate Again because I’m passionate about guiding humans back to their own freedom, not swayed by social media, governments, cultures, childhood wounds, etc. I’m a somatic (mind-body) movement meditation and yoga teacher, published Author (Blooming Upside Down: A Memoir of Healing From the Incurable), and photographer. And I want you to know you deserve to have community, expression, and entertainment outside of social media.

Don’t get me wrong I loaded my own app for a good few minutes, uninstalled Instagram a few times and then was like F it, I’m just gonna keep dancing in my kitchen with my button up plat shirt tied around my tummy, my weather inapprioate sleeping shorts on and wool socks because Oregon is cold. And I dance. And dance.

I was login on to share these little nuggets and I thought what the heck let’s just blog it instead, because here you’re seen, here you can step into the communities I’m building where you don’t have to hide behind a black mirror, and wish your life was different, you get to step into feeling empowered to live the life you want.


What if you don’t need to do another cleanse to heal? What if you need to let it all out of your body dancing? 

What if you don’t need to learn to master Kundalini’s energy to become liberated? What if you need to release all the old stories from your body?

What if you don’t need to shop for all organic foods and only eat non-processed foods? What if you need to get your hands in the soil? 

What if you don’t need to feel guilty for not wanting segg? What if you need to explore what makes you feel sexy in your own body? 

What if you don’t need to go do ice baths? What if you need more safe human contact?

What if you need to stop doing the things you really don’t want to do? What if you started saying NO instead?

What if you don’t need to learn everything to feel powerful? What if, instead, you let your body help you remember you already are powerful?

What if your life isn’t terrible? What if you need to stop assigning your self worth to the awful things that happen to you and start claiming what you want to happen to you instead?

What if you don’t need to sit with every story of your past and hash every last detail out? What if you need to do somatic healing in Your Body As Poetry? (or Somatic Movement Meditation in Portland, Oregon)




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Lumalia standing near a coastline with her hair blowing in the wind

Hey, I’m Lumalia, the main voice behind Celebrate Again. I call myself a connection architect because I have a deep passion for guiding us all to fall back in love with life through states of beauty, but many of us are far from feeling at home in our own bodies, so we seek to find safety in others. 

Yikes, that’s scary, I know; I did that for three decades, too, until I returned home to myself.

I’m so excited to share with you all I’ve learned and this beautiful journey back home to what makes you absolutely stunning just because you are alive today.


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