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As a wedding photographer its no surprise that I’m a hopeless romantic, I mean why else would I adore capturing people’s love every single day? But let’s be honest, sometimes real love isn’t so neat and fits in a pretty box, nor is it like Hollywood nor fair tales would like us to believe. So, I decided to start this series: A True Love Story,  where I ask my REAL clients what their love story looks like. So on days when we are struggling in our relationships or hoping in one we can communion with other real people with real stories. So keep posted for this blog series! It will be random but I hope to share them as often as I can!

Today we are starting with Jenni & Kipp’s love story.

“Kipp and I met through many mutual friends during our second year of college.  I was a very focused pre-veterinary student, and he was attending a fire-fighting academy in Denver.  We came from different worlds.  Mine was a flurry of dance competitions, academics, and city life, and his, a constant stream of outdoor activities like snowmobiling, dirt bike racing, and shed hunting.

The night we met, Kipp “jokingly” proposed to me.  I laughed it off at the moment; never guessing what our future would bring just a few years later.

We quickly became friends, but neither one of us was interested in a relationship at the time.  I loved that he had a wild and adventurous personality and, he didn’t mind taking me along for the ride.

After a couple of years of friendship, we decided it was time to move forward and begin a relationship.   It was an easy transition for both of us to make.  We enjoyed being around each other, we had fun together, we had countless adventures, and we could always work together to find solutions to any problems that arose.

On a Sunday afternoon fishing trip, Kipp proposed (for real this time!).  It was simple and perfect.  I, of course, said yes.

We were married on a beautiful January day in Estes Park, Colorado.

Kipp still has a wild and adventurous side—always coming up with new ideas and new projects to tackle.  And me, I’m still that studious veterinary student along for the ride.  To put it simply, we balance each other.

Marriage has been a wonderful (sometimes hard!) but always fun adventure.  We are a team now, and as far as we are concerned, nothing can stop us.  One of the highlights of our new life together is taking on lots of projects that keep us busy together.  In fact, we just finished putting up a barn for our 4 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and we are working on the foundation for our new home.

We laugh—a lot—we still go on cheesy dates. We are learning how to love each other for our quirks rather than in spite of them.  We try our best to keep God at the center of our marriage, and we are always learning how to better serve one another and Him through this amazing relationship he has blessed us with.

I wouldn’t trade a day of my marriage for the way life used to be.  And I can’t wait to see how good life gets as we grow together.”

I adore Jenni’s honesty about how they are complete opposites but balance each other. I know that first hand as my husband and I are the same way. While it does cause a lot of tension in marriage, opposition always make us both more diverse loving people.


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