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Romantic Couple Pic | Colorado Couple Photography

I met Lindsay this spring in the middle of my closed business stage, fighting for my health. We bonded over our gluten free diets, love of outdoors, sweet pups, motherhood and processing deep grief in both of our lives.


After spending a week in summer getting to know her and her husband, I knew that I wanted them to be one of the first people I asked to model for me as I began to test the waters with my new diagnosis and desire to get back to photographing couples again.

I was beyond thrilled when they agreed to let me take their photos – let’s be honest, most husbands aren’t so willing – but if you know these two, you would know their hearts are full of more grace and kindness than most people you’ll ever meet- so it’s no surprise when even Jeremy agreed.

We knew we wanted to go some place epic before all the major national parks closed here in Colorado, so we settled on Mount Evans, which I’ve photographed a few times before and fell absolutely in love with. Most people head up to Rocky Mountain National Park but few remember about good ole Evans.

They both are very reserved people so it took some digging (which was so good for my cobwebbed photographer brain) to get them comfortable for me, but man, when they did, it was so sweet.

They brought along Roxy, their golden receiver who is the sweetest thing, and she did wonderfully considering she sat in the car for an hour and only got to play for 45 minutes.


At the end of their session I had them write letters to each other. I know most couples don’t do this but man it is so sweet to have a handwritten letter from your loved one even if it’s like “have a nice day” or “I made your lunch.” I mean, who didn’t love those notes even from their moms growing up? So as a part of all my couples working with me I have them do this, and well, when we all remember to do this, it is always such a precious time of deep connection.

Man, I love this job, helping couples get deep into connection while documenting it for them to remember as they head  into more good and sometimes hard years together.

Want to book me to photograph your marriage, anniversary or elopement? I’d love to chat.

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Want to see more? Check out their slides who below. (Click on the arrow in the top right corner to view in full screen. Don’t forget to update the quality by selecting 1080 from the setting icon!)


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