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Romantic Couple Photos | Colorado Couple Photography

As I’ve begun working with couples again, photographing their marriage-celebrating it, I’ve finally felt like I am settling into helping couples truly get to an intimate space in front of the camera.

I know it’s so hard to be yourself in front of someone new especially a photographer let alone be super affectionate.05-colorado-couple-photographer-landon&naomi-097.jpg

That’s why I am so thankful to have some amazing photography training under my belt to help couples married or eloping be their true selves with me. I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas frequently to help my couple photography sessions be more of a memorable experience instead of just a time to get your photographs taken to document you.

I am so thankful this was the reality and experience of Naomi and Landon, as you can see from their sweet 5 year anniversary photos we took a few weeks ago.

We originally had plans to head to one of my favorite spots in the mountains but a crazy car accident set us 30 minutes behind so we opted for a cute creekside adventure photo shoot instead.

While I am thankful to call Naomi and Landon friends, I hadn’t spent much time with just them without kids. Man, for just having a their second child only a few weeks ago fully sleep deprived they are just so connected. Their love and affection for each other runs deep and it is so apparent as they laugh and cuddled together.

Naomi and Landon thank you for letting me capture your beautiful marriage and five year anniversary photos. It is such an honor to photograph couples and capture a piece of their love story.

And Naomi, thank you so much for the kind words you sent me. This is what Naomi sent me after our session and I just couldn’t not share: “We had such a sweet and special time. [Emmy] have such an easy presence, such a relaxing air, and such an engaging relationship with [her]  camera and [her] subjects. The prompts [she] gave sent us frolicking down memory lane and landed us solidly in “Us-ville” (haha). It was a gift to think and talk about our moments of celebration, cherishing, support, and deep love. It was a gift to laugh and flirt and joke and snuggle. It was a gift to walk hand in hand and search for the sun and wrap up in arms and blanket and memory and love. I appreciate so much the way [she] interacted with us, the way [she] made us WANT to follow [her]  prompts, the way [she]  encouraged and suggested and helped. I am oh so glad [she]  are reopening your business. I know so many people are going to be blessed by [she] , who are going to walk away smiling and savoring, who are going to beam when [she]  send them sneak peeks. …[She]  didn’t just take a picture; [she]  created an experience for us that we will remember with great fondness whenever we look at the photos.”

Want to book me to photograph your marriage, anniversary or elopement? I’d love to chat.

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To see more from their session check out their slideshow below! (Click on the arrow in the top right corner to view in full screen. Don’t forget to update the quality by selecting 1080 from the setting icon!)


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