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Gross Lake Reservoir | Colorado Anniversary Ideas

I cannot believe it’s been three years since these two were married at Delle Terra Mountain Chateau! It seems like yesterday and not long at all, but isn’t that how it always goes.01-Jenni&Kipp-Anniversary-photogrpahy-colorado-gross-lake-resevoir-Jan-2018-0788.jpg

Since Jenni & Kipp no longer live in Colorado, we decided to head a little north for their mountain Colorado anniversary celebration. I am so honored they drove all the way from home to take photos with us, my wonderful associate Brittany and I.

I had heard wonderful things about Gross Lake Reservoir but had not been there myself, and man oh man am I so glad we went! It’s such a little hidden gem in Colorado, especially being so close to Denver. I feel like most everyone adventures to Rocky Mountain National park, but you guys, Colorado is FULL of these ridiculously amazing gems! I say we go exploring and find new amazing places and show off the beauty Colorado holds!

During our time together Jenni and Kipp danced as they do as a tradition, and man you guys, for not dancing for a while due to have a new little one, they are still ridiculously good. All I am saying is don’t get in a swing dance match off with these two, haha.

Since we were by water were were planning to ice skate but, well, Colorado was WAY too warm, so there was absolutely no snow nor ice, but Kipp taught Jenni how to skip rocks, because why not!?

I just love seeing how couples grow and change as time goes by, it’s so beautiful to see their love deepen and their comfortability around each other grow deeper as well.

The sunset peaked out just enough to capture some magical light.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or a more adorable couple. Jenni and Kipp, thank you again for letting me join you in celebrating your marriage. Cannot wait for next year! <3

To see more from their mountain Colorado anniversary celebration check out their slideshow below! (Click on the arrow in the top right corner to view in full screen. Don’t forget to update the quality by selecting 1080 from the setting icon!)

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