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Anniversary Ideas Denver, Colorado {Celebrate Your Marriage} | Mountain Colorado

So your anniversary is coming up and you know this year you don’t want to give another nice wallet or bouquet of flowers with a fancy dinner to follow. This year, you want something different to celebrate your Denver, Colorado wedding anniversary.01-anniversary-ideas-denver-colorado-celebrate-your-marriageanniversary-idea-denver-colorado-anniversary-ideas-jeremy&Lindsay-0663.jpg

Maybe it’s because, like myself, life has been rough and you need this to document and celebrate an end of a season and the beginning of a new year together. Maybe it’s because you want to do something different, step out of the box a little, but you’re not that crazy grand gesture kinda person, and well we all know those are exciting but momentary in the satisfaction they bring.

Learn more about how you can figure out what to do for your anniversary and Celebrate Again!

But what if I suggested a simpler idea? What if you celebrated your Denver, Colorado wedding anniversary by documenting your love story?

Learn more about how you can figure out what to do for your anniversary and Celebrate Again!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Emmy, the photographer behind Celebrate Again, and my passion is to help couples celebrate their marriages, even if it’s on a regular Tuesday evening in a simple bedroom or on someone’s 10 year wedding anniversary on a mountaintop, soaking in the beautiful Colorado awe-inspiring views. I love to document love stories, to help couples re-connect into intimacy through photography.

Learn more about how you can figure out what to do for your anniversary and Celebrate Again!

Recently, I’ve been working with many couples in helping them celebrate their wedding anniversaries, whether it be their 1st year, 5th year or more. With others, I’ve helped them document celebrating the hard work they’ve put into building or renovating their home. Every single couple has felt more intimately connected after these photography sessions and not only that, but they now have photos to display by which to recall those memories together.

Learn more about how you can figure out what to do for your anniversary and Celebrate Again!

So who’s ready to cuddle up on your couch with your beloved or go adventuring through the Colorado Rocky Mountains celebrating your love?

Learn more about how you can figure out what to do for your anniversary and Celebrate Again!

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Want to have an epic experience together?

Hey! We’re Emmy and Brittany couples photographers but more importantly we’re couple experience makers. 

Brittany and Emmy, Colorado and oregon elopement photographers in a beautiful location

We believe that your wedding day or anniversary deserves a unique celebration, one that takes you away from the every day overwhelm and into a place that allows for deep connection. We’d love to help guide you in crafting an unforgetable experience that we hope will transform your relationship deeply. Learn more about hiring us as your Oregon elopement photographers,  Colorado elopement photographers or anniversary photographers!

Celebrating your anniversary soon? Learn more about what to do for your anniversary!

Need some self care?

Here at Celebrate Again we’re on a mission to cultivate a lifestyle of celebration. But we know that first begins with ourselves. We must first care well for ourselves so we can show up with 110% for everything else in life.

Not sure where to start? Join Lumalia (Emmy) as she uses the tools of yoga and meditation to help you along in your self love yoga, and self care journey.

Try out our Celebrate Again Yoga membership for free today!


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Yikes, that’s scary, I know; I did that for three decades, too, until I returned home to myself.

I’m so excited to share with you all I’ve learned and this beautiful journey back home to what makes you absolutely stunning just because you are alive today.


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