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What to Expect at your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment | Denver, Colorado Mountain Wedding Dress Shop and Photographer

I am so excited to present you all with a guest blog post from The Bridal Collection, one of my favorite bridal shops here in the Denver, Colorado area. I’ve loved working with them in previous weddings and stylized shoots. Today they are sharing with you all what to expect at your wedding dress shopping appointment! I hope you enjoy this and feel free to share away with your friends planning their wedding dress appointment(s). 

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer {Family Photos | How to Organize Family Photos | Advice from a professional photographer}

You’re sitting down to plan out your wedding day and your thinking about those family photos. And you know your family, they are rowdy, loud and there are a lot of them. Yes, yes, you adore them but you truly have pity on your photographer for having to deal with this bunch.  Thankfully after half a decade of taking those family photos I’ve come up with a system that works 95% of the time. Want to know my secrets?

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